How To Find the Perfect Nature Wallpaper


Finding the Right Nature Wallcovering for You

When choosing a wallpaper or wallcovering for the bedroom, bathroom, living room, or just about any room, there is a lot of aspects and traits of those papers that go into consideration. In today’s piece we’ll be figuring out the perfect nature, foliage, or scenic forest print that’s perfect for you. With nature being such a prominent and influential aspect of life, its only natural that you’d want to bring it’s presence inside your home as décor. We’ll be covering three different types of foliage inspired wallpapers that all have a different draw to their looks, and provide their own unique atmospheres for your personal design project. Lets dive in.

(Left: Bluebell , Right: Singita)

Classic Green Hues

Leaves and nature are typically green in the peak of their existence, there is something vibrant and refreshing about their appearance. Surprisingly these varying shades of emerald and jade provide the same feelings of refreshment inside your home. Pictured above are two different Cole & Son wallpapers, you’ll notice these expressive prints are excellently paired with rustic earth tones and neutrals like silver, black, and white. (Palm Jungle)

Abstract Coloring

For those still wanting the geometric patterns and shapes found only within nature’s curves, but want something with a bit more personality there are excellent unique colorways. This blue and white rendition of fanning palms gives off a formal and serene atmosphere perfect for relaxation. When working with blue and white, you’ll find its very easy to pair furniture and décor with. You can use similar shades, or complete opposites, as this combo works in unison but doesn’t take away from other elements. (Trees of Eden panels one, two, & three)


The symmetry and line work in this particular panel looks like an art scroll done in classic dark ink coloring. When choosing monochromatic black and white walls, you can use any palette of color for the rest of the décor. It is definitely the most versatile out of all the wall coverings. Nature portrayed in black and white has a very classic look to it that is timeless in style and lasting. The details of trees and florals are among the top used in most interior design projects for good reason.


If you think you’re feeling the nature vibes of these botanical papers you can easily click their corresponding room shot to learn more information about the wallpaper. If you think you’re warming up the idea, you can click here to view all of our nature inspired wallpapers, and refine it down to something that feels more you. Give it a try!    

Ralph Lauren Fabric – Sonoma Valley

  ralph lauren fabric sonoma valley collection

Canyonside Luxury

The newest addition of multi-purpose textile from Ralph Lauren Fabric is inspired by the lush Canyons of Sonoma Valley located in California. Within this collection you’ll find a wide variety of rich and robust earth tones inspired by the land and hills that encompass this gorgeous area. A wide collection of damasks, stripes, and rich and intricate paisleys that are excellent for upholstery will be found within as well. We’re going to dissect all the new patterns, possible use, and showcase some room shots highlighting this rustic new collection.

Patterns within Sonoma Valley collection:

  • Addison Denim
  • Alessandria Damask
  • Anacapri Embroidery
  • Antibes Matelasse
  • Anton Stripe
  • Apsley House Emberoidery
  • Better Floral Pique
  • Birchside Ottoman
  • Canyon Linen Burlap
  • Elmshaven Floral
  • Ezra Damask
  • Frances Embossed Damask
  • Ginevra Embroidery
  • Holm Oak Damask
  • Les Baux Damask
  • Rustique Linen Texture
  • Snell Creek Toile
  • Tanaro Weave
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Designers Guild Fabric – Palme Botanique Outdoor Fabrics


Outdoor Tropic never felt so chic

Finding outdoor fabric with a sense of charm and style can be difficult. However, with newest outdoor collection from Designers Guild Fabric, they make it seamless and easy. DG has taken some of their most iconic fabric prints and styles from their massive textile archive and recreated them for optimal outdoor use. This means stain resistance, water and heat resistance, and easy to clean yet high in style and comfort. Borrowing from some of their signature archival prints, this outdoor oriented showcase is a solid choice for multi-purpose fabrics. Let’s dive in.

Patterns within Palme Botanique Outdoor collection:

  • Acanthus Outdoor
  • Biscayne Outdoor
  • Bougival Outdoor
  • Boynton Outdoor
  • Brahmi Outdoor
  • Delray Outdoor
  • Giardino Segreto Outdoor
  • Grayton Outdoor
  • Issoria Outdoor
  • Jourdain Outdoor
  • Manchu Outdoor
  • Murnau Outdoor
  • Navarre Outdoor
  • Palme Botanique Outdoor
  • Pompano Outdoor
  • Savoie Outdoor
  • Shell Bay Outdoor
  • Tulsi Outdoor
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Instagram Highlight – 2nd Week of February

What’s Hot on the ‘Gram?

