scalamandre wallpaper kinglsey collection

Scalamandre Wallpaper – Kingsley Collection 2018

Embellished to Perfection

Hello DIY Designers and enthusiasts, today we bring you a new gorgeous line of embellished and embroidered wallpaper collection. The Kingsley collection from Scalamandre Wallpaper is a stunning line of sophisticated wall coverings that range from classic champagne and bronze color ways, to timeless mixes of silver and pewter. The attention to detail on these embellished papers really help them stand out. Easily make a statement in any room with these gorgeous papers. Lets get into the patterns.

Patterns within this Wallpaper collection:

  • Adelaide Beaded Sisal
  • Falk Manor House Sisal
  • Monroe Embroidered Grasscloth
  • Olivia Embroidered Grasscloth
  • Surat Sisal
  • Suzhou Lattice Sisal
  • Veronica Beaded Grasscloth
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clarence house fabric fall 2018 release

Clarence House Fabric : Fall 2018 Fabric Collection


Belgian Trends meets Rustic Moroccan Hues

In this article we’re going to be breaking down and showcasing Clarence House Fabric‘s 2018 Fall fabric releases. From the designer who’s brought you countless vibrant and vivid stripes and prints and countless other daring patterns brings you a brand new collection inspired by Belgian design trends and rustic Moroccan color schemes. This unique blend of diversity results in an exuberant collection boasting with good taste. With so many inspiring textiles to cover, let’s dive into the patterns.

Patterns within this collection:

  • Alhambra
  • Arlo
  • Burton
  • Camden/Cassidy (Solids)
  • Daedalus
  • Delamere
  • Dinesen
  • Dottie
  • Eldorado
  • Fortunio
  • Galaxy
  • Garthwaite
  • Kashmir De Josephine
  • Pongola
  • Rio Grande
  • Sanders
  • Tatsu
  • Tortola
  • Traviata

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We’re on the way Up!

We made top 100 Interior Design Blogs

Since our short beginning of this blog, less than a year ago, we have grown so much. Every week we constantly strive to get information, design trends, and any updates on the interior design world directly to our beloved users. In this short time, we’ve climbed to the #54 Spot on FeedSpot’s Top 100 Interior Design Blogs. We’re proud to have this spot, and we have no doubt in our minds we’ll continue to climb. Thank you to all of our supporters and readers. We will continue to deliver breaking and current news, and new designer fabric and wallpaper collections.

Duralee Fabric: Elle Embroideries Collection

duralee fabric elle embroidery

Geometric & Timeless

This gorgeous new Duralee fabric collection is full of amazing textured embroideries. The whole collection is available in an easy to pair neutral color scheme with beige and tan elements as well as a stunning array of blue, white, and navy options for truly any home setting. These modern yet timeless geometric thread works are just the right level of sophistication to provide depth to any upholstery project, we love them on love seats and sofas, or even dining room chairs.

Patterns within this Collection:

  • DA61857
  • DA61858
  • DA61859
  • DA61860
  • DA61861
  • DA61862
  • DA61863
  • DA61864
  • DA61865
  • DA61866
  • DA61868
  • DA61869
  • DA61879
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Style Trend: Scalamandre Fabric – Explore Porcelain

Blue & White Go Way Back

The marriage of blue and white has a long history dating back to the Tang Dynasty when it was used within their craft of hand made ceramics. This classic combination of colors has proven that is in fact timeless, and remains chic to this day. Check out this gorgeous room setting from Scalamandre Fabric, you can easily implement this color scheme and any of the shown fabric patterns into your very own projects.

Patterns within this Room:

  • Jardin De Chine
  • Canton Fret Applique
  • Cirrus Velvet Damask
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Schumacher Wallpaper : Modern Glamour II Collection 2018

Schumacher’s New Wallcoverings define glamour

Schumacher Wallpaper‘s newest collection Modern Glamour II truly captures the essence of fine tuned style for the present era. This wall covering collection consists of wide width screen prints, and hand-crafted textured tiles and papers to give any space a real touch of glamour. We’re going to be covering all the patterns in this collection, if you’re interested in any of them simply click the color-way for more information or to get an order started.

Patterns within the Collection

  • Cloud Toile
  • Chevron Inlay
  • Abalone
  • Lotus Shimmer
  • Moire Wallcovering
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Robert Allen Fabric: Trending Now Lacquer Red


Why Lacquer Red?

