A Touch of Sunshine – Yellow

Gran Sol – Gaston y Daniela wallpaper
It’s been said that the color yellow is known to be overstimulating especially when used as an accent for the walls or wallpaper. However, today’s piece is going to show you how you can use this eccentric color in tasteful ways that create interest. In the above living room setting ‘Gran Sol’ wallpaper by Gaston y Daniela uses predominantly soft yellow motifs mixed amidst black and white to create a minimal design that draws your eyes in but doesn’t feel obnoxious. The colors pair well with the mostly white and gray furniture, letting the wallpaper be a statement.
Morley – Gaston y Daniela fabric (paper backed)
This cozy little nook uses a similar technique to the previous living room. With a paper-backed fabric wall of ‘Morley‘ by Gaston y Daniela, the muted yellow gold jewel tone in the pattern accentuates the cushions and prevents the space from feeling dull even though the majority of the palette is grey and white.
Zanzibar Trellis – Schumacher wallpaper
For our third example, we take this dining room that radiates bright yellow sunshine energy. Schumacher wallpaper‘s ‘Zanzibar Trellis‘ in canary is a true golden yellow. Using primary colored seating to offset and compliment the walls, this setting has a very cheery and happy vibe. The geometric pattern in the trellis and the white background help offset all the yellow. Sometimes it’s ok to break all the rules to create a stand-out moment. We hope these ideas help inspire your own design projects, in the mean time you can also check out our $1000 Kravet Giveaway. Until next time!

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