Brunschwig And Fils Fabric – The Power of Patterns

Bird and Thistle Upholstery – Interior by Anna Louise Wolfe – photograph by Heidi Harris

Bring the Room to Life

With artful and expressive fabrics, you tell your own story. The home you live in, is your haven and making it personal about yourself is important. Pictured above is Brunschwig and Fils fabricBird And Thistle‘ used around the entire room. From the curtains, to the head board, cushions and trim of the bed, you can see this pattern ties the feeling of the space together. The portrayal of these doves peacefully atop tree branches envelops the space with a modern farm house look that is welcoming and comfortable.
Durbar Tait Strie II – Interior by Meggie H.

Maximalism at It’s Finest

The welcoming of bright and exuberant colors is coming back into the center stage. This living room designed by Meggie H. utilizes bright and bold coral toned fabric. The print placed on the couch and cushions is Brunschwig and Fils fabric’s ‘Durbar Tait Strie II‘ in the Rose color way. Using a faux weathered ikat design, the pattern has a regal look to it without feeling too proper. The living coral coloring is able to pull together the bright jewel tones found through out the room with ease.
Durbar Tait Strie II – Interior by Meggie H.

Welcoming Color Always

Never be afraid of incorporating colors into your projects. White and black are a tried and true color combo that will never disappoint, but its key to have fun when decorating. With such a wide spectrum of different patterned fabrics and wallpapers, the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. We welcome you to browse our full Brunschwig & Fils fabric and wallpaper selections to find exactly what you’re looking for. Until next time!

Schumacher Fabric’s Best Selling Patterns

Chiang Mai Dragon - Schumacher Fabric
Chiang Mai Dragon – Schumacher Fabric

Favored by Designers & Clientele Worldwide

Schumacher is one of the longest running interior design labels specializing in wallpaper and fabric as well as furniture. In today’s piece we’ll be going over Schumacher Fabric’s best selling fabric patterns. These iconic prints have seen the likes of all sorts of homes across the world for many different uses. They are highly versatile, colorful, bold, and have a sense of lasting style that one can hold onto.

The Best Selling Schumacher Fabric patterns:

  • Chiang Mai Dragon
  • Pyne Hollyhock
  • Hot House Flowers
  • Chenonceau
Something these patterns all have in common is their complexity and nodes to classic and sweet floral motifs in varying colors and style. You can easily shop any of these best selling patterns on L.A. Design Concepts designer fabric online store.

Chiang Mai Dragon

Schumacher Fabric’s Chiang Mai Dragon features highly saturated and blooming color through out it’s multiple Asian inspired motifs. From the spiraling and winding dragons that encompass the print, to the carnation and other assorted flower and vines snaking throughout the fabric there’s plenty to love with a lasting and charming chicness. Available in a wide variety of hues and shades to fit just about any interior palette, working this fun fabric into your space is simple if you’re looking to make a statement.
Pyne Hollyhock - Schumacher Fabric
Pyne Hollyhock – Schumacher Fabric

Pyne Hollyhock

In the world of floral fabrics, there is a million to one choices. Pyne Hollyhock (particularly in the Indigo colorway) has had wide sweeping popularity. The indigo colorway highly resembles artistry you’d find in fine china. The excellent balance of negative space and highly detailed floral branches creates a highly serene look to this fabric that is zen and relaxing. Used as drapes, this pattern provides large scale scenery and mood for the room. As pictured above, Pyne Hollyhock makes for gorgeous upholstery that doesn’t feel like grandma’s floral couch.
Hot House Flowers - Schumacher Fabric
Hothouse Flowers – Schumacher Fabric

Hothouse Flowers

The pattern Hothouse flowers is an understated highly detail oriented print that showcases exotic flowers up-close. Showcasing their many artistic qualities such as line detail and excellent natural geometric composure. The above color scheme creates a pencil sketch look that feels stylish and current.
Chenonceau - Schumacher Fabric
Chenonceau – Schumacher Fabric


Using beautiful bold colors and strategic use of white negative space, Chenonceau satisfies the craving for a beautiful damask and a nature inspired floral fabric in a single pattern. The above space uses the pattern to accent the room through out, trying the entire aesthetic together. The navy and white color scheme has a very coastal vibe to it without feeling like the over done nautical theme.