Looking for something bold? Lacquer red is a bright and regal shade of red making waves within the interior design community. According to Chinese culture, the color is known to bring good energy into a home, and prosperous fortune. If you’re looking for a touch of decadence and glam use it freely or a touch here and there. We have curated a selection of Robert Allen Fabric patterns in this subtly daring lacquer red. Continue reading “Robert Allen Fabric: Trending Now Lacquer Red”
scalamandre-chinois-chic collection 2018

Scalamandre Fabric Chinois Chic Collection 2018

Explore the tradition of Chinoiserie with Scalamandré

Scalamandré Fabric presents a brand new line of ornamental fabrics. The Chinois Chic collection is inspired by the centuries-old tradition of chinoiserie. When you mix the West’s interest for Eastern design with the imaginative vividness of Asian culture you get an aesthetic marrying the two in visual harmony. Chinoiserie was popularized in the 18th and 17th centuries and offers a timeless sense of style using its motifs borrowing from mythology and nature. Labyrinth inspired patterns, stylized florals, and even dragons make their way into this collection with gorgeous color schemes that truly pop. We’re going to be showcasing all the prints within the Chinois Chic collection, simply click on any of the patterns for more details or to shop them.    chinois chic scalamandre fabric

Patterns within this Collection:

  • Ailin Lattice Weave
  • Dragon Dance
  • Canton Fret Applique
  • Kew Gardens Warp Print
  • Cirrus Velvet Damask
  • Dragons Fret Embroidery
  • Surat Embroidery
  • Tile Weave
  • Royal Peony Linen Print
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Cole and Son Wallpaper Botanical Botanica Collection coming soon

The Collection will be available in 2019

Cole and Son Wallpaper‘s new collection full of gorgeous florals and scenic foliage has swept us off our feet. The collection is currently only available in the UK, but we’re going to be showcasing the patterns for when they do become available to us over seas. Let’s dive right in.


Cole and Son’s Allium is a collection of long sprouted flowers and dandelions hiking up your walls, this pattern resembles a stripe but with a refreshing twist. Continue reading “Cole and Son Wallpaper Botanical Botanica Collection coming soon”

Scalamandre Fabric Isola Indoor/Outdoor Collection

Scalamandre Fabric introduces it’s newest collection of indoor/outdoor textiles. The Isola collection is an island inspired assortment of fabrics that are sophisticated and stylish, while also being high performance.
The sophisticated palette is influenced by clear tropical waters, sandy beaches, leafy palm trees and vivid sunsets.
The Isola collection is ideal for active interior and exterior environments. Artisanal dyeing techniques are interpreted as graphic prints to provide the luxurious look you’re going for without sacrificing high fade resistance, durability, and washability.

Patterns within Scalamandre Fabric Isola Collection:

  • Amalfi Weave
  • Antiqua Weave
  • Aruba Sheer
  • Malta Sheer
  • Bali Floral
  • Borneo Ikat
  • Roatan Weave
  • Bay Velvet
  • Lisbon Weave
  • Santorini Stripe
  • Capri Herringbone
  • Fiji Weave
  • Corsica Weave
  • Tahiti Tweed
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Lee Jofa Fabric: Fresh Traditionals – Westport Collection

Lee Jofa Fabric presents you with ‘Fresh Traditionals’

At times, it seems like contemporary is taking the design world by storm. However, traditional designs will never go out of style, especially when it is designed with the modern time in mind. Lee Jofa fabric’s Westport collection is a ‘fresh’ take on some of the best parts of traditional design, such as classic florals, coastal inspired stripes and prints, and paisley incorporated geometric designs.

Patterns within the Westport Collection

  • Bradford Embroidery / Linen
  • Ora Embroidery
  • Monterey Embroidery
  • Palmero Embroidery
  • Davenport Print
  • Kaya II
  • Gorda
  • Kolmar
  • Laine Print
  • Varona
  • Seacliffe Print
  • Solana Print
  • Lido Print 
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Ralph Lauren Fabric: Signature Half Moon Bay Collection 2018

Welcome to the Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay collection from Ralph Lauren Fabric exudes a casual relaxed sensation with elevated modern touches. The showcase includes a diverse mix of paisleys, embroidered details, stripes, and light as the sky sheer fabrics. Color palettes range from washed and faded blues, earth tone reds, natural whites, and sandy neutrals to portray the Northern California coast and its bohemian spirit.

Ralph Lauren takes you to the Half Moon Bay
Ralph Lauren Fabric is known for their nods to coastal, and nautical living. This collection is no exception, we’re going to be breaking down each print and pattern within this selection to provide ease in your design project. Continue reading “Ralph Lauren Fabric: Signature Half Moon Bay Collection 2018”

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Designers Guild Wallpaper Zardozi Collection 2018

The newest Designers Guild Wallpaper collection is captivating. Consisting of decorative designs, subtle textures and sophisticated geometrics. This brilliant collection of wallpapers is printed on easy to hang non-woven substrates in deep tones of viridian, cobalt, and calming neutrals.