Hello DIY designers and interior enthusiasts, today we’re bringing you our picks and highlights of the Instagram world of interior design. If you’d like to check out any of these products, simply click on their corresponding image to be linked to our shop. Let’s dive in.
Marble Swirl W3356 – Kravet Wallpaper
This luxurious and plush bedside interior moment comes fresh off the gram featuring this affordable and stylish Kravet Wallpaper. The Pattern is called W3356 and features a swirling and rolling agate or marble like design. This is a synthetic wallpaper, and makes truly brilliant texture in any interior. We love how this designer paired their pillows with the wall for a cohesive feel. Continue reading “Instagram Highlight – 2nd Week of February”

Kravet Fabric – Greenwich collection


The Greenwich collection is Classically Current

The newest collection from Kravet Fabric contains a beautiful showcase of traditional styles in a modern and updated color scheme as well as reimagined traditional patterns. Using an array of soft rose tones, cool faded navy hues, and fresh olive tints, Kravet has managed to create lasting designs with playful paisleys, light hearted checkered plaids, and minimal prints with floral inspirations. We’re going to dissect all the new designs, if you’re interested in any of these fabrics, simply click on the swatch or give us a call. We can help you out. Let’s dive in!

kravet fabric greenwich collection

Patterns within the Greenwich Collection:

  • Avenham
  • Barnsdale
  • Bodenham
  • Cothay
  • Echocyprus
  • Highhope
  • Lambrook
  • Parcevall
  • Rutledge
  • Saddlebrook
  • Tapeley
  • Westhigh
  • Winsford
  • Wollerton
  • Yalding
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How To Shop your local Design Center Showrooms


Shop Exclusive Designer, trade-only lines

Contact Information –  Phone: (562)-439-5626 (M-F) 9am-5pm |  Email:

  • West Hollywood, Pacific Design Center
  • San Francisco, San Francisco Design Center
  • Laguna Niguel, Design Center South
  • Costa Mesa, Stonemill Design Center
  • San Diego, San Diego Design Center
  • Dallas, Dallas Design Center
  • Houston, Decorative Center Houston
 Rest of USA
  • Seattle, WA, Seattle Design Center 
  • Boston, MA, Boston Design Center 
  • New York, NY, Decoration & Design Building 
  • Chicago, IL, The Merchandise Mart
  • Dania, FL, Design Center of the Americas
  • Miami, FL, Miami Decorating & Design Center 
  • Washington, DC, Washington Design Center 
  • Scottsdale, AZ, Arizona Design Center 
  • Denver, CO, Denver Design Center 
  • Minneapolis, MN, Int’l Market Square-Minneapolis Design & Home Furnishings Mart 
  • Beachwood, OH, Ohio Design Center 
  • Troy, MI, Michigan Design Center
scalamandre fabric calabria collection

Scalamandre Fabric – Calabria Collection

Inspired by Calabria, Italy

Scalamandre Fabric presents the latest textile showcase: the Calabria Collection. This collection is filled with a wide array of luxurious textile fabrics inspired by rich Italian heritage. The original company founder Franco Scalamandre came from Calabria, a region of Italy located in the southern reaches. It is still well known for its rich in history and ancient settlements of castles and monasteries, as well as it’s lush landscape. Celebrating Scalamandre Fabric’s 90th anniversary, the collection directly derives from Franco’s past and his homeland borrowing from the area’s history of original design and natural beauty.

The entire collection is selection of curated wovens and classic statement prints celebrating the spirit of the brand in modern updated color schemes. These classic archival patterns and classic textile techniques are redesigned for today’s standard of modern interiors. The luxurious and couture inspired color schemes give reimagined life to the classic techniques of weaving they were originally produced in.

Patterns within Calabria Collection:

  • Alma Silhouette Print
  • Antonella Lampas
  • Camille Damask
  • Diamante Matelasse
  • Modo Plaid
  • Peonia Linen Print
  • Riva Moire
  • Strada Stripe
  • Tesoro Printed Velvet
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Breathtaking Wall Murals by Sandberg Wallpaper

Kallio – Sandberg Wallpaper

A Different Approach to Wallcovering

Today we’re highlighting some gorgeous large scale wall murals by Sandberg wallpaper. These murals offer a fresh take on wall décor, covering your walls with minimal and expressive art.
Midnatt in blue – Sandberg Wallpaper
This deep blue abstract depiction of the rolling hills and mountains looks straight out of a movie. The details blur together in the watercolor-like appearance.

Difference between Wall Mural and Wallpaper?

Typically Wall Murals are available in large panels that you piece together like a puzzle to create whatever size arrangement you desire. Wallpaper on the other hand is typically sold in rolls and by the yard. For this reason, you usually need to know your exact space to make sure a Wall Mural such as these will fit into your space.
World Map – Sandberg Wallpaper

Large Scale Beauty

An advantage of using the application of Wall Murals is the grand scale of artwork you can display. As pictured above in ‘World Map‘, the entire vicinity of the wall is covered in minimal artistic beauty, not a single repeat in sight. This type of wall décor tends to be favored in more modern settings.
Skymning Wall Mural
This pastel sorbet color scheme on the walls provides a soft and ambient vibe to this minimal interior. The panel-style installation of this wall mural ensures that the color has a subtle gradient from top to bottom creating a serene setting for relaxation.

Try it Out

With a new year here, comes new ideas and possibilities. There’s never been a better time to try something fresh and brand new for your home. If any of these wall murals peak your interest, simply click on the room shot or swatch for more information. You can also shop all Sandberg Wallpaper & Murals here. Until next time!