clarence house fabric fall 2018 release

Clarence House Fabric : Fall 2018


Belgian Trends meets Rustic Moroccan Hues

In this article we’re going to be breaking down and showcasing Clarence House Fabric‘s 2018 Fall fabric releases. From the designer who’s brought you countless vibrant and vivid stripes and prints and countless other daring patterns brings you a brand new collection inspired by Belgian design trends and rustic Moroccan color schemes. This unique blend of diversity results in an exuberant collection boasting with good taste. With so many inspiring textiles to cover, let’s dive into the patterns.

Patterns within this collection:

  • Alhambra
  • Arlo
  • Burton
  • Camden/Cassidy (Solids)
  • Daedalus
  • Delamere
  • Dinesen
  • Dottie
  • Eldorado
  • Fortunio
  • Galaxy
  • Garthwaite
  • Kashmir De Josephine
  • Pongola
  • Rio Grande
  • Sanders
  • Tatsu
  • Tortola
  • Traviata


Alhambra – Original
Kicking off their fall fabric showcase with a node to tradition, Alhambra is an festive and fun tropical prints featuring many different nature inspired motifs. From fruit trees, fanning palms, and exotic rain forest flowers this warm print keeps things exotic.


Arlo is a vertical widespread stripe resembling a hand stained tie dye. This artistic stripe is an excellent touch to any modern desert design moment you’d be trying to create.


Burton is a Moroccan inspired geometric print on a viscose and polyester blend. This soft plush pattern provides a bit of depth when applied to such items as a couch or love seat. We love the cinnamon colorway.


The first row of solids: Camden is a cotton and linen blend boasting a wide color range you can view fully on our website. This mix of cotton and linen creates a gorgeous easy and breezy fabric you can use simply anywhere. The second row: Cassidy is a polyester fabric for those looking for a synthetic fabric for wide spread use.


This swirling geometric print uses hard edges to portray a truly gorgeous abstract print. Each enigmatic layer of this print provides depth and character. For extra wow factor, try the Ocean colorway, the contrast is bold.


Delamere is a varying width horizontal stripe with colors inspired by Latin America. The design of this pattern highly resembles a serape, or blanket used by many in within Latin America.


Similar to Delamere, Dinesen is another varying width stripe with smaller more linear stripes resembling the traditional patterns of Latin American serapes.


Clarence House Fabric’s Dottie is a textured print with a small scale stipple effect. This textured dot pattern is available in cool aquatic and neutral tones.


This vertical chevron print has a heather effect for a soft and modern look on a timeless classic. The three colorways of Eldorado are inspired by canyon clay tones and the rivers than run through them. Clarence House Fabric is known for these bold and sensible color combinations.


If you’re in need of synthetic with slight luster and a heather/faded look Fortunio is an excellent choice, in varying natural shades. We love the venetian deep green colorway.


The Galaxy pattern is an abstract array of varying rippled earth tones. Their composure resembles that of a natural sandstone, or even the surface of a distant planet. These bold fabric choices are stunning and we love them for completing a modern desert interior, or to just add some new life to an existing setting.


This paisley inspired floral pattern uses large decorative leaves and foliage in a dark ink tone that ascend vertically. Available in three bold colorways, Garthwaite is a floral that has a lot of personality.

Kashmir de Josephine

Kashmir de Josephine is an elongated paisley repeat. Between each motif is intricate tendrils making this pattern complex and beautiful. For those looking to add a touch of classic to their interiors, this paisley is well suited.


Pongola is a geometric abstract print incorporating Aztec influence in the structure of its line work and patterns. The contrast of the cool and warm tones against the cream motifs creates visual texture for any project.

Rio Grande

Rio Grande is an abstract geometric repeat using Moroccan inspired color schemes. The motifs highly resemble Aztec printing of patterns. Clarence House Fabric provides the linen color way for a bit more subtle take on the pattern.


This small-scale geometric print closely resembles micro florals. Available in a full color range of cool to warm.


The origin of the word Tatsu is from Japanese mythology meaning flying beast, which is exactly what this ornate pattern depicts. Gorgeous dragons sprawled out against swirling clouds.


This geometric intersecting pattern resembles that of a traditional basket weave, but with its own abstract twists. Available in a full scale of color range on our website.


Traviata is a 100% Pile Silk line with high luster and deep colorways. More vivid hues available on our site. This concludes our round up on Clarence House Fabric’s Fall 2018 release of fabrics, which are your favorites? You can check out the rest of our designer fabric here. Let us know in the comments. Until next time!