4 Cole and Son Wallpapers executed flawlessly

Smart Pairing for a Cohesive Space

In a design world where the trend of simply colored or blank walls runs rampant, incorporating bold and exciting wallpaper can seem daunting. We’re going to be showcasing four different interiors where designers used Cole and Son Wallpaper effortlessly to create stunning and powerful settings. 

Feather Fan – Chair, Palm Jungle – Walls; Jonday Photography

As Blue as the Jungle

The use of tropical and nature inspired wallpapers is nothing new, but the color scheme and execution are what matter most. We love how Jonday Photography shot this space. The Palm Jungle wallpaper style from Cole & Son features a wide array of blue shades varying from powder to almost navy, paired with an off-white background. To correlate with this pattern, white and glass accessories are used in addition to neutral colored seating. The chair upholstered in Feather Fan shares the same common colors undulating within the more compact abstract pattern to create a powerful coordinating moment. 

cow parsley cole and son wallpaper
Cow Parsley – Cole & Son Wallpaper

Frolicking in Minimalism

In a minimal space it can be a challenge to include your own personal touch of style without making it too much. We love this interior because the execution of the wallpaper ‘Cow Parsley’ by Cole & Son Wallpaper tastefully blends right into the room. With neutral and black accents, the predominant color of the room is white. This wallpaper adds texture and pattern to the walls, while keeping the clean and white minimal feeling that is so breatheable and fresh. 

Melville Cole and Son Wallpaper
Melville – Cole & Son Wallpaper

A School of Fish in unlikely spaces

Something we always welcome is the beautification of uncommon spaces, somewhere in the house you might not think needs to be visually appealing. In the above photo, this home owner has incorporated Cole & Son’s Melville wallpaper into their laundry room. This simple and calm colored pattern that showcases a variety of different types of fish really puts a fun spin on a room you normally wouldn’t enjoy spending time in doing chores. The motif of fish in the laundry room seems fitting, and really creates personality in an unlikely place. 

cole and son wallpaper
Nuvolette – Cole & Son Wallpaper

Combining Sophistication and Whimsy

A largescale rolling cloud print wouldn’t seem like something you could easily include into your design, however the photo above of the entry hallway displaying the print works wonders. Playing off of the black furnishings and detailing, the grayscale ‘Nuvolette’ from Cole & Son wallpaper adds a level of playfulness to this darker themed space. The print keeps the room from feeling too dark or sad, yet calming and relaxing like a cloudy day, perfect for nestling up with your favorite book and a hot cup of coffee. 

Have fun with your walls

If there’s a rule to take from all of this, it would be to have fun with your space. Express your personality and don’t be scared of daring patterns. With bold moves, comes large reward especially in how effective your choices can be. If you’d like you can view Cole & Son wallpaper styles here to find something for your own design. Until next time.