Kravet Fabric – Andrew Martin Collection

Andrew Martin’s Boho Influence

The newest addition to Kravet Fabric is this earthy and vibrant collection of bohemian and morocco inspired textiles. Gathering from local and off shore locations, this unique curation of prints can find a soft spot in anybody’s home. Some strong focal points of the collection include clay tones such as brick, bronze, and touches of sand stone. The patterns and motifs all fall within a similar umbrella of trends and styles that make for excellent pairing and matching of fabrics. We’re going to dive into the different textiles of this collection regarding their style and use.

Patterns within the Andrew Martin collection:

  • Bolo
  • Bomore
  • Cuchillas
  • Delphini
  • Friendly Folk
  • Hedgerow
  • Jumbo
  • Kongo
  • Markham
  • Mossop
  • Pelican
  • Psycho Sprig
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Butterflies for Summer

In the world of fabric, where we’ve seen just about everything, its always refreshing to see new interpretations of designs for the different seasons. We’ve noticed a flurry of butterfly inspired patterns in designer textiles arising and we’re here to showcase to you some of our favorites.

Lee Jofa Fabric’s interpretation

Groundworks Fabric – Fritillery
This pattern from Groundworks Fabric features a highly textured and detailed portrayal of rich gem tones mixed with warm and cool brushstroke like stripes. This abstract print features the silhouettes of butterflies scattered through out. In addition to this wildly colorful print, there is also a more cool and neutral rendition available.

Designers Guild Fabric’s interpretation

Mirrored Butterflies – Parchment by Designers Guild Fabric is a highly detailed allover print depicting a wide variety of different butterfly species. In the room shot provided, you notice how gorgeous the details are in each motif of the print almost as if they are straight out of National Geographic. If you look closely you can also see the fabric being used as drapes in the background of the photo. The mixture of bright colors and geometric positioning atop crème is delightfully refreshing. Hope you enjoyed this trend spotlight, until next time!

Bold Statement Wallpaper can Modernize a Business Space

Cole & Son's Singita Wallpaper
Cole & Son’s Singita Wallpaper

Modern Business & Retail Spaces are Changing

That once highly beloved and glamourous all white walls with pipes hanging from the ceiling is feeling less chic by the minute, and more like a lack of effort as business and start up stores continue to rise up. The companies and spaces that stand out in 2019 have a personality and an identity. We’ve found that an effective and easy way to add a large amount of personality to a space is, you guessed it, wallpaper. Borrowing from some of our bold and statement wallpaper brands such as Cole and Son wallpaper and Osborne and Little wallpaper, you can add just about any type of personality or personal touch to your space with their expansive selection of statement wallcoverings.

A few Great Examples

Below we’ll post a couple statement papers in room shots to give you a feeling of how powerful the wallpaper in a room truly is. Even with the use of bold or neutral color schemes, having a fun or imaginative print on the walls just adds a sense of rememberability. This can be key for businesses success that depend on foot traffic. If you want to check out our full selection of wallpapers we invite you to, adding a spice in design is always accepted and appreciated. Until next time!

Designers Guild – The Edit Flowers Wallpaper Volume 1

Redefining the ‘Traditional Floral Wallpaper’

The newest addition to Designers Guild Wallpaper is The Edit – Flowers Wallpaper Volume 1, a vast collection of botanical and nature inspired wallcoverings. Using their water colour inspired style and soft neutrals mixed with muted jewel tones, they have perfected the artistry of floral wallpapers. We’re going to be dissecting all these brand new wallpaper, you can click on any of the swatches of a pattern that peaks your interest to learn more or get an order started. Let’s dive in.
Acanthus – Designers Guild Wallpaper


Acanthus combines finely sketched leaves and flowers as if pressed in a scrap book, with intricate depictions of different slender bug life. The combination provides a nicely organized pattern with many unique qualities. Continue reading “Designers Guild – The Edit Flowers Wallpaper Volume 1”

An Organic Approach to Home Decor

“Originally, I hated this Apartment”

