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Explore Abstract Floral Expression

The newest collection from Designers Guild Fabric, Jaipur Rose, is full of water color brush strokes and varying jewel tones. The showcase boasts vivid and exotic collection of wildflowers mixed with geometric abstract patterns to create a gorgeous portrayal that really stands out in a room. Color ranges include mossy ochre shades, to vibrant fuchsia tones, to deep and sensual cobalt blues. Varying from large to medium scale prints, Jaipur Rose is filled with romantic florals that will leave you wanting more.

Patterns within this collection:

  • Surimono – Berry
  • Manchu – Alchemilla
  • Palace Flower Grande
  • Indian Sunflower
  • Shikhara
  • Shalimar Garden
  • Jaipur Rose
  • Kashmiri
  • Tulsi
  • Sumi
  • Palace Flower
  • Kiku
  • Adachi
  • Arjuna Leaf
  • Maruko
  • Sansui
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designers guild surimono berry roomshot

Surimono – Berry

Surimono in berry by Designers Guild fabric combines deep emerald foliage with magenta and tyrian purple to create a scenic display. Golden amber tones within the leaves break up the dense color making this pattern vividly colorful and expressive.

Manchu – Alchemilla

Manchu in Alchemilla places fuchsia blooms and Designers Guild Fabric signature brushstroke foliage atop a wildly zany geometric pattern. On the left side we have a black and yellow triangular diamond pattern that meets half way with a yellow and red interlinking mesh like pattern. This pattern looks like a collage dedicated to pop art and wild flowers. designers guild palace flower grande saffron  

Palace Flower Grande

Palace Flower Grande is a large scale floral print combining wild sunflowers with hydrangeas and other micro blooms. The saffron colorway focuses on bright electric purple and lilac notes, while the moss colorway is much softer using a full range of muted greens and gray purples.

Indian Sunflower – Graphite

This fabric from Designers Guild is based on their sold-by-the-panel wallpaper Indian Sunflower, which is a scenic large scale print of an Indian sunflower and other mixed wild flowers in an abundant field of greenery. With golden highlights mixed amongst fuchsia and deep purple, this signature Designers Guild fabric look is a stand out of the collection. shikhara berry designers guild

Shikhara – Berry

Shikhara is an abstract geometric pattern portraying varying sized triangles in pastels and mixed jewel tones featured within the rest of the collection. If you look closely, all of the shapes have an irregular aspect in their brush strokes making them look less computer generated, and more hand-painted. Shalimar Garden Amethyst

Shalimar Garden

Shalimar Garden is a floral using flushed gray petals and muted greens within the foliage. Scattered pops of amethyst break up the dark tones in this pattern. The background is a geometric interlinking pattern that imitates a net or grid like pattern. jaipur rose designers guild fabric

Jaipur Rose

This whimsical mix of geometric motifs and florals is a glimpse into the collection through rose tinted lenses. Jaipur Rose blends smoky navy checker board into burgundy and rose swirled abstract patterns with wild flowers delicately scattered across. This pattern is bold and beautiful. Kashmiri magenta designers guild fabric


Kashmiri creates a kaleidoscope like effect with its hexagonal overlay. Through the geometry you see bits and pieces of checkerboard and water color drawn florals scattered. Truly a mesmerizing pattern, available in the deep magenta color way, or the mossy ochre. tulsi eau de nil designers guild fabric


Tulsi takes you inside of an explorers scrapbook noting a wide variety of speckled and detailed patterned leaves pressed flat for preservation and viewing. Available in a beautiful variety of greens and blues in the ‘eau de nil’ colorway, or for those looking for something a bit darker the ‘aubergine’ color way notes dark olives hues mixed with oranges and amber.


Sumi of the Jaipur Rose collection is an abstract stripe that combines many of the geometric motifs found within the rest of the collection. Large exaggerated water color brush strokes mixed with geometric repeats creates this pattern. palace flower linen designers guild fabric

Palace Flower – Linen

Palace Flower is a small scale floral pattern based on the larger-scale pattern ‘Palace Flower Grande’. This interpretation is faded in its coloring and atop a neutral beige background.   Kiku birch designers guild fabric


Using bright shades of olive and moss atop a soft ivory background, Kiku is a beautiful display of cream roses. This large scale floral is elegant in dainty in its colors and painted blooms. adachi celadon designers guild fabric


Adachi uses cyan tones mixed with faded tints of blue and green through out. Similar to Kiku, but with much more blue through out the pattern. arjuna leaf virdian designers guild fabric

Arjuna Leaf

Arjuna Leaf is your window into a densely lush tropical forest. The foliage displayed in this pattern uses dark forest tones into rich emerald and everywhere in between. Between the leaves you can see vertical stripes of deep blue and green that mix excellently. maruko teal designers guild fabric


Maruko is full of aquatic tones mixed within the vines and leaves. No flowers to be found here, just gorgeous detailed portrayal of foliage scattered across a linen background. sansui cobalt designers guild fabric

Sansui – Cobalt

Get lost in the gorgeous and deep sensation of Sansui in cobalt. Vivid and dark blue tones range from electric blue to dark navy and every tone between. Vibrant electric green notes are scattered breaking up this pattern along with lilac. This pattern portrays a deep blue pool with floating petals and leaves atop its blue mystery.

Wrap Up

This concludes our coverage of the Designers Guild Jaipur Rose fabric collection. If you enjoyed this wildly expressive and artful collection, you should check out our Designers Guild Wallpaper Zardozi collection. If you need any further information regarding any of these patterns, simply click on the respected swatch or give us a call and we can help you out. Until next time!

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