A Touch of Sunshine – Yellow

Gran Sol – Gaston y Daniela wallpaper
It’s been said that the color yellow is known to be overstimulating especially when used as an accent for the walls or wallpaper. However, today’s piece is going to show you how you can use this eccentric color in tasteful ways that create interest. In the above living room setting ‘Gran Sol’ wallpaper by Gaston y Daniela uses predominantly soft yellow motifs mixed amidst black and white to create a minimal design that draws your eyes in but doesn’t feel obnoxious. The colors pair well with the mostly white and gray furniture, letting the wallpaper be a statement.
Morley – Gaston y Daniela fabric (paper backed)
This cozy little nook uses a similar technique to the previous living room. With a paper-backed fabric wall of ‘Morley‘ by Gaston y Daniela, the muted yellow gold jewel tone in the pattern accentuates the cushions and prevents the space from feeling dull even though the majority of the palette is grey and white.
Zanzibar Trellis – Schumacher wallpaper
For our third example, we take this dining room that radiates bright yellow sunshine energy. Schumacher wallpaper‘s ‘Zanzibar Trellis‘ in canary is a true golden yellow. Using primary colored seating to offset and compliment the walls, this setting has a very cheery and happy vibe. The geometric pattern in the trellis and the white background help offset all the yellow. Sometimes it’s ok to break all the rules to create a stand-out moment. We hope these ideas help inspire your own design projects, in the mean time you can also check out our $1000 Kravet Giveaway. Until next time!

We’re giving $1000 of Kravet product!

The news is out, and its official. We are throwing a giveaway over on our Facebook page. In order to enter the giveaway, its simple, you just have to signup for our newsletter, like us on Facebook, and comment done. Easy enough right? The winner of our giveaway gets to hand pick $1000 worth of Kravet wallpaper or fabric of their choice. Check out the full article on ABC 7 News. You can go ahead and read all the details about our Kravet Giveaway over on ABC 7 News website. We’ll be picking a winner on Monday, September 9th over on our Facebook page. Good luck to everybody that enters!

Kravet Fabric – Modern Luxe Izu

Modern Luxe – Izu from Kravet Fabric

Minimal Natural Luxury

In the Summer heat its a great time to turn towards a more zen and leisurely style. The newest collection from Kravet Fabric tailors to the minimal in taste who still want to portray a chic and tasteful style. Modern Luxe Izu features a gorgeous array of new patterns and updated colorways highlighting on Japanese tea garden and temple culture in its color schemes and nature inspired motifs like the calming and serene koi ponds, and the rolling mountains and hillsides that surround this culturally rich region. We’re going to be discussing the highlighted patterns and talking about their style. Let’s dive in.

Patterns within Izu Collection

  • Bamboo Stitch
  • Echino
  • Garden Silk
  • Izu
  • Utta
  • Kaiyou
  • Leno Shine
  • Lotus Pond
  • Now and Zen
  • Onsen
  • Osode
  • Sagano
  • Sumi
  • Tailor Made
  • Tensho
  • Yoshino
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Bold Style – Animal Velvets

In the design world there’s so many approaches to consider when you begin styling your space. Traditional and timeless styles are favored frequently for their longevity in appeal, but every now and then its refreshing to see something bold and different. Today’s piece will be centered around the eccentric world of vibrant velvets, specifically animal inspired velvets. The saying with high risk comes high reward, and we believe it applies in the design realm also. These upholstery and multi-use fabrics may not be the easiest to incorporate to your space, but executed well and you have yourself a bold and striking design moment. Typically when executing a pop of color like this, you can find a tone that will either compliment or contrast and place strategically for the most flare. We have a large selection of animal prints in varying jewel tones and neutrals. If you’re specifically looking for the velvets for high luster and shine, you can click here. Until next time!