Welcome to Caitlin Mociun’s 917 square foot Brooklyn condo. Mociun currently resides here with her husband Tammer Hijazi. Mociun originally purchased this stripped down apartment in 2015, after a year she moved in, but she didn’t get to decorating straight away. “I typically tried to avoid décor the incorporated color, so the couch was a bit of surprise for me”, Mociun jokes. She took what we like to call an ‘organic’ approach to decorating. Instead of trying to plan the entire condo’s décor and design straight away, she built it’s design and structure piece by piece. Using this method, the space has a sense of style and character that can’t be achieved by any interior designer, it’s a home that tells a story of Caitlin and her taste. Using her eye for design, Mociun has collected a number of artful accessories from all over, not just home décor stores, hardware stores, flea markets, you name it, you can find gems just about anywhere. Check out the rest of the shots of their space below. All of the photography found in this article is credited to AARON BENGOCHEA & does not belong to L.A. Design Concepts. 

Lee Jofa Fabric – Riviera Collection

Welcome to The French Riviera

The newest addition to Lee Jofa Fabric from Suzanne Kasler takes you into the Côte d’Azur. Imagine you are touring the gorgeous French coastal plains, the lights, the culture, the cabaret bar, fine wine, and dining. This collection takes you there with it’s nods to the culture and color schemes found abroad. The bliss of beach living are notable within this collection’s patterns and soft coloring. We’re going to be going over all the patterns and color ways of this Lee Jofa showcase, if you need more information click on any of the swatches or just give us a call. Let’s dive in.

Patterns within the Riviera Collection:

  • Avignon Print
  • Cannes Print
  • Cap Ferrat Stripe
  • Cassis Stripe
  • Marie Print
  • Monaco Print
  • St Croix Stripe
  • St Tropez Print
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Clarence House Fabric – Ramm, Son & Crocker Collection

Ramm, Son & Crocker Collection for Jean Monro

Timeless Florals just in time for Spring

Clarence House Fabric has released a new Jean Monro fabric showcase: the Ramm, Son and Crocker collection. If you’re seeking new spirited flower inspired prints, you’re in luck! The RS&C Collection utilizes bright and joyful colors of spring such as a wide range of rose and blush tones, emerald and jade hues, and many more. We’re going to be diving into these patterns and breaking them down. If you desire any of these traditional florals, click on the swatch or color way to gain more information or get your order started.

Patterns within Ramm, Son & Crocker Collection:

  • Cheltenham
  • Kingswood
  • Avington
  • Cobham
  • Agra
  • Farnfield
  • Les Chataignes
  • Spring Bouquet
  • Peony Trail
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Separation is Key – Modern Room Dividing trends

Space Divider Design, Done Right

In the modern day, not everyone has quite as much space as they’d like. With careful placement and modern execution, you can turn one space, into a multi-space. Sometimes a larger space with less purpose isn’t what you need in a home. With apartment and condominium living on the rise, we’re highlighting some excellent ways to organize your living space and maximize your time at home. Dividers come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. You can use large accessories strategically placed, or scenic artful dividers from different interior design brands we carry on our shop. Continue reading “Separation is Key – Modern Room Dividing trends”

Brunschwig And Fils Fabric – Cevennes Collection

Traditional Style with a Modern Take – Cevennes

The newest addition to Brunschwig And Fils Fabric is the Cevennes collection. Using traditional and vintage styles, Brunschwig has updated them with modern colorways, and present day flare. Inside the collection you’ll find a vivid mix of oriental inspiration, animal prints, damask motifs, and classic florals. For those looking for high luster and texture, there is also velvet options in a wide range of colors.

