Bold Style – Animal Velvets

In the design world there’s so many approaches to consider when you begin styling your space. Traditional and timeless styles are favored frequently for their longevity in appeal, but every now and then its refreshing to see something bold and different. Today’s piece will be centered around the eccentric world of vibrant velvets, specifically animal inspired velvets. The saying with high risk comes high reward, and we believe it applies in the design realm also. These upholstery and multi-use fabrics may not be the easiest to incorporate to your space, but executed well and you have yourself a bold and striking design moment. Typically when executing a pop of color like this, you can find a tone that will either compliment or contrast and place strategically for the most flare. We have a large selection of animal prints in varying jewel tones and neutrals. If you’re specifically looking for the velvets for high luster and shine, you can click here. Until next time!

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