Dining at Palazzo Ralph Lauren

Private Dining event at Palazzo Ralph Lauren
Step into the opulence and luxury that is a private dining event held at Palazzo Ralph Lauren. It’s known that Ralph Lauren and company are praised for their lifestyle brand and stretch across a wide variety of markets. This includes but isn’t limited to, fashion apparel, home goods and fabric, and more recently even coffee shops and eateries. Hosted by the editor in chief of Cabana magazine, Martina Mondadori, this private dinner party is to celebrate the beginning of the Salone del Mobile. The Salone del Mobile is the Milan Furniture Fair a festival celebrating break throughs and innovation in interior design and décor. 
Table setting at private Ralph Lauren event – Allie Handblock print on table cloth
The walls are draped with Ralph Lauren Home ‘Dillon Ticking Stripe’ fabric in assorted neutrals with custom printed paper lanterns hung high above two dining tables. Each dining room set up features the menu for the evening, custom name tags printed on gold leaf, and ornate china all atop a table cloth constructed of Allie Handblock print fabric by Ralph Lauren Home. With an artistry for fine dining and festivities, who wouldn’t want to sit in on this party? Let us know what your favorite thing about this private gathering is. Ours is the attention to detail, and unique execution of textiles. All Rights Reserved, Photography belongs to RALPH LAUREN HOME 

Instagram Highlight Schumacher Fabric

In the year 2019 the shift from printed media to digital is apparent now more than ever. On Social Media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram we’re seeing more interior design inspiration and showcase at a higher speed than ever before. In today’s post we’re going to be highlighting some interiors designed by different stylists from all over the world, this time specifically with Schumacher Fabric. Let’s dive right in, and if any of the highlighted designs speak to you, simply click the swatch to shop the patterns.
schumacher fabric upholstery
Interior by James Thomas featuring multiple Schumacher upholstered pieces
We absolutely adore this family room in this modern ranch style home designed and styled by James Thomas. The execution in the coordinating Schumacher fabrics in this room compliment all the patterns used extremely well, keeping the color scheme together and not feeling too busy. On the two lounging chair you’ll find Antique Strie velvet covering the majority of the seat. On the front cushion of the chair is Full Circle in navy. The velvet provides high luster and deep color with the patterned fabric on cushion in a more muted navy color to contrast.
Maxwell fabric in Navy from the official Schumacher Instagram
Beach vibes anyone? We’re loving the minimal geometric take on these beach chairs upholstered in the Maxwell fabric in Navy. This fabric is also available in other colorways, but the navy stands out for a truly coastal living inspired look. Available in varying shades of neutral tones, Maxwell is a stunning geometric print that can add interest and detail to any upholstery. Stick around and keep up with us on our blog for more social media highlights and trend spotlights.

Step inside this All American Philadelphia Home

philadelphia modern home
Private Residence in Philadelphia – Photography by Rebecca McAlpin
Join us today, as we stroll through this beautiful private residence in Philadelphia owned by interior and style enthusiast Nicole Cole. Using a combination of vintage pieces and modern seating she creates a cozy home environment that doesn’t feel too sterile or dated. In addition to the actual furniture pieces themselves, Cole makes use of well placed accessories and plant life to truly give the space a sense of personality and taste. Something that really stood out to us in the home was the use of planted tree branches, as opposed to flowers or traditional plants. Pictured above on the left, the tree branch in the artisanal vase really provides a lot of natural flare. The color palette of Cole’s home has an excellent sense of contrast. The muted and neutral colors of the natural wood pieces and flooring mixed with the eccentric jewel tones of the seating and accessories creates a nicely balanced space that doesn’t feel overwhelming or underwhelming. This concludes our home highlight, if you like content like this you can always follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date. Until next time! (PHOTOGRAPHY ALL RIGHTS RESERVED – REBECCA MCALPIN)

Summer Styling – Deck & Patio furniture

Spend More Time Outdoors

The weathers finally heating up, and who wants to spend this precious time of the year indoors? In today’s piece we’re going to talk about turning those outside or semi-outdoor hangout spots to feel fresh and stylish. Nobody wants to sit on some rickety rubber chairs or compromise comfort and style. We’ve gathered a couple pieces from our shop that we think can add some seasonal flare to the deck, patio, or backyard.

Our Picks

Sometimes just adding a piece or two can really spruce up the entire space. If you’re feeling you want something totally different, start from scratch. Our in-stock furniture is a great way to get different items for your project in a much quicker time frame for these kinds of mini projects. Until next time!

Giving a Vintage chair new life – Matthew Williamson

Old becomes New

An activity that has been on the rise as of lately among crafters and designers is vintage renewal, or repurposing. For any of those confused we’ll elaborate. It is when you take something old, and possibly without much use or out of date style, and add a touch of craft or modernity giving it new life or purpose. The practice is becoming more and more popular as the desire to not waste, or support cheap unethical creation becomes more center stage.

