8 Ornate Wallpapers that Make Your Space a Statement

Image Credit – Matthew Williamson

In a smaller-scale space, utilizing the walls is an effective way to add flare and personal style to your home.

We’ve picked out some of our favorite bold designer wallpapers that turn heads and show off ornate intricacy.

Ranging from monochromatic to bursting with color, check out these inspiring patterns.

Image Credit – Aly Robert

Hicks Hexagon from Cole & Son

For those looking to add some minimal geometric beauty in a maximal color scheme,

we adore Hicks Hexagon. The honey-comb hexagon pattern adds texture and depth to the

deep forest green with amber centered motifs highlight the copper lighting in this lively dining room. 

Image Credit – Schumacher

Brighton Pavilion from Schumacher Wallpaper

This large scale graphic paper from Schumacher combines a mix of tall stretched bamboo shoots and delicately

hanging florals that cascade downward adding dimension and complexity.

The cool and bright color palette of turquoise and white gives off a relaxing and serene feeling,

the cerulean hues mixed with feint traces of silver imitate fine chinoiserie.

Image Credit – Victoria Haller

Flourencecourt from Cole & Son

The calming grays of this wallpaper make a serene entryway. The painterly brush strokes

that make up every individual leaf in the dense yew tree foliage create a setting that feels

like you’re getting lost within your own personal forest inside your home.

Image Credit – Marianne Simon

Marlowe Floral from Ralph Lauren

There is nothing quite like the majestic pairing of royal blue and it’s complimenting shades,

mixed with cream and white. This statement paper in Prussian blue from Ralph Lauren is a highly beloved style. Whether you’re trying to achieve a coastal vibe or you just enjoy

the scenic view of these blue tree branches sprawled across the washroom, this designer

paper adds elegance to any setting. A mostly monochromatic bathroom, now is a vibrant

colorful statement of the home.

Image Credit – Claire Price

Andrew Jackson Floral from Scalamandre

This perplexing floral wallpaper is far from the ordinary. Combining blush toned coral with varying shades of powder blue and deep navy highly compliments the cream backdrop and the

rustic beige tones found within the branches they rest on. Scalamandre outdid themselves with the highly detailed motifs within this pattern, and surprisingly matches most décor.

Image Credit – Osborne & Little

Deya Meadow from Matthew Williamson

Have you ever just wanted to ditch your responsibilities and frolic in the wildflowers

as butterflies graze your skin and the Summer air blows through your hair? Well,

now you can, indoors! This wildly vivid large scale designer paper captures the light

hearted essence of the seasons in a gorgeously detailed scene. So many different

types of flora and butterflies leave your eyes gazing all over.

Image Credit – Cole & Son

Pompeian from Cole & Son

This diamond geometric wallpaper is rich, sultry, and sophisticated in just about every sense.

The faint golden highlights that trail along each individual shape give the print a sense of three

dimensional depth. Paired with this rich blood red accents, the muted mocha tinted wall

creates a sitting room to unwind in after a long day.

Image Credit – Stephanie Owens

Woods from Cole & Son

Not feeling lost in the woods, but rather right at home. This iconic print from Cole and Son

wallpaper is a classic and favored by many. It’s timeless appeal lies in its uncomplicated palette,

and refined understated print. It easily pairs with just about any type of interior decor or furnishings,

however we love the blush seating and gold hardware Stephanie paired in her living room.

Do you prefer these highly detailed and artful walls? Or do you still stick to the plain colored minimalistic look?

Let us know, or which of these patterns was your favorite. Until next time!


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