Patterns within Cevennes Collection:

  • Poivre Damask
  • Savanne Velvet
  • Daffodil and Vine
  • Avera Print
  • Cevennes Print
  • Bombay Ikat
  • Nizam Cotton Print
  • Fabriano Cotton & Linen Print
  • Josselin
  • Gillian’s Zebras
  • Chinese Leopard Toile
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Client Projects by L.A. Design Concepts – New York

Mariam’s Living Room – New York client

“L.A. Design Concepts is truly a priceless resource”

Words spoken straight from our satisfied clients. L.A. Design Concepts has had the pleasure of serving so many clients worldwide. Ranging from fabric, wallpaper, accessories, to designer furniture our platform and staff are dedicated to ensuring your design project is perfect. We’re starting a new highlight on our blogs featuring our satisfied clients who have given us permission to share the results of their new spaces.
Mariam's Living Room - NY Client
Chairs – Holly Hunt, Coffee Table – Holly Hunt, Chaise Lounge – Knoll, Sofa – Edward Ferrell

Our Clients have an Eye for Design

With one of the largest selections of fabric, wallpaper, and furniture online, it is astounding what you can design using our products. We have been sourcing DIY designers for over a decade. This beautiful home in New York belongs to one of our client’s Mariam. Here’s what she had to say about working with us to source her project:
“L.A. Design Concepts is truly a priceless resource. I have been working with Matthew Conaway at L.A. Design Concepts this past year and I am thrilled. This has been the perfect solution for clients who know exactly what they want in furnishings. Matthew has been extremely professional and meticulous with the whole ordering and delivery process. He is also alway available with suggestions and is a great sounding board for design conundrums. I was having a hard time ordering the right dining table in particular and he was very patient and also very helpful with various options available. I am looking forward to working with the firm for many renovations to come!”
Light Fixture – Kevin Reilly, Console – Holly Hunt
We are your personal buying service for any designer furniture pieces. Above we have listed some of the brands we source for our clients. Get into contact with us if you are looking to begin your own DIY Design project, we can source your pieces to ensure it is flawless. Until next time!

Scalamandre Fabric – Flora Collection

Explore Flora, a Floral Showcase from Grey Watkins

Grey Watkins, one of the iconic labels under Scalamandre Fabric, has released their newest array of multi-use fabrics. The Flora collection is filled with subtle floral inspirations into classic patterns that have a wide variety of versatility. Vivid meadow and spring time field tinted tones with a mixture of the calming blue sky are large color inspirations for the collection, including the hues of the blooms that inhabit those fields. Let’s dive into the patterns, if any of these textiles intrigue you, simply click on the room shot, or the swatch for more information.

Patterns within the Flora Collection:

  • Alder Stripe
  • Dash & Dot Print
  • Elodie Weave
  • Oleana
  • Plein Air Ombre
  • Raine Weave
  • Sybilla Bouquet
  • Walden Weave
  • Wildflower
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Grey Watkins Fabric – Rock the Color of the Year

Gorgeous New fabrics in Color of the Year: Living Coral

We are now 3 months into 2019, and the Pantone Color of the Year: Living Coral is alive and all around. The newest collection from Grey Watkins: Flora fabrics carries eccentric new patterns in this vibrant shade. We’re going to be highlighting just a few fabrics you can easily incorporate into your space.  Continue reading “Grey Watkins Fabric – Rock the Color of the Year”
schumacher fabric primitive beauty collection

Schumacher Fabric – Primitive Beauty

Modern & Moroccan Inspired

The newest addition to Schumacher Fabric is a richly cultured collection filled with deep inspiration from Moroccan color schemes and history. Using a wide range of clay like earth tones, deep reds, sultry navy blues, and some monochromatic takes. The motifs within the fabrics include a diverse array of stripes, paisley/damasks, and heathered subtle textures. We’re going to be dissecting each pattern within this smaller collection, you can click on the swatch or color way if you want to learn more about that fabric or pattern. Let’s dive in.