Unique Flare

Designer and lifestyle enthusiast Matthew Williamson recently posted some photos of  vintage arm chair he had repurposed. Using hot pink paint, and upholstery fabric from Osborne and Little. What sounds like it could potentially be a hot disaster, actually created something of some high appeal with a bit of a controversial style. We’ll let you be the judges, pictures below. The fabric pictures on the chairs is known as ‘Flamingo Club’ by Matthew Williamson, produced by Osborne and Little. Featuring gorgeous fan palms, detailed flamingos and a unique mix of colors among the florals and background. If any of the fabric or images peak your interest, simply click them to learn more. We’ll continue our trend and style spotlight here on the blog every week. Oh, and for a little bonus check out Matthew Williamson’s niece checking out his creation. You can signup for our mailing list to keep up to date, or just check back here regularly. Until next time!

How to Create your Custom Sofa

It’s Easy

For those looking for the sofa of their dreams, here is a definitive guide on how to complete the process on our website. In the modern design world, it only makes sense that your furniture would be custom tailored to your exact liking. Personality in design is important for creating a space that truly feels like home. It’s extremely easy and the best option if you’re looking to make this important piece of furniture your very own.

1. Find your Sofa

To begin, simply browse our sofa selection by clicking on the furniture tab, and dropping down to sofas. Alternatively, you can click here to view our sofa section. You can filter by different categories to narrow your search, such as styles, finish, material, and price to ensure its exactly what’s needed for you or your client.

2. Customize the Options

Once you’ve found your desired piece, select the optimal size for your design space or room. Depending on the item, there might be more customization options. For this Duralee sofa, you can choose a custom finish, and size.  

3. Find a Fabric

The last step for customizing your sofa/seating option is picking the fabric for the upholstery. You can select a fabric of the same manufacturer, or you can choose any of the designer fabrics available on our site. Just make sure that the end-use is tailored for upholstery. After you add the sofa to your cart, just add the required amount of fabric to the cart as well. We’ll take care of the rest.

You’re all set

It’s that simple, if you need any help with the process feel free to call us and talk to our team. We’re always here to help. Until next time!  

Upholstery Ideas – Unconventional Stripes

Stripes are Timeless

With a style that is as classic as they come, stripes have a rich history in all design elements through out time, and they are here to stay. However, as time goes on designers and stylists have come up with new ways to rework the traditional stripe into modern and intriguing applications. In today’s piece we’ll be highlighting a few different stripe iterations that are anything but basic. If any of the presented fabrics peak your interest, simply click the image or swatch to learn more.

Schumacher’s Iterations

The Wave – Schumacher Fabric
The Wave by Schumacher Fabric is a simple abstract print that depicts high contrast stripes in a rippled fashion. It’s not a complicated or intricate pattern, but the look of this fabric is truly eye-catching. Pictured is the chocolate colorway in a golden brown and light cream. For those looking for something more plain, there is a black and white rendition and a few others that will be linked below.

Flame Stitch

Valkyrie Flame Stitch – Schumacher Fabric
A flame stitch, which is another word for ‘Bargello’ means a type of embroidery in woven fabrics that produces a flame like effects to the striping colors. The Valkyrie flame stitch is an excellent example of this technique and a great way to incorporate some unconventional stripe related fabrics into your upholstery. Similar to a chevron pattern, this abstract mix of colors is very appealing to the senses. Keep an eye out for our trend highlights as we continue to highlight many different fabrics and designer wallpapers here on our blog. Until next time!

Kravet Fabric – Andrew Martin Collection

Andrew Martin’s Boho Influence

The newest addition to Kravet Fabric is this earthy and vibrant collection of bohemian and morocco inspired textiles. Gathering from local and off shore locations, this unique curation of prints can find a soft spot in anybody’s home. Some strong focal points of the collection include clay tones such as brick, bronze, and touches of sand stone. The patterns and motifs all fall within a similar umbrella of trends and styles that make for excellent pairing and matching of fabrics. We’re going to dive into the different textiles of this collection regarding their style and use.

Patterns within the Andrew Martin collection:

  • Bolo
  • Bomore
  • Cuchillas
  • Delphini
  • Friendly Folk
  • Hedgerow
  • Jumbo
  • Kongo
  • Markham
  • Mossop
  • Pelican
  • Psycho Sprig
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Butterflies for Summer

In the world of fabric, where we’ve seen just about everything, its always refreshing to see new interpretations of designs for the different seasons. We’ve noticed a flurry of butterfly inspired patterns in designer textiles arising and we’re here to showcase to you some of our favorites.

