Brunschwig And Fils Fabric – The Power of Patterns

Bird and Thistle Upholstery – Interior by Anna Louise Wolfe – photograph by Heidi Harris

Bring the Room to Life

With artful and expressive fabrics, you tell your own story. The home you live in, is your haven and making it personal about yourself is important. Pictured above is Brunschwig and Fils fabricBird And Thistle‘ used around the entire room. From the curtains, to the head board, cushions and trim of the bed, you can see this pattern ties the feeling of the space together. The portrayal of these doves peacefully atop tree branches envelops the space with a modern farm house look that is welcoming and comfortable.
Durbar Tait Strie II – Interior by Meggie H.

Maximalism at It’s Finest

The welcoming of bright and exuberant colors is coming back into the center stage. This living room designed by Meggie H. utilizes bright and bold coral toned fabric. The print placed on the couch and cushions is Brunschwig and Fils fabric’s ‘Durbar Tait Strie II‘ in the Rose color way. Using a faux weathered ikat design, the pattern has a regal look to it without feeling too proper. The living coral coloring is able to pull together the bright jewel tones found through out the room with ease.
Durbar Tait Strie II – Interior by Meggie H.

Welcoming Color Always

Never be afraid of incorporating colors into your projects. White and black are a tried and true color combo that will never disappoint, but its key to have fun when decorating. With such a wide spectrum of different patterned fabrics and wallpapers, the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. We welcome you to browse our full Brunschwig & Fils fabric and wallpaper selections to find exactly what you’re looking for. Until next time!

Schumacher Fabric’s Best Selling Patterns

Chiang Mai Dragon - Schumacher Fabric
Chiang Mai Dragon – Schumacher Fabric

Favored by Designers & Clientele Worldwide

Schumacher is one of the longest running interior design labels specializing in wallpaper and fabric as well as furniture. In today’s piece we’ll be going over Schumacher Fabric’s best selling fabric patterns. These iconic prints have seen the likes of all sorts of homes across the world for many different uses. They are highly versatile, colorful, bold, and have a sense of lasting style that one can hold onto.

The Best Selling Schumacher Fabric patterns:

  • Chiang Mai Dragon
  • Pyne Hollyhock
  • Hot House Flowers
  • Chenonceau
Something these patterns all have in common is their complexity and nodes to classic and sweet floral motifs in varying colors and style. You can easily shop any of these best selling patterns on L.A. Design Concepts designer fabric online store.

Chiang Mai Dragon

Schumacher Fabric’s Chiang Mai Dragon features highly saturated and blooming color through out it’s multiple Asian inspired motifs. From the spiraling and winding dragons that encompass the print, to the carnation and other assorted flower and vines snaking throughout the fabric there’s plenty to love with a lasting and charming chicness. Available in a wide variety of hues and shades to fit just about any interior palette, working this fun fabric into your space is simple if you’re looking to make a statement.
Pyne Hollyhock - Schumacher Fabric
Pyne Hollyhock – Schumacher Fabric

Pyne Hollyhock

In the world of floral fabrics, there is a million to one choices. Pyne Hollyhock (particularly in the Indigo colorway) has had wide sweeping popularity. The indigo colorway highly resembles artistry you’d find in fine china. The excellent balance of negative space and highly detailed floral branches creates a highly serene look to this fabric that is zen and relaxing. Used as drapes, this pattern provides large scale scenery and mood for the room. As pictured above, Pyne Hollyhock makes for gorgeous upholstery that doesn’t feel like grandma’s floral couch.
Hot House Flowers - Schumacher Fabric
Hothouse Flowers – Schumacher Fabric

Hothouse Flowers

The pattern Hothouse flowers is an understated highly detail oriented print that showcases exotic flowers up-close. Showcasing their many artistic qualities such as line detail and excellent natural geometric composure. The above color scheme creates a pencil sketch look that feels stylish and current.
Chenonceau - Schumacher Fabric
Chenonceau – Schumacher Fabric


Using beautiful bold colors and strategic use of white negative space, Chenonceau satisfies the craving for a beautiful damask and a nature inspired floral fabric in a single pattern. The above space uses the pattern to accent the room through out, trying the entire aesthetic together. The navy and white color scheme has a very coastal vibe to it without feeling like the over done nautical theme.