Summer Styling – Deck & Patio furniture

Spend More Time Outdoors

The weathers finally heating up, and who wants to spend this precious time of the year indoors? In today’s piece we’re going to talk about turning those outside or semi-outdoor hangout spots to feel fresh and stylish. Nobody wants to sit on some rickety rubber chairs or compromise comfort and style. We’ve gathered a couple pieces from our shop that we think can add some seasonal flare to the deck, patio, or backyard.

Our Picks

Sometimes just adding a piece or two can really spruce up the entire space. If you’re feeling you want something totally different, start from scratch. Our in-stock furniture is a great way to get different items for your project in a much quicker time frame for these kinds of mini projects. Until next time!

Giving a Vintage chair new life – Matthew Williamson

Old becomes New

An activity that has been on the rise as of lately among crafters and designers is vintage renewal, or repurposing. For any of those confused we’ll elaborate. It is when you take something old, and possibly without much use or out of date style, and add a touch of craft or modernity giving it new life or purpose. The practice is becoming more and more popular as the desire to not waste, or support cheap unethical creation becomes more center stage.

Unique Flare

Designer and lifestyle enthusiast Matthew Williamson recently posted some photos of  vintage arm chair he had repurposed. Using hot pink paint, and upholstery fabric from Osborne and Little. What sounds like it could potentially be a hot disaster, actually created something of some high appeal with a bit of a controversial style. We’ll let you be the judges, pictures below. The fabric pictures on the chairs is known as ‘Flamingo Club’ by Matthew Williamson, produced by Osborne and Little. Featuring gorgeous fan palms, detailed flamingos and a unique mix of colors among the florals and background. If any of the fabric or images peak your interest, simply click them to learn more. We’ll continue our trend and style spotlight here on the blog every week. Oh, and for a little bonus check out Matthew Williamson’s niece checking out his creation. You can signup for our mailing list to keep up to date, or just check back here regularly. Until next time!

How to Create your Custom Sofa

It’s Easy

For those looking for the sofa of their dreams, here is a definitive guide on how to complete the process on our website. In the modern design world, it only makes sense that your furniture would be custom tailored to your exact liking. Personality in design is important for creating a space that truly feels like home. It’s extremely easy and the best option if you’re looking to make this important piece of furniture your very own.

1. Find your Sofa

To begin, simply browse our sofa selection by clicking on the furniture tab, and dropping down to sofas. Alternatively, you can click here to view our sofa section. You can filter by different categories to narrow your search, such as styles, finish, material, and price to ensure its exactly what’s needed for you or your client.

2. Customize the Options

Once you’ve found your desired piece, select the optimal size for your design space or room. Depending on the item, there might be more customization options. For this Duralee sofa, you can choose a custom finish, and size.  

3. Find a Fabric

The last step for customizing your sofa/seating option is picking the fabric for the upholstery. You can select a fabric of the same manufacturer, or you can choose any of the designer fabrics available on our site. Just make sure that the end-use is tailored for upholstery. After you add the sofa to your cart, just add the required amount of fabric to the cart as well. We’ll take care of the rest.

You’re all set

It’s that simple, if you need any help with the process feel free to call us and talk to our team. We’re always here to help. Until next time!  

Upholstery Ideas – Unconventional Stripes

Stripes are Timeless

With a style that is as classic as they come, stripes have a rich history in all design elements through out time, and they are here to stay. However, as time goes on designers and stylists have come up with new ways to rework the traditional stripe into modern and intriguing applications. In today’s piece we’ll be highlighting a few different stripe iterations that are anything but basic. If any of the presented fabrics peak your interest, simply click the image or swatch to learn more.

Schumacher’s Iterations

The Wave – Schumacher Fabric
The Wave by Schumacher Fabric is a simple abstract print that depicts high contrast stripes in a rippled fashion. It’s not a complicated or intricate pattern, but the look of this fabric is truly eye-catching. Pictured is the chocolate colorway in a golden brown and light cream. For those looking for something more plain, there is a black and white rendition and a few others that will be linked below.

Flame Stitch

Valkyrie Flame Stitch – Schumacher Fabric
A flame stitch, which is another word for ‘Bargello’ means a type of embroidery in woven fabrics that produces a flame like effects to the striping colors. The Valkyrie flame stitch is an excellent example of this technique and a great way to incorporate some unconventional stripe related fabrics into your upholstery. Similar to a chevron pattern, this abstract mix of colors is very appealing to the senses. Keep an eye out for our trend highlights as we continue to highlight many different fabrics and designer wallpapers here on our blog. Until next time!

Kravet Fabric – Andrew Martin Collection

Andrew Martin’s Boho Influence

The newest addition to Kravet Fabric is this earthy and vibrant collection of bohemian and morocco inspired textiles. Gathering from local and off shore locations, this unique curation of prints can find a soft spot in anybody’s home. Some strong focal points of the collection include clay tones such as brick, bronze, and touches of sand stone. The patterns and motifs all fall within a similar umbrella of trends and styles that make for excellent pairing and matching of fabrics. We’re going to dive into the different textiles of this collection regarding their style and use.

Patterns within the Andrew Martin collection:

  • Bolo
  • Bomore
  • Cuchillas
  • Delphini
  • Friendly Folk
  • Hedgerow
  • Jumbo
  • Kongo
  • Markham
  • Mossop
  • Pelican
  • Psycho Sprig
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