Duralee Fabric: Elle Embroideries

duralee fabric elle embroidery

Geometric & Timeless

This gorgeous new Duralee fabric collection is full of amazing textured embroideries. The whole collection is available in an easy to pair neutral color scheme with beige and tan elements as well as a stunning array of blue, white, and navy options for truly any home setting. These modern yet timeless geometric thread works are just the right level of sophistication to provide depth to any upholstery project, we love them on love seats and sofas, or even dining room chairs.

Patterns within this Collection:

  • DA61857
  • DA61858
  • DA61859
  • DA61860
  • DA61861
  • DA61862
  • DA61863
  • DA61864
  • DA61865
  • DA61866
  • DA61868
  • DA61869
  • DA61879
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Scalamandre Fabric – Explore Porcelain

Blue & White Go Way Back

The marriage of blue and white has a long history dating back to the Tang Dynasty when it was used within their craft of hand made ceramics. This classic combination of colors has proven that is in fact timeless, and remains chic to this day. Check out this gorgeous room setting from Scalamandre Fabric, you can easily implement this color scheme and any of the shown fabric patterns into your very own projects.

Patterns within this Room:

  • Jardin De Chine
  • Canton Fret Applique
  • Cirrus Velvet Damask
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Schumacher Wallpaper : Modern Glamour II

Schumacher’s New Wallcoverings define glamour

Schumacher Wallpaper‘s newest collection Modern Glamour II truly captures the essence of fine tuned style for the present era. This wall covering collection consists of wide width screen prints, and hand-crafted textured tiles and papers to give any space a real touch of glamour. We’re going to be covering all the patterns in this collection, if you’re interested in any of them simply click the color-way for more information or to get an order started.

Patterns within the Collection

  • Cloud Toile
  • Chevron Inlay
  • Abalone
  • Lotus Shimmer
  • Moire Wallcovering
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Robert Allen Fabric: Lacquer Red


Why Lacquer Red?

Looking for something bold? Lacquer red is a bright and regal shade of crimson making waves within the interior design community. According to Chinese culture, the color is known to bring good energy into a home, and prosperous fortune. If you’re looking for a touch of decadence and glam use it freely or a touch here and there. We have curated a selection of Robert Allen Fabric patterns in this subtly daring lacquer red. Continue reading “Robert Allen Fabric: Lacquer Red”
scalamandre-chinois-chic collection 2018

Scalamandre Fabric Chinois Chic Collection

Explore the tradition of Chinoiserie with Scalamandré

Scalamandré Fabric presents a brand new line of ornamental fabrics. The Chinois Chic collection is inspired by the centuries-old tradition of chinoiserie. When you mix the West’s interest for Eastern design with the imaginative vividness of Asian culture you get an aesthetic marrying the two in visual harmony. Chinoiserie was popularized in the 18th and 17th centuries and offers a timeless sense of style using its motifs borrowing from mythology and nature. Labyrinth inspired patterns, stylized florals, and even dragons make their way into this collection with gorgeous color schemes that truly pop. We’re going to be showcasing all the prints within the Chinois Chic collection, simply click on any of the patterns for more details or to shop them.    chinois chic scalamandre fabric

Patterns within this Collection:

  • Ailin Lattice Weave
  • Dragon Dance
  • Canton Fret Applique
  • Kew Gardens Warp Print
  • Cirrus Velvet Damask
  • Dragons Fret Embroidery
  • Surat Embroidery
  • Tile Weave
  • Royal Peony Linen Print
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