Patterns within Primitive Beauty collection:

  • Buena Vista
  • Corfu
  • Corfu Stripe
  • Estrella
  • Formentera
  • Nevado
  • Piedmont
  • Piedmont Chenille
  • Rhodes Stripe
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How To Find the Perfect Nature Wallpaper


Finding the Right Nature Wallcovering for You

When choosing a wallpaper or wallcovering for the bedroom, bathroom, living room, or just about any room, there is a lot of aspects and traits of those papers that go into consideration. In today’s piece we’ll be figuring out the perfect nature, foliage, or scenic forest print that’s perfect for you. With nature being such a prominent and influential aspect of life, its only natural that you’d want to bring it’s presence inside your home as décor. We’ll be covering three different types of foliage inspired wallpapers that all have a different draw to their looks, and provide their own unique atmospheres for your personal design project. Lets dive in.

(Left: Bluebell , Right: Singita)

Classic Green Hues

Leaves and nature are typically green in the peak of their existence, there is something vibrant and refreshing about their appearance. Surprisingly these varying shades of emerald and jade provide the same feelings of refreshment inside your home. Pictured above are two different Cole & Son wallpapers, you’ll notice these expressive prints are excellently paired with rustic earth tones and neutrals like silver, black, and white. (Palm Jungle)

Abstract Coloring

For those still wanting the geometric patterns and shapes found only within nature’s curves, but want something with a bit more personality there are excellent unique colorways. This blue and white rendition of fanning palms gives off a formal and serene atmosphere perfect for relaxation. When working with blue and white, you’ll find its very easy to pair furniture and décor with. You can use similar shades, or complete opposites, as this combo works in unison but doesn’t take away from other elements. (Trees of Eden panels one, two, & three)


The symmetry and line work in this particular panel looks like an art scroll done in classic dark ink coloring. When choosing monochromatic black and white walls, you can use any palette of color for the rest of the décor. It is definitely the most versatile out of all the wall coverings. Nature portrayed in black and white has a very classic look to it that is timeless in style and lasting. The details of trees and florals are among the top used in most interior design projects for good reason.


If you think you’re feeling the nature vibes of these botanical papers you can easily click their corresponding room shot to learn more information about the wallpaper. If you think you’re warming up the idea, you can click here to view all of our nature inspired wallpapers, and refine it down to something that feels more you. Give it a try!    

Ralph Lauren Fabric – Sonoma Valley

  ralph lauren fabric sonoma valley collection

Canyonside Luxury

The newest addition of multi-purpose textile from Ralph Lauren Fabric is inspired by the lush Canyons of Sonoma Valley located in California. Within this collection you’ll find a wide variety of rich and robust earth tones inspired by the land and hills that encompass this gorgeous area. A wide collection of damasks, stripes, and rich and intricate paisleys that are excellent for upholstery will be found within as well. We’re going to dissect all the new patterns, possible use, and showcase some room shots highlighting this rustic new collection.

Patterns within Sonoma Valley collection:

  • Addison Denim
  • Alessandria Damask
  • Anacapri Embroidery
  • Antibes Matelasse
  • Anton Stripe
  • Apsley House Emberoidery
  • Better Floral Pique
  • Birchside Ottoman
  • Canyon Linen Burlap
  • Elmshaven Floral
  • Ezra Damask
  • Frances Embossed Damask
  • Ginevra Embroidery
  • Holm Oak Damask
  • Les Baux Damask
  • Rustique Linen Texture
  • Snell Creek Toile
  • Tanaro Weave
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Designers Guild Fabric – Palme Botanique Outdoor Fabrics


Outdoor Tropic never felt so chic

Finding outdoor fabric with a sense of charm and style can be difficult. However, with newest outdoor collection from Designers Guild Fabric, they make it seamless and easy. DG has taken some of their most iconic fabric prints and styles from their massive textile archive and recreated them for optimal outdoor use. This means stain resistance, water and heat resistance, and easy to clean yet high in style and comfort. Borrowing from some of their signature archival prints, this outdoor oriented showcase is a solid choice for multi-purpose fabrics. Let’s dive in.

