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Outdoor Tropic never felt so chic

Finding outdoor fabric with a sense of charm and style can be difficult. However, with newest outdoor collection from Designers Guild Fabric, they make it seamless and easy. DG has taken some of their most iconic fabric prints and styles from their massive textile archive and recreated them for optimal outdoor use. This means stain resistance, water and heat resistance, and easy to clean yet high in style and comfort. Borrowing from some of their signature archival prints, this outdoor oriented showcase is a solid choice for multi-purpose fabrics. Let’s dive in.

Patterns within Palme Botanique Outdoor collection:

  • Acanthus Outdoor
  • Biscayne Outdoor
  • Bougival Outdoor
  • Boynton Outdoor
  • Brahmi Outdoor
  • Delray Outdoor
  • Giardino Segreto Outdoor
  • Grayton Outdoor
  • Issoria Outdoor
  • Jourdain Outdoor
  • Manchu Outdoor
  • Murnau Outdoor
  • Navarre Outdoor
  • Palme Botanique Outdoor
  • Pompano Outdoor
  • Savoie Outdoor
  • Shell Bay Outdoor
  • Tulsi Outdoor
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Acanthus Outdoor

Acanthus uses fern leaf motifs mixed with dandelions and assorted blossoms to create a minimal allover graphic print. The details of this fabric appear to be pressed into a scrapbook or resembling sketch book drawings.

Biscayne Outdoor

Using triangular geometric repeats, Biscayne outdoor capitalizes on high contrasting colors with slight textural patterns within each shape to break up the pattern. Available in a mixture of blue and green, and beige and neutral.

Bougival Outdoor

In a traditional Designers Guild water color fashion, Bougival Outdoor is a soft geometric fabric that imitates tilework in a blue gray color way, as well as a mossy and gray color way.

Boynton Outdoor

Boynton is a plain fabric excellent for mixing with the other patterned fabrics within the collection. Available in a cool gray neutral showcase, and a warmer olive tone.

Brahmi Outdoor

Brahmi Outdoor leaf
Brahmi Outdoor leaf
Brahmi Outdoor is a vibrant expressive lotus leaf print. Bright emerald tones mixed with hints of cerulean atop white contrasting background really helps this fabric pop.

Delray Outdoor

Delray uses minimal linework to portray a high dynamic look to this chevron inspired triangular repeat. The lines making up the shapes are drawn in varying width to create a blend of color density.

Giardino Segreto, Grayton, & Issoria Outdoor

Giardino Segreto uses winding vines and emerald tinted leaves atop a oceanic gradient back drop, an excellent highly printed outdoor fabric. Grayton is a grayscale plain with a heather effect. Issoria outdoor uses repeating butterfly motifs in the corresponding color way of the rest of the collection.

Jourdain Outdoor

Geometric trellising embodies this high in style sophisticated outdoor fabric. The design combines glamourous structural patterns with texture into a smooth marbled background. Printed onto a resilient water and stain resistant canvas.

Manchu & Murnau Outdoor

Highly pigmented and lively florals in warm golden and fuchsia tones among emerald and golden leaves makes up Manchu Outdoor. Murnau outdoor is a soft vertical stripe gradient combining turquoise, dark navy, and oceanic blues.

Navarre Outdoor

Navarre is another plain in a muted range of navies mixed with green, varying to neutral beige and black.

Palme Botanique Outdoor

Palme Botanique Outdoor - emerald
Palme Botanique Outdoor – emerald
Palme Botanique using a sketch book aesthetic depicts a layer of assorted leaves, using gray and black to contrast the bright emerald tones of the smaller leaves.

Pompano Outdoor

Additional plains in varying neutral tones for pairing with the collection, or creating a minimal look.

 Savoie Outdoor

Savoie Outdoor - Azure
Savoie Outdoor – Azure
Gradient and tie-dye related vertical stripe Savoie uses faded emerald and vibrant turquoise between neutral moments to create interest.

Shell Bay Outdoor

Shell Bay is a wildly detailed all over print consisting of gorgeous beach shells in varying patterns and sizes, mixed between coral branches. Available in a blue green and gray color scheme, or a warmer more natural sand inspired color way.

Tulsi Outdoor

Tulsi uses a similar arrangement to Shell Bay, except rather than sea shells, a wild assortment of printed and painted leaves arranged to geometric perfection. Available in the recognizable blue and green emerald scheme, or the calmer more muted olive and gray scheme.

Round Up

This concludes our coverage of Designer Guild fabric’s most recent outdoor fabric showcase. Not letting performance affect style, this highly chic stain resistant, sun resistant, water resistant, and overall built for outdoor textiles are a solid pick for livening up your outdoor settings. If you’d like to grab any of these fabrics, simply click the colorway or swatch that interests you. We also carry the full selection of Designers Guild wallpaper if you’re looking to change the walls. Until next time!      

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