An Organic Approach to Home Decor

“Originally, I hated this Apartment”

Welcome to Caitlin Mociun’s 917 square foot Brooklyn condo. Mociun currently resides here with her husband Tammer Hijazi. Mociun originally purchased this stripped down apartment in 2015, after a year she moved in, but she didn’t get to decorating straight away. “I typically tried to avoid décor the incorporated color, so the couch was a bit of surprise for me”, Mociun jokes. She took what we like to call an ‘organic’ approach to decorating. Instead of trying to plan the entire condo’s décor and design straight away, she built it’s design and structure piece by piece. Using this method, the space has a sense of style and character that can’t be achieved by any interior designer, it’s a home that tells a story of Caitlin and her taste. Using her eye for design, Mociun has collected a number of artful accessories from all over, not just home décor stores, hardware stores, flea markets, you name it, you can find gems just about anywhere. Check out the rest of the shots of their space below. All of the photography found in this article is credited to AARON BENGOCHEA & does not belong to L.A. Design Concepts. 

Lee Jofa Fabric – Riviera Collection

Welcome to The French Riviera

The newest addition to Lee Jofa Fabric from Suzanne Kasler takes you into the Côte d’Azur. Imagine you are touring the gorgeous French coastal plains, the lights, the culture, the cabaret bar, fine wine, and dining. This collection takes you there with it’s nods to the culture and color schemes found abroad. The bliss of beach living are notable within this collection’s patterns and soft coloring. We’re going to be going over all the patterns and color ways of this Lee Jofa showcase, if you need more information click on any of the swatches or just give us a call. Let’s dive in.

Patterns within the Riviera Collection:

  • Avignon Print
  • Cannes Print
  • Cap Ferrat Stripe
  • Cassis Stripe
  • Marie Print
  • Monaco Print
  • St Croix Stripe
  • St Tropez Print
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Clarence House Fabric – Ramm, Son & Crocker Collection

Ramm, Son & Crocker Collection for Jean Monro

Timeless Florals just in time for Spring

Clarence House Fabric has released a new Jean Monro fabric showcase: the Ramm, Son and Crocker collection. If you’re seeking new spirited flower inspired prints, you’re in luck! The RS&C Collection utilizes bright and joyful colors of spring such as a wide range of rose and blush tones, emerald and jade hues, and many more. We’re going to be diving into these patterns and breaking them down. If you desire any of these traditional florals, click on the swatch or color way to gain more information or get your order started.

Patterns within Ramm, Son & Crocker Collection:

  • Cheltenham
  • Kingswood
  • Avington
  • Cobham
  • Agra
  • Farnfield
  • Les Chataignes
  • Spring Bouquet
  • Peony Trail
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Separation is Key – Modern Room Dividing trends

Space Divider Design, Done Right

In the modern day, not everyone has quite as much space as they’d like. With careful placement and modern execution, you can turn one space, into a multi-space. Sometimes a larger space with less purpose isn’t what you need in a home. With apartment and condominium living on the rise, we’re highlighting some excellent ways to organize your living space and maximize your time at home. Dividers come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. You can use large accessories strategically placed, or scenic artful dividers from different interior design brands we carry on our shop. Continue reading “Separation is Key – Modern Room Dividing trends”