Patterns within Palme Botanique Outdoor collection:

  • Acanthus Outdoor
  • Biscayne Outdoor
  • Bougival Outdoor
  • Boynton Outdoor
  • Brahmi Outdoor
  • Delray Outdoor
  • Giardino Segreto Outdoor
  • Grayton Outdoor
  • Issoria Outdoor
  • Jourdain Outdoor
  • Manchu Outdoor
  • Murnau Outdoor
  • Navarre Outdoor
  • Palme Botanique Outdoor
  • Pompano Outdoor
  • Savoie Outdoor
  • Shell Bay Outdoor
  • Tulsi Outdoor
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Instagram Highlight – 2nd Week of February

What’s Hot on the ‘Gram?

Hello DIY designers and interior enthusiasts, today we’re bringing you our picks and highlights of the Instagram world of interior design. If you’d like to check out any of these products, simply click on their corresponding image to be linked to our shop. Let’s dive in.
Marble Swirl W3356 – Kravet Wallpaper
This luxurious and plush bedside interior moment comes fresh off the gram featuring this affordable and stylish Kravet Wallpaper. The Pattern is called W3356 and features a swirling and rolling agate or marble like design. This is a synthetic wallpaper, and makes truly brilliant texture in any interior. We love how this designer paired their pillows with the wall for a cohesive feel. Continue reading “Instagram Highlight – 2nd Week of February”

Kravet Fabric – Greenwich collection


The Greenwich collection is Classically Current

The newest collection from Kravet Fabric contains a beautiful showcase of traditional styles in a modern and updated color scheme as well as reimagined traditional patterns. Using an array of soft rose tones, cool faded navy hues, and fresh olive tints, Kravet has managed to create lasting designs with playful paisleys, light hearted checkered plaids, and minimal prints with floral inspirations. We’re going to dissect all the new designs, if you’re interested in any of these fabrics, simply click on the swatch or give us a call. We can help you out. Let’s dive in!

kravet fabric greenwich collection

Patterns within the Greenwich Collection:

  • Avenham
  • Barnsdale
  • Bodenham
  • Cothay
  • Echocyprus
  • Highhope
  • Lambrook
  • Parcevall
  • Rutledge
  • Saddlebrook
  • Tapeley
  • Westhigh
  • Winsford
  • Wollerton
  • Yalding
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How To Shop your local Design Center Showrooms


Shop Exclusive Designer, trade-only lines

Contact Information –  Phone: (562)-439-5626 (M-F) 9am-5pm |  Email:

  • West Hollywood, Pacific Design Center
  • San Francisco, San Francisco Design Center
  • Laguna Niguel, Design Center South
  • Costa Mesa, Stonemill Design Center
  • San Diego, San Diego Design Center
  • Dallas, Dallas Design Center
  • Houston, Decorative Center Houston
 Rest of USA
  • Seattle, WA, Seattle Design Center 
  • Boston, MA, Boston Design Center 
  • New York, NY, Decoration & Design Building 
  • Chicago, IL, The Merchandise Mart
  • Dania, FL, Design Center of the Americas
  • Miami, FL, Miami Decorating & Design Center 
  • Washington, DC, Washington Design Center 
  • Scottsdale, AZ, Arizona Design Center 
  • Denver, CO, Denver Design Center 
  • Minneapolis, MN, Int’l Market Square-Minneapolis Design & Home Furnishings Mart 
  • Beachwood, OH, Ohio Design Center 
  • Troy, MI, Michigan Design Center
scalamandre fabric calabria collection

Scalamandre Fabric – Calabria Collection

Inspired by Calabria, Italy

Scalamandre Fabric presents the latest textile showcase: the Calabria Collection. This collection is filled with a wide array of luxurious textile fabrics inspired by rich Italian heritage. The original company founder Franco Scalamandre came from Calabria, a region of Italy located in the southern reaches. It is still well known for its rich in history and ancient settlements of castles and monasteries, as well as it’s lush landscape. Celebrating Scalamandre Fabric’s 90th anniversary, the collection directly derives from Franco’s past and his homeland borrowing from the area’s history of original design and natural beauty.

