Breathtaking Wall Murals by Sandberg Wallpaper

Kallio – Sandberg Wallpaper

A Different Approach to Wallcovering

Today we’re highlighting some gorgeous large scale wall murals by Sandberg wallpaper. These murals offer a fresh take on wall décor, covering your walls with minimal and expressive art.
Midnatt in blue – Sandberg Wallpaper
This deep blue abstract depiction of the rolling hills and mountains looks straight out of a movie. The details blur together in the watercolor-like appearance.

Difference between Wall Mural and Wallpaper?

Typically Wall Murals are available in large panels that you piece together like a puzzle to create whatever size arrangement you desire. Wallpaper on the other hand is typically sold in rolls and by the yard. For this reason, you usually need to know your exact space to make sure a Wall Mural such as these will fit into your space.
World Map – Sandberg Wallpaper

Large Scale Beauty

An advantage of using the application of Wall Murals is the grand scale of artwork you can display. As pictured above in ‘World Map‘, the entire vicinity of the wall is covered in minimal artistic beauty, not a single repeat in sight. This type of wall décor tends to be favored in more modern settings.
Skymning Wall Mural
This pastel sorbet color scheme on the walls provides a soft and ambient vibe to this minimal interior. The panel-style installation of this wall mural ensures that the color has a subtle gradient from top to bottom creating a serene setting for relaxation.

Try it Out

With a new year here, comes new ideas and possibilities. There’s never been a better time to try something fresh and brand new for your home. If any of these wall murals peak your interest, simply click on the room shot or swatch for more information. You can also shop all Sandberg Wallpaper & Murals here. Until next time!

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