Cole and Son Wallpaper – Botanical Botanica

A Whimsical Array of Botanic Styles

Cole and Son Wallpaper‘s new collection full of gorgeous florals and scenic foliage has swept us off our feet. These modern portrayal of classic floral and foliage inspired styles is refreshing and fun. This collection includes wallpaper and by the panel styles that can transform the walls of your home into natures idyllic paradise. You’ll notice a mixture of  different inspirations and concepts. Let’s dive right in.

Patterns within this collection:

  • Allium
  • Bluebell
  • Camellia
  • Forest
  • Sweet Pea
  • Wisteria
  • Lilac
  • Thistle
  • Woodland
  • Topiary
  • Maidenhair
  • Meadow
  • Rose
  • Fern
cole and son fabric allium
Allium – Heather Violet


Cole and Son’s Allium is a collection of long sprouted flowers and dandelions hiking up your walls, this pattern resembles a stripe but with a refreshing twist.



Bluebell is a rose floral arrangement with cattails arched on each side to create symmetrical balance.




Camellia resembles the the eloquence of Asian floral motifs on a traditional divider. Available in 4 completely different color moods to match the look you need.



Forest 9028

Fall down the rabbit’s hole with this gorgeous surreal forest by Cole And Son Wallpaper. The rich and deep emerald and leaf tones in this pattern truly make you feel like you’re gazing off into a magical forest.

Sweet pea


This frilly and playful floral is an endured favorite. Its twisting vines and small blooms give off cottage garden vibes that is welcoming and calming.



Wisteria is a climbing summer bloomer that fits perfectly within a cottage garden in modern settings. Hand drawn tressils work their way upward for this graceful pattern.



The Lilac Syringa vulgaris is a bountiful blooming floral with plenty of volume. For more up-close detail, the Grandiflora rendition is gorgeous.



Wispy and exotic florals mimic the wild weeds you’d find in your cottage garden. The detailed and pointed leafage by Cole and Son Wallpaper truly creates interest.



Woodland 4011

Woodland reminds us of the pattern ‘Forest’ in the way that it completely encompasses you. Cole and Son Wallpaper uses tangerine tinted blooms mixed with off white is a sultry color combo. The pattern also appears as if you’re peering into the Woodland itself.



Topiary is a top down view of a completely symmetrical courtyard garden. With abstract and art deco elements, this wallpaper is mesmerizing.



Maidenhair depicts the ginko biloba, one of the oldest living seed-plants in existence. Its delicate fan shaped leaves can provide floral beauty to just about any settings, urban or rural.



Meadow is a water-color depiction of the rolling hills of Great Britain. Soft vertical brush strokes within the body of the hills leave this print feeling soft and easing.



Cole & Son’s Rose shows us the three phases of your cottage garden. The 10030 colorway is the flower in it’s prime, leading into the autumn phase with leaves turning brown, into the 10031 colorway with the rose completely glazed over in snow.




Fern depicts your atrium garden in the day and night cycles. An assortment of potted plants hanging from the ceiling.

The Collection as a Whole

If you’re like us and appreciate the depiction of nature in your home setting, the entire Botanical Botanica collection provides so many different options. There is truly a pattern for everybody within.

For more upcoming and new collection, stay tuned for our blog. You can also check out all of our wallpaper here. We post Just about everyday! Until next time.