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Magnolia Frieze - Osborne & Little Wallpaper
Magnolia Frieze – Osborne & Little Wallpaper

Finding the Right Floral for your Walls

The world of flower and floral inspired wallpapers is vast and ever expanding. Finding the correct style for your house to pull off that chic and nature centric look you’re going for is the key to pulling it off. We’ll be going over some of the general different types of nature and bloom wallcoverings you can pick to redesign you space.
  • Scenic / Panels
  • Large Scale Florals
  • Small Scale Florals
  • Nature Inspired

The Beauty of Scenic and Panels

Pictured above we have Magnolia Frieze by Osborne and Little Wallpaper. This wallpaper is sold by the panel in large pieces that you put together to form the master piece in whichever room. We highly recommend the usage of this kind of wallpaper anywhere in the home, getting creative with placement is half of the fun.
Indian Sunflower - Designers Guild Wallpaper
Indian Sunflower – Designers Guild Wallpaper
We’ve seen excellent use of smaller paneled scenic floral papers in powder and wash rooms. This quaint powder room uses Indian Sunflower by Designers Guild Wallpaper to really transform a smaller space. The bright and exuberant colors really add character to the space.

Large Scale Flower Majesty

The appeal of large scale florals is closely tied to visual of vivid and expressive color encapsulating the entire space. Pictured below is the highly embellished Mattiazo by Designers Guild Wallpaper, it portrays gorgeous and large rose blooms in various cascading sizes with emerald leaves splashed between to create a truly lush look.
Mattiazo - Designers Guild Wallpaper
Mattiazo – Designers Guild Wallpaper

Petite and Small Scale Elegance

On the more minimal side, we have small-scale floral patterns. One of our favorite examples is this paper by Osborne and Little known as Twiggy. Using intricate line work that winds across the whole wall and miniature blooms, a highly defined and eccentric look is created.
Twiggy – Osborne and Little Wallpaper
The high contrast of the vines and budding flora creates a web-like texture that adds depth to the space. This design is anything but mundane.

Inspired By Nature

For a more novelty or less direct approach, there are many nature inspired wallpapers that incorporate those elements you seek in a floral or lush jungle paper without being so literal. We really love this fun and playful pattern by Matthew Williamson for Osborne and Little called Ananas. It depicts flourishing flower arrangements in the form of pineapples atop a cream background.
Ananas – Matthew Williamson for Osborne & Little
The light and tropical essence of this pattern leaves the space feeling like a overseas get away that you want to keep coming back home to. All of these patterns are just a few of the countless options available through L.A. Design Concepts. You can click any of these room shots or their names to get more information. Until next time!

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