Brunschwig And Fils Fabric Folio Francais Collection

Brunschwig And Fils Fabric – Folio Francais

Brunschwig and Fils Fabric Folio Francais Collection

A Fresh Perspective on Documentary Design

Brunschwig and Fils Fabric – Folio Francais collection capitalizes on the traditional design elements the house is known for. Building on their iconic styles of florals, paisleys and damask inspired styles, this updated display uses fresh color palettes and refreshing renditions of timeless patterns. Let’s dive in and break down these individual prints.

Patterns within Folio Francais collection:

  • Wesserling Print
  • Menars Border II
  • Menars II
  • Nadari Print
  • Colmar Stripe
  • Saranda Print
  • Kaitag Warp Print
  • Salengro Velvet
  • Salvator Velvet
  • Henner Emb
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Wesserling Print (chair upholstery)

Wesserling Print

Brunschwig & Fils’ Wesserling Print is an all over floral pattern that uses the contrast of dark and light to portray twisting and intertwining leaves and blooms. The intricate details highly resemble patterns found within paisley designs, making this tonal floral feel festive and easy to mix with solids and other prints. Available in varying aquatic shades, or the alternatively light beige shade.
brunschwig and fils menars border II
Menars Border II (curtains)

Menars Border II & Menars II

Menars Border II is a elegant small scale floral pattern the incorporates miniature flowers and beautiful line work in the form of vines. Using solid coloring around the sides underneath the pattern, a tapestry like effect is created framing this masterpiece. Available in deep ocean blue with emerald highlights, golden and sky blue, and a very regal deep red with light cerulean. Menars II is the same center pattern, just without the border decor.
Nadari Print (upholstery) , Colmar Stripe (cushion) , Saranda Print (curtains)

Nadari Print

Nadari Print borrows from aspects of traditional paisley styles, organized in a vertical striped fashion. The distinctive intricate pattern of blossoming buds in a curved formation make up the major motifs of this pattern. Available in a wide variety of colorways, many incorporating blush and coral tones.

Colmar Stripe

A traditional stripe, tried and true the Colmar Stripe is a beautifully simple pattern consisting of bold bordered stripes in a wide range of colors. You can find just about any tone to match with other corresponding fabrics within the collection. Pictured above, the Yellow colorway is paired with the Nadari Print upholstered chair.

Saranda Print

Pictured above on the curtains, Saranda Print is a wildly expressive floral print that incorporates unique geometric shapes into abstract flower depictions. In the majority of the colorways there is heavy use of coral and pink shades with deep varying grass tones. Alternatively, you can opt for the ‘blue’ colorway that resembles the artistry of fine china.

Kaitag Warp Print (table cloth)

Kaitag Warp Print

Brunschwig and Fil’s Kaitag Warp Print incorporates elements of elegant damask designs with vertically arranged motifs featuring flora petals encircled and framed in whimsical and winding abstract shapes that have a hint of gothic influence. Available in a variety of warm and seasonal colors, or the widely popular combintion of cream and oceanic blue hues.

Salengro & Salvator Velvet

Salengro Velvet is a highly detailed velvet made up of a wide variety of geometric shapes, oriented in a way to imitate natural landscapes such as the rolling mountain sides and the sun that rises above it every morning. On the more minimal side, you have Salvator Velvet’s vertical patterned stripes utilizing texture and detail in cool tones.
Henner Emb (cushions & curtains)

Henner Emb

A beautiful vertically displayed embroidery pattern, Henner Emb depicts lush vines with exaggerated leaves and bright playful colors. Broken up with borders of miniature roses cascading downward, this fun and intricate embroidered design can add a touch of class and seasonal beauty to any project. If any of these patterns peak your interest, simply click the corresponding swatch to get more information. You can easily get your order started or request a sample. Looking to spice up the walls instead? Check out Brunschwig and Fils Wallpaper selection. Until next time!

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