Kravet Fabric – Modern Luxe Izu

Modern Luxe – Izu from Kravet Fabric

Minimal Natural Luxury

In the Summer heat its a great time to turn towards a more zen and leisurely style. The newest collection from Kravet Fabric tailors to the minimal in taste who still want to portray a chic and tasteful style. Modern Luxe Izu features a gorgeous array of new patterns and updated colorways highlighting on Japanese tea garden and temple culture in its color schemes and nature inspired motifs like the calming and serene koi ponds, and the rolling mountains and hillsides that surround this culturally rich region. We’re going to be discussing the highlighted patterns and talking about their style. Let’s dive in.

Patterns within Izu Collection

  • Bamboo Stitch
  • Echino
  • Garden Silk
  • Izu
  • Utta
  • Kaiyou
  • Leno Shine
  • Lotus Pond
  • Now and Zen
  • Onsen
  • Osode
  • Sagano
  • Sumi
  • Tailor Made
  • Tensho
  • Yoshino
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Bold Style – Animal Velvets

In the design world there’s so many approaches to consider when you begin styling your space. Traditional and timeless styles are favored frequently for their longevity in appeal, but every now and then its refreshing to see something bold and different. Today’s piece will be centered around the eccentric world of vibrant velvets, specifically animal inspired velvets. The saying with high risk comes high reward, and we believe it applies in the design realm also. These upholstery and multi-use fabrics may not be the easiest to incorporate to your space, but executed well and you have yourself a bold and striking design moment. Typically when executing a pop of color like this, you can find a tone that will either compliment or contrast and place strategically for the most flare. We have a large selection of animal prints in varying jewel tones and neutrals. If you’re specifically looking for the velvets for high luster and shine, you can click here. Until next time!

Dining at Palazzo Ralph Lauren

Private Dining event at Palazzo Ralph Lauren
Step into the opulence and luxury that is a private dining event held at Palazzo Ralph Lauren. It’s known that Ralph Lauren and company are praised for their lifestyle brand and stretch across a wide variety of markets. This includes but isn’t limited to, fashion apparel, home goods and fabric, and more recently even coffee shops and eateries. Hosted by the editor in chief of Cabana magazine, Martina Mondadori, this private dinner party is to celebrate the beginning of the Salone del Mobile. The Salone del Mobile is the Milan Furniture Fair a festival celebrating break throughs and innovation in interior design and décor. 
Table setting at private Ralph Lauren event – Allie Handblock print on table cloth
The walls are draped with Ralph Lauren Home ‘Dillon Ticking Stripe’ fabric in assorted neutrals with custom printed paper lanterns hung high above two dining tables. Each dining room set up features the menu for the evening, custom name tags printed on gold leaf, and ornate china all atop a table cloth constructed of Allie Handblock print fabric by Ralph Lauren Home. With an artistry for fine dining and festivities, who wouldn’t want to sit in on this party? Let us know what your favorite thing about this private gathering is. Ours is the attention to detail, and unique execution of textiles. All Rights Reserved, Photography belongs to RALPH LAUREN HOME 

Instagram Highlight Schumacher Fabric

In the year 2019 the shift from printed media to digital is apparent now more than ever. On Social Media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram we’re seeing more interior design inspiration and showcase at a higher speed than ever before. In today’s post we’re going to be highlighting some interiors designed by different stylists from all over the world, this time specifically with Schumacher Fabric. Let’s dive right in, and if any of the highlighted designs speak to you, simply click the swatch to shop the patterns.
schumacher fabric upholstery
Interior by James Thomas featuring multiple Schumacher upholstered pieces
We absolutely adore this family room in this modern ranch style home designed and styled by James Thomas. The execution in the coordinating Schumacher fabrics in this room compliment all the patterns used extremely well, keeping the color scheme together and not feeling too busy. On the two lounging chair you’ll find Antique Strie velvet covering the majority of the seat. On the front cushion of the chair is Full Circle in navy. The velvet provides high luster and deep color with the patterned fabric on cushion in a more muted navy color to contrast.
Maxwell fabric in Navy from the official Schumacher Instagram
Beach vibes anyone? We’re loving the minimal geometric take on these beach chairs upholstered in the Maxwell fabric in Navy. This fabric is also available in other colorways, but the navy stands out for a truly coastal living inspired look. Available in varying shades of neutral tones, Maxwell is a stunning geometric print that can add interest and detail to any upholstery. Stick around and keep up with us on our blog for more social media highlights and trend spotlights.

Step inside this All American Philadelphia Home

philadelphia modern home
Private Residence in Philadelphia – Photography by Rebecca McAlpin
Join us today, as we stroll through this beautiful private residence in Philadelphia owned by interior and style enthusiast Nicole Cole. Using a combination of vintage pieces and modern seating she creates a cozy home environment that doesn’t feel too sterile or dated. In addition to the actual furniture pieces themselves, Cole makes use of well placed accessories and plant life to truly give the space a sense of personality and taste. Something that really stood out to us in the home was the use of planted tree branches, as opposed to flowers or traditional plants. Pictured above on the left, the tree branch in the artisanal vase really provides a lot of natural flare. The color palette of Cole’s home has an excellent sense of contrast. The muted and neutral colors of the natural wood pieces and flooring mixed with the eccentric jewel tones of the seating and accessories creates a nicely balanced space that doesn’t feel overwhelming or underwhelming. This concludes our home highlight, if you like content like this you can always follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date. Until next time! (PHOTOGRAPHY ALL RIGHTS RESERVED – REBECCA MCALPIN)