Designers Guild – The Edit Flowers Wallpaper Volume 1

Redefining the ‘Traditional Floral Wallpaper’

The newest addition to Designers Guild Wallpaper is The Edit – Flowers Wallpaper Volume 1, a vast collection of botanical and nature inspired wallcoverings. Using their water colour inspired style and soft neutrals mixed with muted jewel tones, they have perfected the artistry of floral wallpapers. We’re going to be dissecting all these brand new wallpaper, you can click on any of the swatches of a pattern that peaks your interest to learn more or get an order started. Let’s dive in.
Acanthus – Designers Guild Wallpaper


Acanthus combines finely sketched leaves and flowers as if pressed in a scrap book, with intricate depictions of different slender bug life. The combination provides a nicely organized pattern with many unique qualities.
Alexandria – Designers Guild Wallpaper


Alexandria uses carefully placed summer blooms in a mixture of primary and jewel tone colors. The flowers sitting atop the gradient background provides for an eye-catching pattern with delightful contrast.
Couture Rose – Designers Guild Wallpaper

Couture Rose

Couture Rose says a lot about the pattern just in the name. Beautiful roses in varying different shades to fit whatever your design calls for arranged in an artful fashion, you could call it couture.

Delft Flower

Delft Flower has a vintage beauty about it with the shadowy detailed flower petals mixed with neutral and gray tones. The golden and blush highlights break up the gray for a soft contrast.


Faience uses slender dainty flowers trimmings tossed gracefully across the pattern, the brush strokes are very prevalent in this pattern. The ‘sky’ colorway mixing fuchsia and powder blue is our favorite.
Floreale – Designers Guild Wallpaper


Floreale mixes hanging vines swaying in the wind to create line work and structure. The wilting rose blooms below compliment the arcs created by these vines. For those looking for a bit of drama, the damson colorway uses a dark plum background for high contrast and mood.


If you’re a fan of variety, Marianne uses a wide range of different flowers, foliage, and blooms to depict an all over grand pattern. The bright tones in the petals and leaves are offset by a warm gray background that prevents this pattern from feeling too overwhelming, instead you get a soft and intriguing final product.
Roseto – Designers Guild Wallpaper

Roseto, Roseus, & Seraphina

Roseto is similar to Marianne in its many uses of color and different flowers, the color scheme uses rich jewel tones, and larger flowers for a bit more drama. Roseus in peony is an allover grayscale pattern that uses the occasional bloom in varying pink hues to add interest and details.  Seraphina has a dark navy color scheme that feels sophisticated and fashionable. The protruding stems and branches extend upward to create intricate silhouettes.
Sybilla Garden – Designers Guild Wallpaper

Sibylla Garden

Sibylla and Sibylla Garden plays with patterns that appear to be pencil sketched, providing a minimal and artistic vibe. The soft lines and high amount of detail can add a dynamic element to a simple white wall.


Tulipani uses fern leaves in eccentric green hues as a focal point in relation to the highly detailed florals with multi dimensional tones. The flowers appear as if they’re painted in oil pastels with the high amount of shading, highlights and detailing. The wide variety of colorways in this pattern leave an option for just about anybody wanting to incorporate these beautiful wallcoverings.


Victorine is a soft set pattern that uses small clusters of roses with faded etchings of smaller blooms to break up the pattern. Available in a variety of warm to cool pastel shades.

Round Up

If you’re looking for an artful foliage or floral inspired wallpaper, this collection should have your needs covered. With such a wide variety of color variants and flower types, its assured there is something for just about everyone. If you love the artistry and colors of Designers Guild, check out Designers Guild Fabric to elevate your upholstery. You can click on any of these swatches to get more information on that pattern. Until next time!

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