Osborne and Little Wallpaper – Folium

Magnolia Frieze room shot
Magnolia Frieze room shot

Folium is the Latin Word for Leaf

Osborne and Little wallpaper brings you a freshly contemporary collection of botanical and floral inspired prints. All of these are available on non-woven easy to hang base apart from the one style ‘Grove Garden’ which is printed on a traditional paper base.  This bunch of wallcoverings includes some gorgeously detailed large scale digital printed styles, and other meticulously smaller scale detailed prints. If you’re a fan of leaves and foliage upon the walls, you’ll find something you love in this modern in styling collection.

Patterns within the Folium Collection:

  • Animal Glade
  • Faenza Tile
  • Feuille D’or
  • Green Wall
  • Grove Garden
  • Hammam
  • Magnolia Frieze
  • Rosetta
  • Sycamore
  • Tiger Leaf
  • Trailing Orchid
  • Twiggy
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cole and son wallpaper fornasetti wallpapers

Cole and Son Wallpaper – Fornasetti


Welcome Inside the Mind of Fornasetti

This is a prior collection from Cole and Son, the Fornasetti wallpapers is a brilliantly imaginative and expressive wallcovering collection consisting of many scenic views into the dream scape of Fornasetti. From soft and beautiful rolling view of cumulus clouds dripping in comforting gray, walls of ancient texts of fact and fiction, mystical forests with dangling treasure keys, this collection is sure to make your mind marvel at the creativity behind its work. This truly inspired collection features a wide range of color palettes suited for just about any taste which vibrant and colorful patterns mixed between the dark and sophisticated. Lets dive in.

Patterns within Fornasetti:

  • Acquario
  • Chiavi Segrete
  • Ex Libris
  • Frutto Proibito
  • Macchine Volanti
  • Malachite
  • Mediterranea
  • Nuvole Al Tramanto
  • Nuvolette
  • Procuratie con vista
  • Teatro
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Brunschwig And Fils Wallpaper – Volume 57

Cervennes – aloe | wallpaper

A True Fusion of Worldly Styles

The latest addition to Brunschwig and Fils Wallpaper collections is Volume 57. The variety of patterns found within Volume 57 include inspiration from many sections of the globe. There are strong Asian and Moroccan influences in many of the styles, as well as patterns that seem to combine cultures to create works of art. In the traditional Brunschwig & Fils style, you will find vibrant and expressive color ways that aren’t shy. Animal print, exotic florals, and wordly motifs will excite and invite you to change up your own walls. Let’s dive into the patterns.

Patterns within Volume 57:

  • Avera
  • Cevennes
  • Chinese Leopard Toile
  • Fabriano
  • Jiraffa
  • Lodi Garden
  • Xian
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Designers Guild Fabric – Chandigarh Collection


Sultry Stripes & Enigmatic textures, patterns, and graphic shapes

Designers Guild Fabric has outdone themselves with this truly inspiring collection inspired by designs oriented from the Far East. A timeless weave collection of destination velvet textures in seven inimitable designs. Discover a reinvention of contemporary and stylish graphic pattern with unrivalled versatility. From striking Varese inspired stripes, hexagons, block patterns and shapes, there is a velvet to suit any occasion in this wonderful collection. The extensive selection of varying shades of moss, emerald, and forest green capture nature’s beauty within this decadent collection of pile fabrics. This collection cherishes the true Eastern beauty in this complex style of weaving to incorporate sophisticated texture and lasting detail that will catch any individual’s eye.

Patterns within Chardigarh Fabrics:

  • Sukhna
  • Manipur
  • Varese Lambusa
  • Chandigarh
  • Jeanneret
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Ralph Lauren Wallpaper – Century Club Textures

Sophistication in Color and Texture

The most recent addition to Ralph Lauren Wallpaper is the Century Club Textures collection. This sophisticated wallcovering showcase includes a stunning array of deep refined color ways that give off a truly luxurious aura. The title Century Club comes from the idea that these wallcovering have the level of class to surround the walls in a classy lounge. You’ll find a large variety of sensually textured papers to create that depth and cultivated look. Let’s dive into the patterns.

Patterns within Century Club Textures:

  • Marlowe Floral
  • Acacia Grass
  • Aragon
  • Ascot Stripe
  • Friston Stripe
  • Sloane Stripe
  • Chevron Moderne
  • Pearl Ray Shagreen
  • Coco De Mer
  • Jinping Dragon
  • Reed Twill
  • Empress Foil
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Designers Guild Wallpaper – Foscari Fresco

16th Century Venetian Glamour

This new versatile collection from Designers Guild Wallpaper features frescoed, geometric, marble, and floral wallpaper that strive for a modern take on the epitome of glamour in Venice during the 16th century. This showcase features a wide array of subtle textures, photo realistic depiction of florals, and assorted geometric minimal patterns. The color scheme is very soft spoken and water colour-esque. There’s a timeless beauty found within designs incorporating marble and soft blush tones that holds a majestic energy to it. Now lets dive into the patterns.

Patterns within this collection:

  • Ajanta
  • Arlecchino
  • Tourangelle Scene
  • Carrara Grande
  • Dorsoduro
  • Foscari Fresco Scene
  • Fresco
  • La Rotanda Scene
  • Merletti
  • Peonia
  • Peonia Grande
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cole and son ardmore collection wallpaper

Cole and Son Wallpaper – Ardmore Collection

admore collection cole and son wallpaperWelcome to the Safari

This new addition to Cole and Son Wallpaper is in collaboration with Ardmore Ceramic Art. This collection celebrates art and culture found within African tradition. You’ll find many motifs native to wildlife found within the Sahara from monkeys, rhinos, to striding leopards and more. Exploring the exotic plant life and greenery found within the Northern region of Africa, this collection truly draws its roots from sprawling natural energy in it’s attempts to capture that essence for your home. Join us as we dive in and dissect the patterns found within this truly inspired showcase.

