Designers Guild Wallpaper Zardozi Collection 2018

The newest Designers Guild Wallpaper collection is captivating. Consisting of decorative designs, subtle textures and sophisticated geometrics. This brilliant collection of wallpapers is printed on easy to hang non-woven substrates in deep tones of viridian, cobalt, and calming neutrals.

Patterns within this Collection

  • Indian Sunflower
  • Surimono
  • Shirakawa
  • Zardozi
  • Ernani
  • Kappazuri
  • Rheinsberg
  • Arjuna Leaf
  • Brahmi
  • Tulsi

Indian Sunflower

Indian Sunflower Graphite – room shot

Indian Sunflower from Designers Guild Wallpaper is a wide-shot panoramic print of gorgeous Indian sunflowers, assorted botanicals, and zinnias that are digitally printed. This pattern comes in a single colorway, and is available to purchase by panel.

Indian Sunflower Graphite


Surimono – room shot

Surimono is Designers Guild’s interpretation of a repeated water-colour floral motif. Each petal is delicately and opaquely presented for a layered floral look that holds lustrous color.


Shirakawa – room shot

Shirakawa is a textural effect wallpaper. The pattern features metallic highlights through out.  Available in a wide colour palette from vivid signature colourful shades to naturalistic neutrals.


Zardozi – room shot

This large scale hexagonal design utilizes geometric shapes and linear printing for a sophisticated effect. Metallic detailing provides a bit of glamour and detail.  It’s flexo printed onto a gently textured non-woven ground to make hanging easy.


Ernani – room shot

Ernani is a simplified textured wallpaper option that is wildly popular for its minimalistic appeal. Available in an ample amount of colorways to suit any design need.


Kappazuri – room shot

Kappazuri is a triangular geometric pattern with metallic linear dashes. Simple and sophisticated shapes provide an irresistible abstract print that we love.


Rheinsberg – room shot

Rheinsberg is a geometric design imitating a luxurious and tall garden trellis with its formations. Metallic detailing through out, and refined color schemes make this an easy pairing.

Arjuna Leaf

Arjuna Leaf – room shot

Arjuna Leaf by Designers Guild Wallpaper is a gorgeous scenic sweeping view of lush jungle plant life. This print is available with a peacock motif included. Mixing and matching the two can provide a vivid and surreal space that feels encompassed by lush nature.


Brahmi – room shot

Detailed and hand drawn large scale nasturtium leaves in a modern botanical style. Using expressive tonal detailing this graphic wallpaper is a space definer.


Tulsi – room shot
Tulsi consists of highly detailed varying leafage. Each leave with its own unique colors and texture, this print is study of nature. Using fun and expressive color schemes that Designers Guild Wallpaper is well known for, this paper is guaranteed to add botanical life to your walls.

Easy to Pair

The entire Zandozi wallpaper collection is full of aquatic color ranges, and nods to nature and geometric shapes. Easily pair these gorgeous wallpapers with Designers Guild’s Chandigarh fabrics collection for an enigmatic space that encapsulates your guests. You can also check out our Designers Guild Fabric collection available on our site here. Until next time!