The entire collection is selection of curated wovens and classic statement prints celebrating the spirit of the brand in modern updated color schemes. These classic archival patterns and classic textile techniques are redesigned for today’s standard of modern interiors. The luxurious and couture inspired color schemes give reimagined life to the classic techniques of weaving they were originally produced in.

Patterns within Calabria Collection:

  • Alma Silhouette Print
  • Antonella Lampas
  • Camille Damask
  • Diamante Matelasse
  • Modo Plaid
  • Peonia Linen Print
  • Riva Moire
  • Strada Stripe
  • Tesoro Printed Velvet
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Breathtaking Wall Murals by Sandberg Wallpaper

Kallio – Sandberg Wallpaper

A Different Approach to Wallcovering

Today we’re highlighting some gorgeous large scale wall murals by Sandberg wallpaper. These murals offer a fresh take on wall décor, covering your walls with minimal and expressive art.
Midnatt in blue – Sandberg Wallpaper
This deep blue abstract depiction of the rolling hills and mountains looks straight out of a movie. The details blur together in the watercolor-like appearance.

Difference between Wall Mural and Wallpaper?

Typically Wall Murals are available in large panels that you piece together like a puzzle to create whatever size arrangement you desire. Wallpaper on the other hand is typically sold in rolls and by the yard. For this reason, you usually need to know your exact space to make sure a Wall Mural such as these will fit into your space.
World Map – Sandberg Wallpaper

Large Scale Beauty

An advantage of using the application of Wall Murals is the grand scale of artwork you can display. As pictured above in ‘World Map‘, the entire vicinity of the wall is covered in minimal artistic beauty, not a single repeat in sight. This type of wall décor tends to be favored in more modern settings.
Skymning Wall Mural
This pastel sorbet color scheme on the walls provides a soft and ambient vibe to this minimal interior. The panel-style installation of this wall mural ensures that the color has a subtle gradient from top to bottom creating a serene setting for relaxation.

Try it Out

With a new year here, comes new ideas and possibilities. There’s never been a better time to try something fresh and brand new for your home. If any of these wall murals peak your interest, simply click on the room shot or swatch for more information. You can also shop all Sandberg Wallpaper & Murals here. Until next time!

Osborne and Little Wallpaper – Folium

Magnolia Frieze room shot
Magnolia Frieze room shot

Folium is the Latin Word for Leaf

Osborne and Little wallpaper brings you a freshly contemporary collection of botanical and floral inspired prints. All of these are available on non-woven easy to hang base apart from the one style ‘Grove Garden’ which is printed on a traditional paper base.  This bunch of wallcoverings includes some gorgeously detailed large scale digital printed styles, and other meticulously smaller scale detailed prints. If you’re a fan of leaves and foliage upon the walls, you’ll find something you love in this modern in styling collection.

Patterns within the Folium Collection:

  • Animal Glade
  • Faenza Tile
  • Feuille D’or
  • Green Wall
  • Grove Garden
  • Hammam
  • Magnolia Frieze
  • Rosetta
  • Sycamore
  • Tiger Leaf
  • Trailing Orchid
  • Twiggy
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cole and son wallpaper fornasetti wallpapers

Cole and Son Wallpaper – Fornasetti


Welcome Inside the Mind of Fornasetti

This is a prior collection from Cole and Son, the Fornasetti wallpapers is a brilliantly imaginative and expressive wallcovering collection consisting of many scenic views into the dream scape of Fornasetti. From soft and beautiful rolling view of cumulus clouds dripping in comforting gray, walls of ancient texts of fact and fiction, mystical forests with dangling treasure keys, this collection is sure to make your mind marvel at the creativity behind its work. This truly inspired collection features a wide range of color palettes suited for just about any taste which vibrant and colorful patterns mixed between the dark and sophisticated. Lets dive in.

Patterns within Fornasetti:

  • Acquario
  • Chiavi Segrete
  • Ex Libris
  • Frutto Proibito
  • Macchine Volanti
  • Malachite
  • Mediterranea
  • Nuvole Al Tramanto
  • Nuvolette
  • Procuratie con vista
  • Teatro
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