Lee Jofa Fabric’s interpretation

Groundworks Fabric – Fritillery
This pattern from Groundworks Fabric features a highly textured and detailed portrayal of rich gem tones mixed with warm and cool brushstroke like stripes. This abstract print features the silhouettes of butterflies scattered through out. In addition to this wildly colorful print, there is also a more cool and neutral rendition available.

Designers Guild Fabric’s interpretation

Mirrored Butterflies – Parchment by Designers Guild Fabric is a highly detailed allover print depicting a wide variety of different butterfly species. In the room shot provided, you notice how gorgeous the details are in each motif of the print almost as if they are straight out of National Geographic. If you look closely you can also see the fabric being used as drapes in the background of the photo. The mixture of bright colors and geometric positioning atop crème is delightfully refreshing. Hope you enjoyed this trend spotlight, until next time!

Bold Statement Wallpaper can Modernize a Business Space

Cole & Son's Singita Wallpaper
Cole & Son’s Singita Wallpaper

Modern Business & Retail Spaces are Changing

That once highly beloved and glamourous all white walls with pipes hanging from the ceiling is feeling less chic by the minute, and more like a lack of effort as business and start up stores continue to rise up. The companies and spaces that stand out in 2019 have a personality and an identity. We’ve found that an effective and easy way to add a large amount of personality to a space is, you guessed it, wallpaper. Borrowing from some of our bold and statement wallpaper brands such as Cole and Son wallpaper and Osborne and Little wallpaper, you can add just about any type of personality or personal touch to your space with their expansive selection of statement wallcoverings.

A few Great Examples

Below we’ll post a couple statement papers in room shots to give you a feeling of how powerful the wallpaper in a room truly is. Even with the use of bold or neutral color schemes, having a fun or imaginative print on the walls just adds a sense of rememberability. This can be key for businesses success that depend on foot traffic. If you want to check out our full selection of wallpapers we invite you to, adding a spice in design is always accepted and appreciated. Until next time!

Designers Guild – The Edit Flowers Wallpaper Volume 1

Redefining the ‘Traditional Floral Wallpaper’

The newest addition to Designers Guild Wallpaper is The Edit – Flowers Wallpaper Volume 1, a vast collection of botanical and nature inspired wallcoverings. Using their water colour inspired style and soft neutrals mixed with muted jewel tones, they have perfected the artistry of floral wallpapers. We’re going to be dissecting all these brand new wallpaper, you can click on any of the swatches of a pattern that peaks your interest to learn more or get an order started. Let’s dive in.
Acanthus – Designers Guild Wallpaper


Acanthus combines finely sketched leaves and flowers as if pressed in a scrap book, with intricate depictions of different slender bug life. The combination provides a nicely organized pattern with many unique qualities. Continue reading “Designers Guild – The Edit Flowers Wallpaper Volume 1”

An Organic Approach to Home Decor

“Originally, I hated this Apartment”

Welcome to Caitlin Mociun’s 917 square foot Brooklyn condo. Mociun currently resides here with her husband Tammer Hijazi. Mociun originally purchased this stripped down apartment in 2015, after a year she moved in, but she didn’t get to decorating straight away. “I typically tried to avoid décor the incorporated color, so the couch was a bit of surprise for me”, Mociun jokes. She took what we like to call an ‘organic’ approach to decorating. Instead of trying to plan the entire condo’s décor and design straight away, she built it’s design and structure piece by piece. Using this method, the space has a sense of style and character that can’t be achieved by any interior designer, it’s a home that tells a story of Caitlin and her taste. Using her eye for design, Mociun has collected a number of artful accessories from all over, not just home décor stores, hardware stores, flea markets, you name it, you can find gems just about anywhere. Check out the rest of the shots of their space below. All of the photography found in this article is credited to AARON BENGOCHEA & does not belong to L.A. Design Concepts. 

Lee Jofa Fabric – Riviera Collection

Welcome to The French Riviera

The newest addition to Lee Jofa Fabric from Suzanne Kasler takes you into the Côte d’Azur. Imagine you are touring the gorgeous French coastal plains, the lights, the culture, the cabaret bar, fine wine, and dining. This collection takes you there with it’s nods to the culture and color schemes found abroad. The bliss of beach living are notable within this collection’s patterns and soft coloring. We’re going to be going over all the patterns and color ways of this Lee Jofa showcase, if you need more information click on any of the swatches or just give us a call. Let’s dive in.

