Brunschwig And Fils Fabric – Cevennes Collection

Traditional Style with a Modern Take – Cevennes

The newest addition to Brunschwig And Fils Fabric is the Cevennes collection. Using traditional and vintage styles, Brunschwig has updated them with modern colorways, and present day flare. Inside the collection you’ll find a vivid mix of oriental inspiration, animal prints, damask motifs, and classic florals. For those looking for high luster and texture, there is also velvet options in a wide range of colors.

Patterns within Cevennes Collection:

  • Poivre Damask
  • Savanne Velvet
  • Daffodil and Vine
  • Avera Print
  • Cevennes Print
  • Bombay Ikat
  • Nizam Cotton Print
  • Fabriano Cotton & Linen Print
  • Josselin
  • Gillian’s Zebras
  • Chinese Leopard Toile
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Poivre Damask - room shot
Poivre Damask – room shot

Poivre Damask

Poivre Damask combines gradient stripes reminiscent of tie-dye with traditional damask motifs, the result is a lustrous fabric with high detail and charming shine. Pictured above in the room shot you’ll notice the vibrant presence the seating gives off in this Brunschwig & Fils fabric.
Savanne Velvet - room shot
Savanne Velvet – room shot

Savanne Velvet

The Savanne Velvet has a checkered pattern with stippled dot details breaking up the rich deep colors. For those looking for a checkered pattern this velvet is a unique options offering high luster in a wide variety of shades.

Daffodil & Vine

Daffodil and Vine is a floral that capitalizes on large artistic leaves that encompass most of the print, the daffodil blooms accent between the ruffage for bits of color and interest. The detail in the print and multi color highlights within the foliage are true stand out features of this fabric.
Avera Print – Brunschwig & Fils

Avera Print

Avera is a Moroccan inspired vertical length stripe created with varying width columns, and details resembling chevron. The heather fade effect that is on the larger columns provides a vintage aspect to the pattern and prevents the pattern from appearing too strong.

Cevennes Print

Cevennes is a monochromatic floral in ornate style print featuring large scale vertical twisting flowers and branches. Placed atop these winding branches are various birds flourishing in their figurative habitat. The off white tone used in the background of this print creates a similar vintage look we’re fond of, and holds lasting appeal.

Bombay Ikat

Bombay Ikat from Brunschwig & Fils is a speckled small scale ikat design in varying complimentary and contrasting colors. The combination of cream with the colors is relaxing and easy on the eyes while keeping the print fun and vibrant.

Nizam Cotton Print

Nizam Cotton print is full of wild flower blooms in expressive and exuberant colorways. The high detail in this pattern reminds us of a traditional paisley inspired print, the combination is highly detailed and bursting with personality.
Fabriano Linen Cotton print
Fabriano Linen Cotton print

Fabriano Linen Cotton Print

Fabriano is an Asian inspired plant life fabric that uses large flat leaves and snaking vines that feature geometric patterns within. The combination of soft lit silhouettes and budding flowers in the background nicely compliments the detailing in the foreground.


Josselin combines similar motifs to Fabriano with twisting branches, with vertical chevron stripes. The leaves are detailed with stripes to also compliment the vertical nature of the print.

Gillian’s Zebras

Gillian’s Zebras by Brunschwig & Fils is a playful print combining porcelain vases in blue and white with white florals and miniature zebras scattered through out.
Chinese Leopard Toile - Brunschwig and Fils Fabric
Chinese Leopard Toile – Brunschwig and Fils Fabric

Chinese Leopard Toile

Definitely one of the stand out patterns in the collection, Chinese Leopard Toile offers unique and light hearted charm. Combining iconic motifs such as leopard print with delicate florals and scenic oriental views creates a gorgeous combination you never knew you needed.

Round Up

This concludes our coverage of Brunschwig And Fils fabric ‘Cevennes’ collection. If any of these fabrics peak your interest for your design project, simply click on the swatch to learn more information. If you like these patterns as wallpaper, check out our Brunschwig & Fils Wallpaper ‘Volume 57’ collection, it shares many of the same patterns. Until next time!      

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