Brunschwig And Fils Wallpaper – Volume 57

Cervennes – aloe | wallpaper

A True Fusion of Worldly Styles

The latest addition to Brunschwig and Fils Wallpaper collections is Volume 57. The variety of patterns found within Volume 57 include inspiration from many sections of the globe. There are strong Asian and Moroccan influences in many of the styles, as well as patterns that seem to combine cultures to create works of art. In the traditional Brunschwig & Fils style, you will find vibrant and expressive color ways that aren’t shy. Animal print, exotic florals, and wordly motifs will excite and invite you to change up your own walls. Let’s dive into the patterns.

Patterns within Volume 57:

  • Avera
  • Cevennes
  • Chinese Leopard Toile
  • Fabriano
  • Jiraffa
  • Lodi Garden
  • Xian
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Avera room shot
Avera room shot


Avera is a Moroccan inspired vertical length stripe created with varying width columns and slight chevron details.  There is a heather fade effect on the larger columns that provides a slightly vintage feel to the pattern and prevents the colors from appearing too strong.


Cevennes is an ornate monochromatic floral print featuring large scale vertical prints of twisting floral branches. Perched atop these twisting and winding branches is various bird life flourishing in their natural habitat. The cream tone used in the background of this pattern creates a similar vintage look that we’re fond of, and holds lasting style.

Chinese Leopard Toile

Definitely one of the stand out patterns in the collection, Chinese Leopard Toile offers unique and light hearted charm. Combining iconic motifs such as leopard print with delicate florals and scenic oriental views creates a gorgeous combination you never knew you needed. Available in exclusive vibrant colorways of complimenting colors.


Fabriano is an Asian inspired plant life themed wallpaper that uses snaking vines and large flat leaves that feature minimal geometric patterns within. The combination of budding flowers and soft lit silhouettes in the background to compliment the detailing in the foreground. Each color way of this wallcovering features contrasting color schemes to ensure the large artistic leaves really pop up from the rest of the pattern.


This large scale giraffe inspired wallpaper, Jiraffa, uses fun eccentric colorways to highlight and define the geometric excellence that is the natural pattern found on the wild animal. Featuring a natural ‘tan’ colorway for those wanting the closest thing to the natural colorway, all the way to aqua and fern for those wanting something fun and imaginative. Bring the safari into your home with this wallpaper.

Lodi Garden

Lodi Garden is a breathtaking dramatic view into an Asian ceremony with a wide array of natural motifs implemented. At a first glance you’ll notice the gathering of friends and family on an ornate rug with wildlife surrounding every corner, from deer laying in the soft grass, to soaring cranes. In addition, there is so much luscious plant life depicted, blooming trees and connected mossy plains, this pattern is a true work of art. Available in a wide range of different filters into this panoramic view.


Xian is another scenic panoramic view into Chinese culture. Depicted in this ornate print is families and friends gathered around a table for tea time, set atop soft rolling hills broken up with streams of water. Large decorated palms sprawl above the people as they tend to their daily lives. An excellent wallcovering for those wishing to tell a story with their home.

Round Up

This concludes our coverage of Brunschwig and Fils’ Volume 57 wallpaper collection. An excellent blend of modern and timeless traditional styles in the signature eccentric color palettes they are known for. If you are interested in picking up any of these wallpapers, click the swatch and you can find out information about content and pricing. Also, never feel afraid to give us a call, we’d love to help you get your design project up and going. Until next time!

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