Patterns within the Riviera Collection:

  • Avignon Print
  • Cannes Print
  • Cap Ferrat Stripe
  • Cassis Stripe
  • Marie Print
  • Monaco Print
  • St Croix Stripe
  • St Tropez Print
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Clarence House Fabric – Ramm, Son & Crocker Collection

Ramm, Son & Crocker Collection for Jean Monro

Timeless Florals just in time for Spring

Clarence House Fabric has released a new Jean Monro fabric showcase: the Ramm, Son and Crocker collection. If you’re seeking new spirited flower inspired prints, you’re in luck! The RS&C Collection utilizes bright and joyful colors of spring such as a wide range of rose and blush tones, emerald and jade hues, and many more. We’re going to be diving into these patterns and breaking them down. If you desire any of these traditional florals, click on the swatch or color way to gain more information or get your order started.

Patterns within Ramm, Son & Crocker Collection:

  • Cheltenham
  • Kingswood
  • Avington
  • Cobham
  • Agra
  • Farnfield
  • Les Chataignes
  • Spring Bouquet
  • Peony Trail
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Separation is Key – Modern Room Dividing trends

Space Divider Design, Done Right

In the modern day, not everyone has quite as much space as they’d like. With careful placement and modern execution, you can turn one space, into a multi-space. Sometimes a larger space with less purpose isn’t what you need in a home. With apartment and condominium living on the rise, we’re highlighting some excellent ways to organize your living space and maximize your time at home. Dividers come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. You can use large accessories strategically placed, or scenic artful dividers from different interior design brands we carry on our shop. Continue reading “Separation is Key – Modern Room Dividing trends”

Brunschwig And Fils Fabric – Cevennes Collection

Traditional Style with a Modern Take – Cevennes

The newest addition to Brunschwig And Fils Fabric is the Cevennes collection. Using traditional and vintage styles, Brunschwig has updated them with modern colorways, and present day flare. Inside the collection you’ll find a vivid mix of oriental inspiration, animal prints, damask motifs, and classic florals. For those looking for high luster and texture, there is also velvet options in a wide range of colors.

Patterns within Cevennes Collection:

  • Poivre Damask
  • Savanne Velvet
  • Daffodil and Vine
  • Avera Print
  • Cevennes Print
  • Bombay Ikat
  • Nizam Cotton Print
  • Fabriano Cotton & Linen Print
  • Josselin
  • Gillian’s Zebras
  • Chinese Leopard Toile
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Client Projects by L.A. Design Concepts – New York

Mariam’s Living Room – New York client

“L.A. Design Concepts is truly a priceless resource”

Words spoken straight from our satisfied clients. L.A. Design Concepts has had the pleasure of serving so many clients worldwide. Ranging from fabric, wallpaper, accessories, to designer furniture our platform and staff are dedicated to ensuring your design project is perfect. We’re starting a new highlight on our blogs featuring our satisfied clients who have given us permission to share the results of their new spaces.
Mariam's Living Room - NY Client
Chairs – Holly Hunt, Coffee Table – Holly Hunt, Chaise Lounge – Knoll, Sofa – Edward Ferrell

Our Clients have an Eye for Design

With one of the largest selections of fabric, wallpaper, and furniture online, it is astounding what you can design using our products. We have been sourcing DIY designers for over a decade. This beautiful home in New York belongs to one of our client’s Mariam. Here’s what she had to say about working with us to source her project:
“L.A. Design Concepts is truly a priceless resource. I have been working with Matthew Conaway at L.A. Design Concepts this past year and I am thrilled. This has been the perfect solution for clients who know exactly what they want in furnishings. Matthew has been extremely professional and meticulous with the whole ordering and delivery process. He is also alway available with suggestions and is a great sounding board for design conundrums. I was having a hard time ordering the right dining table in particular and he was very patient and also very helpful with various options available. I am looking forward to working with the firm for many renovations to come!”
Light Fixture – Kevin Reilly, Console – Holly Hunt
We are your personal buying service for any designer furniture pieces. Above we have listed some of the brands we source for our clients. Get into contact with us if you are looking to begin your own DIY Design project, we can source your pieces to ensure it is flawless. Until next time!