Designers Guild & Osborne and Little – Floral Walls

Magnolia Frieze - Osborne & Little Wallpaper
Magnolia Frieze – Osborne & Little Wallpaper

Finding the Right Floral for your Walls

The world of flower and floral inspired wallpapers is vast and ever expanding. Finding the correct style for your house to pull off that chic and nature centric look you’re going for is the key to pulling it off. We’ll be going over some of the general different types of nature and bloom wallcoverings you can pick to redesign you space.
  • Scenic / Panels
  • Large Scale Florals
  • Small Scale Florals
  • Nature Inspired

The Beauty of Scenic and Panels

Pictured above we have Magnolia Frieze by Osborne and Little Wallpaper. This wallpaper is sold by the panel in large pieces that you put together to form the master piece in whichever room. We highly recommend the usage of this kind of wallpaper anywhere in the home, getting creative with placement is half of the fun.
Indian Sunflower - Designers Guild Wallpaper
Indian Sunflower – Designers Guild Wallpaper
We’ve seen excellent use of smaller paneled scenic floral papers in powder and wash rooms. This quaint powder room uses Indian Sunflower by Designers Guild Wallpaper to really transform a smaller space. The bright and exuberant colors really add character to the space.

Large Scale Flower Majesty

The appeal of large scale florals is closely tied to visual of vivid and expressive color encapsulating the entire space. Pictured below is the highly embellished Mattiazo by Designers Guild Wallpaper, it portrays gorgeous and large rose blooms in various cascading sizes with emerald leaves splashed between to create a truly lush look.
Mattiazo - Designers Guild Wallpaper
Mattiazo – Designers Guild Wallpaper

Petite and Small Scale Elegance

On the more minimal side, we have small-scale floral patterns. One of our favorite examples is this paper by Osborne and Little known as Twiggy. Using intricate line work that winds across the whole wall and miniature blooms, a highly defined and eccentric look is created.
Twiggy – Osborne and Little Wallpaper
The high contrast of the vines and budding flora creates a web-like texture that adds depth to the space. This design is anything but mundane.

Inspired By Nature

For a more novelty or less direct approach, there are many nature inspired wallpapers that incorporate those elements you seek in a floral or lush jungle paper without being so literal. We really love this fun and playful pattern by Matthew Williamson for Osborne and Little called Ananas. It depicts flourishing flower arrangements in the form of pineapples atop a cream background.
Ananas – Matthew Williamson for Osborne & Little
The light and tropical essence of this pattern leaves the space feeling like a overseas get away that you want to keep coming back home to. All of these patterns are just a few of the countless options available through L.A. Design Concepts. You can click any of these room shots or their names to get more information. Until next time!

Designers Guild – The Edit Flowers Wallpaper Volume 1

Redefining the ‘Traditional Floral Wallpaper’

The newest addition to Designers Guild Wallpaper is The Edit – Flowers Wallpaper Volume 1, a vast collection of botanical and nature inspired wallcoverings. Using their water colour inspired style and soft neutrals mixed with muted jewel tones, they have perfected the artistry of floral wallpapers. We’re going to be dissecting all these brand new wallpaper, you can click on any of the swatches of a pattern that peaks your interest to learn more or get an order started. Let’s dive in.
Acanthus – Designers Guild Wallpaper


Acanthus combines finely sketched leaves and flowers as if pressed in a scrap book, with intricate depictions of different slender bug life. The combination provides a nicely organized pattern with many unique qualities. Continue reading “Designers Guild – The Edit Flowers Wallpaper Volume 1”

Designers Guild Fabric – Palme Botanique Outdoor Fabrics


Outdoor Tropic never felt so chic

Finding outdoor fabric with a sense of charm and style can be difficult. However, with newest outdoor collection from Designers Guild Fabric, they make it seamless and easy. DG has taken some of their most iconic fabric prints and styles from their massive textile archive and recreated them for optimal outdoor use. This means stain resistance, water and heat resistance, and easy to clean yet high in style and comfort. Borrowing from some of their signature archival prints, this outdoor oriented showcase is a solid choice for multi-purpose fabrics. Let’s dive in.

Patterns within Palme Botanique Outdoor collection:

  • Acanthus Outdoor
  • Biscayne Outdoor
  • Bougival Outdoor
  • Boynton Outdoor
  • Brahmi Outdoor
  • Delray Outdoor
  • Giardino Segreto Outdoor
  • Grayton Outdoor
  • Issoria Outdoor
  • Jourdain Outdoor
  • Manchu Outdoor
  • Murnau Outdoor
  • Navarre Outdoor
  • Palme Botanique Outdoor
  • Pompano Outdoor
  • Savoie Outdoor
  • Shell Bay Outdoor
  • Tulsi Outdoor
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Designers Guild Fabric – Chandigarh Collection


Sultry Stripes & Enigmatic textures, patterns, and graphic shapes

Designers Guild Fabric has outdone themselves with this truly inspiring collection inspired by designs oriented from the Far East. A timeless weave collection of destination velvet textures in seven inimitable designs. Discover a reinvention of contemporary and stylish graphic pattern with unrivalled versatility. From striking Varese inspired stripes, hexagons, block patterns and shapes, there is a velvet to suit any occasion in this wonderful collection. The extensive selection of varying shades of moss, emerald, and forest green capture nature’s beauty within this decadent collection of pile fabrics. This collection cherishes the true Eastern beauty in this complex style of weaving to incorporate sophisticated texture and lasting detail that will catch any individual’s eye.

