Cole And Son Wallpaper – The Pearwood Collection

Fanfare Flock - Cole & Son Wallpaper
Fanfare Flock – Cole & Son Wallpaper

Celebrate Cole And Son’s Rich Design History

The Pearwood Collection from Cole and Son Wallpaper is a celebration of the design house’s extensive block print archive that they’re known for throughout for interior design industry. The collection name ‘Pearwood’ comes from its origins of fruit wood blocks that were traditionally used by the founder of the company, John Perry. The choice for pearwood exclusively was for its distinct hardness that made way for creating and cutting extremely fine details, while also maintaining a durability that would ensure that the blocks were long lasting. Featuring modern shades and colors combined with the fine craftmanship held with a passing era and contemporary design rich with tradition that is unmistakably Cole & Son.

Patterns Within The Pearwood Collection:

  • Aurora
  • Boscobel Oak
  • Vines of Pomona
  • Floral Kingdom
  • Midsummer Bloom
  • Woodvale Orchard
  • Treillage
  • Fanfare Flock
  • Pavo Parade
  • Pugin Palace Flock
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This hand painted floral tapestry creates the illusion and charming allure of a forest straight out of a story book. Using large and exaggerated blooms as a focal point, this portrayal of dense thickets feels lively. Rich colored flower petals and lush foliage trimmed with highlights keep the style looking eccentric. Available in traditional tones, or the more fictional blue and rose palettes.

Boscobel Oak

For those seeking something timeless with lots of regal flare, the Boscobel Oak will easily satisfy both. Using a combination of different motifs from England’s monarch, oak trees, the Tudor Rose, and roaring beasts, you are able to feel the grandiose vibe of this style. The collective scene of all these elements on a timeless damask pattern is a true ode to regality, displayed in gorgeous gilded color ways and beautifully aged oxidized metals and textures in varying rustic gold colors on black, oat, and claret.

Vines of Pomona

Named after the Roman Goddess of harvest, Pomona, this lush and fruitful pattern captures the abundance of the age old tale. Her blessing provided a bountiful harvest, and now you can enjoy this blessing on your walls in a style known well to Cole & Son’s iconic designs. Color ways ranging from aquatic greens, to muted emeralds splashed with varying jewel tones, this pattern is sure to add flare and greenery to your walls.

Floral Kingdom

This design is heavily inspired from the Gothic Revival in the design world. Floral Kingdom by Cole and Son is a delicate design made of intertwined foliage and incorporates each individual national flower of the United Kingdom including, decadent roses for England, spring time daffodils for Wales, and the flourishing fleurettes of the Scottish Thistle, and lastly a shamrock sprig for Northern Ireland. Available in four graceful color ways incorporating pastels and deep hues.

Midsummer Bloom

The pattern Midsummer Bloom portrays plentiful summer time florals in their fullest bloom. Based off an archival classic from Cole & Son’s iconic archive, their Design Studio and team recreated this piece with hand-painted techniques to muster a lustrous and lavish floral that snakes throughout the print. Available in four distinctive color ways ranging from the classic chintzy porcelain hues, to the deep and moody pinks and deep purples, or the traditional cream and bright mint tones.

Woodvale Orchard

Woodvale Orchard takes you to the countryside, imagine strolling amongst the rich and exotic garden. There you’ll find plumose parrots conversing amongst the lively vines encircling the premise, seasoned and ripe grapes that are surface printed to preserve their textures and traditional aesthetic in their modern day introductory. Wildly different colorways include a lilac and china blue mixed with a muted gold, or the cream and rose tones mixed with leaf greens and deep plum shades.


The meaning of the word ‘Treillage’ is a lattice trellis. This is exactly what the pattern defines, gorgeous multi dimensional print that pairs excellently with other more expressive patterns, or alternatively stands alone strong as a solo design moment. Available in a wide range of tropical colors, or the more regal burnt gold atop black.

Fanfare Flock

Feather-like romantic leaves displayed in a decadent flock paper, this is Fanfare Flock. The pattern is then further enhanced by an overlay that coordinates with the underlying shades and tones. This original design was from Cole and Son’s 19th century archive, and then later brought back into the market. You can grab these in the classic duck egg on dark petrol, or rich ochre on charcoal.

Pavo Parade

A gorgeous display of one of nature’s finest species. Pavo Parade borrows its name from the peacock genus Pavo. This opulent display of metallic toned peacocks featuring long hombre tails cascading downward. Using vertical designs to separate the motifs, a panel-like effect is created giving the pattern a luxurious and visually stunning look. Available in different lustrous and metallic colorways such as metallic on silver, metallic bronze on midnight, metallic gold on soot, metallic gilver on underlying green.

Pugin Palace Flock

The palaces and grand houses of the mid-1800s designed by A. W. Pugin were the inspiration behind the striking damask of Pugin Palace Flock. Taken from an original block print, the Cole & Son Design Studio have injected an opulent elegance to the design whilst retaining original symbolic motifs such as the pineapple, seen throughout many of Pugin’s works, signifying wealth and hospitality. Delicate flocking, a production process which imitates cut velvet, enhances the rich decadence of the design. Choose from sumptuous tones of Dark Hyacinth; Claret; and Charcoal.

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