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Stylish, Lasting, and Strong Outdoor Fabrics

That time of year when the sun stays in the sky long and the flowers are blooming around you is approaching near. Naturally, spending your time outdoors is going to become a necessity. We’re going to be showcasing some great applications of gorgeous outdoor fabrics from Osborne & Little and Designers Guild.

What are ‘Outdoor Fabrics’?

Outdoor fabrics are textiles produced for the sole purpose of withstanding the harsher conditions of weather and the outdoors.  Made from a wide variety of synthetic fibers, polyester, acrylic, and even cotton blends, outdoor fabrics are woven textiles that undergo a chemical treatment during manufacturing. This process allows them to repel water and resist soiling and rot, while impeding mildew growth.

Osborne And Little Outdoor Fabric

Take what you love from Osborne and Little, the eccentric patterns, wild florals, and character designed into their styles and apply all the long lasting weather resistant qualities of outdoor fabric. Pictured above are some of their newest outdoor collections, so you can style your patio, pool, or any area into something chic.

Designers Guild Outdoor Fabrics

The world renowned European design house Designers Guild manufacturers their artistic and bold styles built for nature. From their signature gradients, and water colour panting inspired styles, to new Summer inspired colorways and styles that will give those lounging areas life and leave you wanting to enjoy those spots even more.

Browse the Outdoor Selection

If you’re interested in checking out all of Osborne and Little’s outdoor selection click here. Or if you’re interested in browsing Designers Guild’s outdoor fabrics click here. We have a wide variety of styles and brands offering different aesthetics of outdoor textiles. You can checkout our entire outdoor fabrics section here. We hope you find something inspiring and create your own outdoor wonderland.

New! – Get Inspired Gallery


Welcome to the Get Inspired Gallery

Introducing our newest feature, Get Inspired. The Get Inspired gallery is full of hundreds of different room shots so you can see the products in the rooms before you buy. Browse our gallery by product category, room type, or brand name to get inspiration from your favorite brands and patterns.


How It Works

You can easily click any of the links in this article, or the ‘Get Inspired’ menu at the top of the page to access the gallery. Hover your mouse over the photo to reveal the shoppable tags and simply click to view the product information. It’s that simple. If you’re on mobile, just tap the photo to reveal tags and click the tags to view the product. We think with this type of accessibility, imagining the products has never been easier and will streamline your design process.  

Always Changing

We will be adding new inspiration photos and shots of rooms with products you can shop every single week. Make sure to check up regularly if you want to view this amazing imagery to get inspired for your very own project. We can’t wait to see what you all create.  

Kravet Color Values – Affordable and Luxurious

Introducing a color story full of stellar Kravet fabric patterns, these styles have a large array of colors and moods at a price that’s hard to resist. Below each mood board you can find the corresponding links to each fabric so you an easily browse and shop.

Background Fabric: 35646-81   Clockwise: 35742-81, 34050-81, 35650-18, 35706-8, 35586-81

From Top to bottom right: 35634-18, 35736-18, 35636-21, 35655-218, 35660-11

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4 Bright Wallpaper Ideas that feel Modern

designers guild wallpaper
Cielo – Designers Guild Wallpaper

Don’t be Afraid of Color

Incorporating bold colors onto the walls of your home can feel scary. For this reason we’ve compiled a couple different ideas to get you started on your journey to livening up your surroundings and bringing a bright and bold change to your personal space. We’re including wallpapers from brands like Scalamandre, Leilevre, and Designers Guild for starters. You can checkout their respected selections from our shop from brand page. Let’s dive in.
Saraille from Designers Guild Wallpaper

Gradients Are Good

Sometimes using an intimidating color like yellow green, or in the above photo ‘acacia’ can be a little frightening since it’s so bright and could appear hard to match. This is why with patterns like Saraille, there is a blend from white into this gorgeous and bright tone. The gradient effect makes the it more appealing and easier to sink into your space. By pairing complimenting tones to the walls, this bright and cheery room feels optimistic and bursting with creativity.  

Natural Inspiration

This pattern from Leilevre uses bright blue grays and wavy geode effects. The pattern to some might feel a bit wild at first sight, but paired with bright jewel tones it creates quite a statement. The waves and ripples in this wallpaper emulate the curves and grooves found within gem stones that you could crack open, this kind of natural beauty is a trend we’re seeing more and more of and we like it.

Bare Neutrals

Sand stone and earth tones are bright and welcoming, and keep things neutral. This wallpaper pictured above ‘Brushed Concrete’ by Scalamandre features a tile look on a vinyl wallcovering. The brush effects on them keep it from looking too plain, and give it that raw and natural look for a boho or rattan inspired look. Tan never looked so inspiring.
osborne and little fabric gloriana

Osborne And Little Fabric – Gloriana Collection

Osborne and Little Fabric Spring 2020 Has Arrived

A new capsule fabric collection has arrived from Osborne & Little. New geometric velvet options available in gorgeous mixtures of vibrant and muted colors to fit any interior. This versatile collection makes working velvet patterns into your home simple.

Patterns within Gloriana Collection

  • Cornelia
  • Felicia
  • Pelangi Velvet
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