Designers Guild Wallpaper – Foscari Fresco

16th Century Venetian Glamour

This new versatile collection from Designers Guild Wallpaper features frescoed, geometric, marble, and floral wallpaper that strive for a modern take on the epitome of glamour in Venice during the 16th century. This showcase features a wide array of subtle textures, photo realistic depiction of florals, and assorted geometric minimal patterns. The color scheme is very soft spoken and water colour-esque. There’s a timeless beauty found within designs incorporating marble and soft blush tones that holds a majestic energy to it. Now lets dive into the patterns.

Patterns within this collection:

  • Ajanta
  • Arlecchino
  • Tourangelle Scene
  • Carrara Grande
  • Dorsoduro
  • Foscari Fresco Scene
  • Fresco
  • La Rotanda Scene
  • Merletti
  • Peonia
  • Peonia Grande
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Ajanta room shot


Ajanta is a heathered wallpaper with a natural sedimentary or salt stone like appearance. The distressing of color provides excellent subtle texture for any design scenario.
Arlecchino room shot
Arlecchino room shot


Arlecchino is a vertically stretched diamond checker repeat wallpaper. It features similar distressing to Ajant, with slight vertical hashes between the diamonds.
Tourangelle Scene room shot
Tourangelle Scene room shot

Tourangelle Scene

Tourangelle encapsulates the mood of the entire Foscari Fresco collection. Two separate panels make up the very large life like rose murals featuring fully blossomed roses, and a sprouting bud. The Ombre Zinc panel is used to spacing and the rest of the wall space to emulate the same background.
Carrara Grande room shot
Carrara Grande room shot

Carrara Grande

Carrara Grande is based on the hand-painted Carrara marble. This beautiful pattern is printed on non-woven ground and is available in eight gorgeous shades.
Dorsoduro room shot
Dorsoduro room shot


Dorsoduro is geometric all over triangle repeat pattern featuring the classic distressing found through out this collection. The cascading shapes in this pattern really provide an excellent dynamic to any wall space they are incorporated in.
Foscari Fresco Scene room shot
Foscari Fresco Scene room shot

Foscari Fresco Scene

The Foscari Fresco Scenic panels truly paint a picture of Venetian glamour. The marble like detail and combination of different motifs found through out this collection create a vintage royalty look with the soft rose tints and burnished gold and silver highlights within.
Fresco room shot
Fresco room shot


Fresco is a geometric abstract print that creates a ripple effect with its contrasting soft squiggled lines. This multi layered abstract print provides a very satisfying yet subtle texture to the walls and can be found also within the Foscari Fresco scene.
La Rotanda Scene room shot
La Rotanda Scene room shot

La Rotanda Scene

La Rotanda Scene is similar to the Foscari Fresco Scene, except it replaces the golden highlights with faded gray damask motifs printed within the rest of the distressing for a truly unique look. The mixture of olive and blue gray tones is surprisingly pleasant and lasting in style.
Merletti room shot
Merletti room shot


Merletti is a traditional geometric pattern using shapes to convey a vertically stretched look that resembles the gates bordering a vintage famous estate.
Peonia Grande room shot
Peonia Grande room shot

Peonia Grande

Peonia Grande - zinc
Peonia Grande – zinc
Peonia Grande is a large scale up close rendition of the Peonia pattern found in this collection. Peonia Grande features a wider range of colors within its blooms with rose tinted hues and lemon gold highlights scattered through the pale blossoms. You can also check out the small-scale version of this wallpaper in multiple colorways here. 

Round Up

If you were inspired by these artful wallpapers feel free to click on any of the room shots, or swatches to get more information about content and pricing. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call we’ll help you square everything away. Until next time!

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