Patterns within this collection:

  • Acacia
  • Ardmore Cameos
  • Jabu
  • Khulu Vases
  • Leopard Walk
  • Matrinah
  • Narina
  • Safari Dance
  • Savuti
  • Senzo Spot
  • Singita
  • Zambezi
  • Zulu Border
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Clarence House Fabrics – Etro Collection

Authentic Italian Beauty: Etro

Clarence House Fabrics brings you a new imported collection from Italy. The Etro collection truly captures the rich history of Italian textiles while keeping a strong grasp of today’s design trends and the current mood found within interior design. Inside this showcase you will find rich and vibrant paisleys, checks, and floral inspired patterns. Using a wide array of red tones mixed with under-spoken emerald notes, the beauty of Italia’s countryside is captured in this rich textile multitude. Let’s dive in.

Patterns within this collection:

  • Acropoli
  • Ailanto
  • Alnus
  • Aloysia
  • Andromeda
  • Anthology
  • Archibald
  • Ardisia
  • Argyll
  • Assembly
  • Astelia
  • Bagan
  • Banten
  • Beitan
  • Blora
  • Bogor
  • Callicore
  • Calliope
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Kravet Fabric – Sue Firestone Malibu

sue firestone malibu kravet fabric

Minimal with just the right flare

The newest addition to Kravet Fabric, the Sue Firestone Malibu collection offers a wide variety of neutral toned fabrics. The colors range from cream, beige, to light blues and faded navy. While at first sight, these fabrics might seem simple, the beauty is all within the texture and the details. Sophistication enveloped in minimal design is the strong point of the variety. From stippled dots, intricate line work, textures that create depth, this cream blended collection is full of options for any given design project or space.

Patterns within this collection:

  • Adapt
  • Affluence
  • Babbit
  • Balmy
  • Billet Doux
  • Branchlet
  • Cabrillo
  • Cachuma
  • Cliquant
  • Crimped
  • Doyen
  • Fermata
  • Floraison
  • Frill Boucle
  • Intermingle
  • Looped Ribbons
  • Maiden Sheer
  • Murmur
  • Olivos
  • Synchronise

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Robert Allen Fabric – Modern Salon

Relaxation & Zen Vibes, for any situation

Robert Allen fabric has released a new collection of fabrics known as ‘Modern Salon’. The collection is full of earth and aquatic tones with rich history inspired designs and motifs. The collection may be called Modern Salon, but these patterns and printed fabrics are extremely versatile and can be used to bring the calming and relaxation aura of a resort spa getaway into your business, or your home. We’re going to be breaking down the fabrics of this collection step by step, you can easily click any of the swatches or images to learn more specific information like fabric content and pricing. Lets dive in!

Patterns within this collection:

  • Fresh Bouquet
  • Block Shapes
  • Etched Weave
  • Pradesh Frame
  • Eastern Floral
  • Salon Abstract
  • Hot Spot
  • Bravo Tex Bk
  • Paisley Stamp
  • Geo Stitch
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Osborne And Little Wallpaper: Deya Collection

osborne and little wallpaper deya collection

Matthew Williamson has done It again

Osborne and Little Wallpaper have teamed up with Matthew Williamson to bring you: The Deya Wallpapers. This collection is named after a village located deep within the hilly plains of the Balearic island located within Mallorca. Matthew Williamson has a property there where he spends months out of each year. The lush tropical and vibrant surroundings created the inspiration for this collection. You’ll love the Mediterranean colouring and mood, printed on the non-woven easy to hang base. In this collection you’ll see Williamson’s personal view into this tropical paradise through these gorgeous wallcoverings.

Patterns within the collection:

  • Valldemossa
  • Adornado
  • Coralino
  • Talavera
  • Almudaina
  • Deya Meadow
  • Ananas
  • Esparto
  • Cactus Garden
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Fabricut Fabrics – Jungalow Collection

Welcome to the Jungalow

Designer, artist, and New York Times bestselling author, Justina Blakeney is a firm believer that it is creativity, not wealth, that is the essential key to creating a stunning interior. Her new Bohemian vibe has come forth through her upbringing being multicultural and a part of Berkley, California. Coming from a multicultural home, the convergence of cultures during her childhood made mixing things up and blending design inspirations natural for her. Specifically home décor, she believes the practice of decorating is about feeling open and free, getting a bit wild, and having fun. Justina’s combination of love for her family, boho-chic lifestyle, and the wilderness is paired with Fabricut Fabrics performance line ‘Inside Out’, and the result is a collection that is full of soul, and free-spirited, eco-friendly, and creates a soothing relaxation vibe in the home.  
Meet the designer, Justina Blakeney

Patterns within this Collection:

  • Aruba Lattice
  • Maldives Leaves
  • Bahamas Twill
  • Barbados
  • Kailua
  • Bora Bora
  • Fiji Stripe
  • Maile
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Pantone Color of the Year 2019: Living Coral

pantone color of the year living coral

2019: Living Coral

The Officials over at Pantone have spoken, and its official, Living Coral is the new 2019 color of the year! For those of you unfamiliar with this term, Pantone one of the leaders in color solutions has chosen a ‘color of the year’ for the past twelve years. Last year’s color was Ultra Violet, a deep and beautiful shade of purple. This year things are a bit brighter. Living Coral is a bit deeper and more vibrant than the traditional shade of coral everyone might be used to. We welcome this new trend with open arms, as we dive into our selection of fabric & wallpaper that fit this trending new shade. Continue reading “Pantone Color of the Year 2019: Living Coral”