Patterns within this Collection

  • Indian Sunflower
  • Surimono
  • Shirakawa
  • Zardozi
  • Ernani
  • Kappazuri
  • Rheinsberg
  • Arjuna Leaf
  • Brahmi
  • Tulsi
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Ralph Lauren Wallpaper: Archival English Papers II

Downton Abbey – England

Old English never felt so new

Ralph Lauren Wallpaper’s newest collection of wallcoverings makes an homage to the art rich history of the UK with the Archival English Papers II. The assortment contains vintage damasks, classic tweeds, ornate florals and paisleys, and a wide variety of stripes. The color palette consists of regal navy, antique gold, neutrals, and sophisticated burgundy.
You’ll notice this Ralph Lauren Wallpaper collection is centered around a theme of royalty and the historic calvary. The prints and patterns are completely fit for a modern day castle, or giving your design space that sense of regality. Continue reading “Ralph Lauren Wallpaper: Archival English Papers II”

Christopher Farr: These aren’t Ordinary Rugs

Rugs are often the most important and focal design element of a room. It can make or break the space completely.

In a perfect world, the entire room is designed based on the choice of rug. Today we’re going to be showcasing a brilliant and responsible collection from Christopher Farr and all the designers associated within the collective.

In a world full of irresponsible item production and exploitative labor its refreshing to see companies taking action to change the industry.

‘With backgrounds that are firmly rooted in antique Oriental carpets and textiles, Christopher Farr and partner Bourne share a passionate knowledge of contemporary art and design that informs the work that is produced to this day.’

Farr and his team go by the ancient Persian proverb “Whoever has the best wool makes the best rugs”. It’s not just about getting these rugs out for the market, it comes from passion and an obsession with quality.

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Instagram Design Highlights #1

In this special edition of L.A. Design Concepts blog we’re going to be highlighting some dazzling decor moments spotted on the ‘Gram this week. If you’d like your post featured contact us!
Martyn Bullard uses Cole & Son’s Royal Fernery 113/3009 in this chic and glamorous in house bar. The gold hardware and details through out the bar really pop against the rich emerald colors. This entire design moment feels like the speak-easy you’d dream of finding.
This post from Schumacher Boston showcases a gorgeous monochromatic entry way featuring Cannes Awning Stripe in Denim, showing us that sometimes simplicity can really be the boldest statement. Paired with an equally bold geometric tile design, this space draws your eye all over.
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The Newel Props showroom is looking fierce ????????????

A post shared by Newel Props (@newelprops) on

This white showroom using strategic pops of color is striking. We love the seats covered in Tigre by Scalamandre. Tactile placement of animal print is definitely a design skill, and we love seeing it pulled off in excellent ways! That’s all the showcasing for today. If you loved any of these rooms/products let us know. Also, in the mean time follow our personal Instagram. We post highlights like this daily!

Kravet Fabrics : David Phoenix Well-Suited Collection 2018

David Phoenix’s First Collection for Kravet Couture

In this blog we’re going to be showcasing and discussing the new Kravet Fabric’s collection by David Phoenix: Well-Suited. This is David’s first collection with Kravet Couture and he’s not off to a bad start. The entire collection is based on Phoenix’s lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.
“My aesthetic is tailored, elevated and bursting with traditional masculine DNA!” says Phoenix.
Within the collection you’ll find a tasteful assortment of checkers, plaids, paisleys, and some sophisticated wool-blends that remind us of an actual tailored suit. The color schemes play with traditional themes, with some Mediterranean inspiration in the sage and marine hues.

Pattern’s Within this Collection:

  • Wing Tip
  • Wispy Linen
  • Calcol Chennile
  • Wentworth Check
  • Turned Out Tile
  • Taste Maker
  • Surrey Strie
  • Shelbi
  • Savoy Suiting
  • Kent Manor
  • Hassler Stripe
  • Handsome Plaid
  • Garrick Paisley
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Schumacher Fabric : Caroline Z Hurley’s Minimal Collection 2018

Minimalism At It’s Finest

Schumacher Fabric’s newest collection comes from a Brooklyn based artist, Caroline Z Hurley. This talented young individual started off as a full time preschool teacher in New York. It wasn’t until she took a trip to Indonesia it changed everything.
I was block printing in my studio and started incorporating these pieces into my paintings. I began making a couple block-printed pieces for my home and sharing them with friends and family. Later, a shop reached out to me.
Hurley’s collection with Schumacher Fabric is composed of thoughtful and artistic geometric simplicity. She uses pops of color to create interest and meaning within these symbolic patterns.

Patterns within Schumacher Fabric’s Caroline Z Hurley Collection:

  • Cedar Tree Neck
  • Great Rock Sheer
  • Great Rock Embroidery
  • Icehouse
  • Joshua Tree
  • Menemsha
  • Oaxaca
  • Overlapping Dashes
  • Overlapping Triangles
  • Sepiessa
  • Tashmoo
  • Tiasquam
  • Tiasquam Weave
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