Lilly Pulitzer

The Story of Lilly Pulitzer

The tale of a true american pioneer, that happened just by chance. Like many stories of successful people, the legacy of Lilly Pulitzer was one that happened on accident, and seemed to all fall right into place. What many know now a days as the lifestyle brand that celebrates joyous and exciting color palettes mixed with the free-spirited and light hearted feeling of being on vacation started off small, as a grove owner’s wife sold freshly squeezed juices. Continue reading “Lilly Pulitzer”

Cole And Son Wallpaper – The Pearwood Collection

Fanfare Flock - Cole & Son Wallpaper
Fanfare Flock – Cole & Son Wallpaper

Celebrate Cole And Son’s Rich Design History

The Pearwood Collection from Cole and Son Wallpaper is a celebration of the design house’s extensive block print archive that they’re known for throughout for interior design industry. The collection name ‘Pearwood’ comes from its origins of fruit wood blocks that were traditionally used by the founder of the company, John Perry. The choice for pearwood exclusively was for its distinct hardness that made way for creating and cutting extremely fine details, while also maintaining a durability that would ensure that the blocks were long lasting. Featuring modern shades and colors combined with the fine craftmanship held with a passing era and contemporary design rich with tradition that is unmistakably Cole & Son.

Patterns Within The Pearwood Collection:

  • Aurora
  • Boscobel Oak
  • Vines of Pomona
  • Floral Kingdom
  • Midsummer Bloom
  • Woodvale Orchard
  • Treillage
  • Fanfare Flock
  • Pavo Parade
  • Pugin Palace Flock
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