Patterns within Chardigarh Fabrics:

  • Sukhna
  • Manipur
  • Varese Lambusa
  • Chandigarh
  • Jeanneret
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Designers Guild Wallpaper – Foscari Fresco

16th Century Venetian Glamour

This new versatile collection from Designers Guild Wallpaper features frescoed, geometric, marble, and floral wallpaper that strive for a modern take on the epitome of glamour in Venice during the 16th century. This showcase features a wide array of subtle textures, photo realistic depiction of florals, and assorted geometric minimal patterns. The color scheme is very soft spoken and water colour-esque. There’s a timeless beauty found within designs incorporating marble and soft blush tones that holds a majestic energy to it. Now lets dive into the patterns.

Patterns within this collection:

  • Ajanta
  • Arlecchino
  • Tourangelle Scene
  • Carrara Grande
  • Dorsoduro
  • Foscari Fresco Scene
  • Fresco
  • La Rotanda Scene
  • Merletti
  • Peonia
  • Peonia Grande
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Designers Guild Fabric : Jaipur Rose

    designers guild jaipur rose fabrics

Explore Abstract Floral Expression

The newest collection from Designers Guild Fabric, Jaipur Rose, is full of water color brush strokes and varying jewel tones. The showcase boasts vivid and exotic collection of wildflowers mixed with geometric abstract patterns to create a gorgeous portrayal that really stands out in a room. Color ranges include mossy ochre shades, to vibrant fuchsia tones, to deep and sensual cobalt blues. Varying from large to medium scale prints, Jaipur Rose is filled with romantic florals that will leave you wanting more.

Patterns within this collection:

  • Surimono – Berry
  • Manchu – Alchemilla
  • Palace Flower Grande
  • Indian Sunflower
  • Shikhara
  • Shalimar Garden
  • Jaipur Rose
  • Kashmiri
  • Tulsi
  • Sumi
  • Palace Flower
  • Kiku
  • Adachi
  • Arjuna Leaf
  • Maruko
  • Sansui
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Designers Guild Wallpaper Zardozi Collection 2018

The newest Designers Guild Wallpaper collection is captivating. Consisting of decorative designs, subtle textures and sophisticated geometrics. This brilliant collection of wallpapers is printed on easy to hang non-woven substrates in deep tones of viridian, cobalt, and calming neutrals.

Patterns within this Collection

  • Indian Sunflower
  • Surimono
  • Shirakawa
  • Zardozi
  • Ernani
  • Kappazuri
  • Rheinsberg
  • Arjuna Leaf
  • Brahmi
  • Tulsi
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Wall Murals are a large scale beautiful way to decorate a space and make a statement. The ultimate wallpaper display can be found within these by-the-panel and large scale sweeping scenic views. Below you’ll find a collection of our favorite Mural wallcoverings from many different designers. You can click on the room shot to find out more information on the pattern.

Crested Crane in 'Wheat Blue' from Nicolette Mayer
Crested Crane in ‘Wheat Blue’ from Nicolette Mayer

Jardine Defosse Pergola in 'Chantilly' from Nicolette Mayer
Jardine Defosse Pergola in ‘Chantilly’ from Nicolette Mayer

Festival Mural in 'multicolor' from Jean Paul Gautier
Festival Mural in ‘multicolor’ from Jean Paul Gautier

Giardino Segreto from Designers Guild
Giardino Segreto from Designers Guild (Scene 1 & Scene 2)

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Butterflies for Summer

In the world of fabric, where we’ve seen just about everything, its always refreshing to see new interpretations of designs for the different seasons. We’ve noticed a flurry of butterfly inspired patterns in designer textiles arising and we’re here to showcase to you some of our favorites.

Lee Jofa Fabric’s interpretation

Groundworks Fabric – Fritillery
This pattern from Groundworks Fabric features a highly textured and detailed portrayal of rich gem tones mixed with warm and cool brushstroke like stripes. This abstract print features the silhouettes of butterflies scattered through out. In addition to this wildly colorful print, there is also a more cool and neutral rendition available.

Designers Guild Fabric’s interpretation

Mirrored Butterflies – Parchment by Designers Guild Fabric is a highly detailed allover print depicting a wide variety of different butterfly species. In the room shot provided, you notice how gorgeous the details are in each motif of the print almost as if they are straight out of National Geographic. If you look closely you can also see the fabric being used as drapes in the background of the photo. The mixture of bright colors and geometric positioning atop crème is delightfully refreshing. Hope you enjoyed this trend spotlight, until next time!