Duralee Fabric: Elle Embroideries

duralee fabric elle embroidery

Geometric & Timeless

This gorgeous new Duralee fabric collection is full of amazing textured embroideries. The whole collection is available in an easy to pair neutral color scheme with beige and tan elements as well as a stunning array of blue, white, and navy options for truly any home setting. These modern yet timeless geometric thread works are just the right level of sophistication to provide depth to any upholstery project, we love them on love seats and sofas, or even dining room chairs.

Patterns within this Collection:

  • DA61857
  • DA61858
  • DA61859
  • DA61860
  • DA61861
  • DA61862
  • DA61863
  • DA61864
  • DA61865
  • DA61866
  • DA61868
  • DA61869
  • DA61879


Duralee’s DA61857 is an abstract portrayal of a traditional square checker pattern with each shape having varying width in thread work. This deconstructed embroidered checker is a great way to pattern to give any item a stitch of interest and depth. The open ended square motifs keep structure but give it a modern twist.


This embroidered pattern consist of diamond shaped thread work motifs, the formation of the embroidery when tiled over any piece of furniture creates a honey comb effect. This complex and soothing geometric pattern from Duralee Fabric is a great finish.

DA61859 & DA61860

These two diamond style embroideries in the Elle collection are easy on the eyes, simplistic and stylish. If you want something a bit more wild and unkept, DA61859 has a less structured feeling about the pattern. On the other hand, DA61860 is a clean lines classic diamond pattern cascading inward.


The DA61861 pattern resembles a mosaic tile floor in the foyer of a 1960s vintage home in the Bahamas. This mesmerizing threadwork is a nicely arranged formation of different geometric motifs in neutral thread tones providing a slight luster.


This embroidery pattern consists of color blocked zig-zag stripes. Small segments of each snaking stripe are in a contrasting solid tone. For something a little different try the ‘Plum’ colorway.


Similar to DA61861, the DA61863 uses square and octagon formations and symmetrical lines to intersect the geometric shapes. In two soft neutral colorways, beige for a slightly warmer tone, or rattan if you’re going for a cool darker shade.


This pattern is Duralee’s interpretation of an abstract gingham design using a zigzag stitch that creates a brushstroke like effect with the thread. Available in gray on cream, or vanilla on cream.


Vertical diamond shaped stripes with light contrasting thread around each formation. This sophisticated geometric stripe from Duralee Fabric is available in a sultry dark gray / brown granite colorway, or a cooler and lighter grey with white.

DA61866 & DA61868

These elongated ovoid shapes have a retro look to them, but these refreshing and modern colorways bring them to today’s current design standards. We absolutely love both of these as drapery and on chairs upholstered.
DA61869 is a largescale elongated ovoid shape that intersect on the edges to create a braid effect, the thick thread used for the embroidery of this pattern really creates a knotted rope look. This elegant symmetry is easy to pair.


The final pattern in this collection is DA61879, this pattern uses circular thread formations with intersecting star shapes within each motif. The repetition of this pattern creates the look of a net covering the fabric. Available in three easy on the eye colorways grey, ivory, and linen.

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