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Cole and Son Wallpaper – Ardmore Collection

admore collection cole and son wallpaperWelcome to the Safari

This new addition to Cole and Son Wallpaper is in collaboration with Ardmore Ceramic Art. This collection celebrates art and culture found within African tradition. You’ll find many motifs native to wildlife found within the Sahara from monkeys, rhinos, to striding leopards and more. Exploring the exotic plant life and greenery found within the Northern region of Africa, this collection truly draws its roots from sprawling natural energy in it’s attempts to capture that essence for your home. Join us as we dive in and dissect the patterns found within this truly inspired showcase.

Patterns within this collection:

  • Acacia
  • Ardmore Cameos
  • Jabu
  • Khulu Vases
  • Leopard Walk
  • Matrinah
  • Narina
  • Safari Dance
  • Savuti
  • Senzo Spot
  • Singita
  • Zambezi
  • Zulu Border
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acacia cole and son wallpaper
Acacia room shot


Acacia is based off of Africa’s native tree the acacia tree. Some might be familiar with its famous silhouette that is often depicted in many motifs and scenery related to the African desert. What many aren’t familiar with is this tree’s blooming flowers in various tones ranging from coral red to golden yellow. This pattern depicts a whimsical monkey perched atop its branches enjoying the shade.
Ardmore Cameos room shot

Ardmore Cameos

Ardmore cameos is a fun light hearted print depicting the wildlife found within Northern Africa in a vintage ‘family portrait’ side view profile. Surrounding these frames in luscious greenery and succulent vines.
Jabu room shot


Jabu is actually named after one of Ardmore’s finest sculptors Jabu Nene. Jabu is well known for her rhino sculptures that she would make by hand using gorgeous dazzling colors and intricate tribal patterns. This wallpaper captures the essence of her art, for your walls.
Khulu Vases upper, Narina lower walls

Khulu Vases

Khulu Vases is a gorgeous depiction of pottery mixed with wildlife. This almost fantasy like mixture is truly mystifying. We love the deep and vibrant shades used for this wallpaper. “Khulu” means “most important” and we’d say this is fitting for this paper.


Narina is a small scale all over print depicting bird feathers tiled downward. As pictured above, if being used in a split paper wall interior design, it can compliment another pattern nicely. However, this pattern also looks great on its own if you’re looking for a highly textured visual.
Leopard Walk and Zulu Border room shot

Leopard Walk & Zulu Border

The leopard is often known as the wise king, in the sense it is one of the most adaptable predators in the wild. Leopard Walk uses cascading profile views of leopards to provide a pleasant large scale print in gorgeous earth tones inspired by Northern Africa’s landscape. For those looking for a leopard print with ornamental African inspired trim, the Zulu Border pairs exceptionally.
Matrinah room shot
Matrinah room shot


Matrinah is a stylish and charming print similar to Ardmore Cameros that depicts the different wild life in a similar fashion, using different patterned and oriented frames. In the background you notice silhouettes of gorgeous sculpture vases.
Safari Dance room shot

Safari Dance

Safari Dance is a celebration of tradition, and a nod to the animals that make up this particular kingdom. Elephants with exotic patterns and coloring pictured rejoicing together in a beautiful sight.
Savuti Room Shot
Savuti Room Shot


Savuti is an allover print depicting playful monkeys and birds playing amongst the branches in gorgeous popping color schemes.
Senzo Spot room shot
Senzo Spot room shot

Senzo Spot

Senzo Spot is a small scale geometric interpretation of leopard or giraffe print. The unexpected color combinations of this wallpaper can truly bring a room to life.
Singita room shot


Singita paints a vivid scene of a dense luscious jungle forest. If you look closely you can spot wildlife such as small monkeys. The geometric patterns found within the foliage really give this large scale wallpaper depth and texture.
Zambezi room shot
Zambezi room shot


Zambezi depicts native African animals softly floating down the Zambezi river. This fun light hearted print is ideal for a child’s room or kitchen setting.

Round Up

This concludes our coverage of Cole and Son’s Ardmore collection. If you enjoy reading and checking out these articles where we break down every pattern, always check back at our ‘New Collections’ section of the website. We carry all the top designer wallpaper brands including Kravet Wallpaper, and many more. Until next time!  

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