Kravet Fabrics : David Phoenix Well-Suited Collection 2018

David Phoenix’s First Collection for Kravet Couture

In this blog we’re going to be showcasing and discussing the new Kravet Fabric’s collection by David Phoenix: Well-Suited. This is David’s first collection with Kravet Couture and he’s not off to a bad start. The entire collection is based on Phoenix’s lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.
“My aesthetic is tailored, elevated and bursting with traditional masculine DNA!” says Phoenix.
Within the collection you’ll find a tasteful assortment of checkers, plaids, paisleys, and some sophisticated wool-blends that remind us of an actual tailored suit. The color schemes play with traditional themes, with some Mediterranean inspiration in the sage and marine hues.

Pattern’s Within this Collection:

  • Wing Tip
  • Wispy Linen
  • Calcol Chennile
  • Wentworth Check
  • Turned Out Tile
  • Taste Maker
  • Surrey Strie
  • Shelbi
  • Savoy Suiting
  • Kent Manor
  • Hassler Stripe
  • Handsome Plaid
  • Garrick Paisley


Wing Tip makes an homage to the traditional men’s dress shoe and it’s leather work. The geometric shapes in this pattern are classic and refined.


Wispy Linen is a soothing and calming neutral in light, breezy beautiful linen. Calcol Chenille is a high durability, acrylic-backed pattern featuring beige, gray, and moss hues.


The Wentworth Check portrays a cleanly steamed and pressed checker suit jacket. The colors are made up of soft moss and aquatic tones mixed with neutrals.


Imagine stepping into the foyer of your vacation destination hotel, Turned Out Tile paints the picture of a gorgeous mosaic tile arrangement in neutral mediterranean inspired colors.


Taste Maker consists of two woven light herringbone patterns in a gray/blue neutral, and a beige neutral.


Surrey Strie is an aquatic colored vertical print that is a wool-blend and steam finished. The slight variation in olive and gray tones within gives it depth. Shelbi is a high durability linen blend fabric in gentle beige neutral.


Savoy Suiting pattern represents all of the timeless classic shades of a formal wool menswear suit. From burgundy and moss, all the way to blue and black.  


Kent Manor is a detailed and soft-spoken floral pattern that lightly resembles a paisley.


A classic mixed width vertical stripe in mossy and aquatic colorways. Hassler Stripe is chic and simple.


Handsome Plaid is a simple and classic plaid. This pattern fits right into the Kravet Fabric’s Well-Suited collection, resembling a well chosen pocket square.


Garrick Paisley is a two stripe paisley motif pattern that comes in a calming warm gray, or the passive blue aura. Do you love new collections like this? Make sure to stay tuned to our ‘New Collections’ Tab on our site, we always showcase the trending, new, and upcoming collections. Until Next time!  

Schumacher Fabric : Caroline Z Hurley’s Minimal Collection 2018

Minimalism At It’s Finest

Schumacher Fabric’s newest collection comes from a Brooklyn based artist, Caroline Z Hurley. This talented young individual started off as a full time preschool teacher in New York. It wasn’t until she took a trip to Indonesia it changed everything.
I was block printing in my studio and started incorporating these pieces into my paintings. I began making a couple block-printed pieces for my home and sharing them with friends and family. Later, a shop reached out to me.
Hurley’s collection with Schumacher Fabric is composed of thoughtful and artistic geometric simplicity. She uses pops of color to create interest and meaning within these symbolic patterns.

Patterns within Schumacher Fabric’s Caroline Z Hurley Collection:

  • Cedar Tree Neck
  • Great Rock Sheer
  • Great Rock Embroidery
  • Icehouse
  • Joshua Tree
  • Menemsha
  • Oaxaca
  • Overlapping Dashes
  • Overlapping Triangles
  • Sepiessa
  • Tashmoo
  • Tiasquam
  • Tiasquam Weave


Cedar Tree Neck is an excellent minimal arrangement of vertical dashes with varying spacing. The negative space create a loose checkered effect that doesn’t feel forced but rather creates interest.


Schumacher Fabric’s Great Rock is a simplistic pattern consisting of dotted lines and curves placed to create a visually stunning arrangement. Sometimes less is more, especially with a geometric print like this one. Embroidery is available now, just click the pattern to check it out.


Icehouse consists of vertical and horizontal line fragments in contrasting colors. Available in a light cream backdrop with navy and white, or the neutral beige backdrop with black and white.


Joshua Tree, as pictured at the beginning of the article, is a hand block-printed pattern portraying the different cycles of the moon. Inspired by nights spent camping under the stars, available in Natural with pops of primary colors, or the Indigo imitating the calming night sky.


At a distance, Menemsha looks like a plain heathered pattern of assorted earth tone neutrals. Upon a closer look, this pattern contains micro brush strokes of white in varying directions.


Oaxaca is a state in southern Mexico known for its indigenous cultures. Its capital city of the same name is noted for colonial buildings often made of green volcanic stone. This pattern portrays the varying heights of the city’s skyline.


Overlapping Dashes mixes camel and white minimal line arrangements that overlap in the center for contrast. Overlapping Triangles combines black triangles in the background with a smaller white triangle placed on top for a grey neutral space in between.


Sepiessa is based on a painting by Caroline Z Hurley that showcases over-sized gestural brush strokes.


Tashmoo is a vertical stripe pattern with micro triangles and dashed lines.


Originally handpainted by Caroline Z Hurley on paper, Tiasquam imitates the art of hand-blocking with its subtle variations throughout the pattern.


A woven rendition of the Tiasquam pattern pictured above.     Caroline Z Hurley & Schumacher hope to bring life back into the textile rich city of New Bedford as it originally was before the great depression. If you love hearing about new collections from the top interior design brands, follow us to stay up to date. Until Next Time!