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Welcome to the Jungalow

Designer, artist, and New York Times bestselling author, Justina Blakeney is a firm believer that it is creativity, not wealth, that is the essential key to creating a stunning interior. Her new Bohemian vibe has come forth through her upbringing being multicultural and a part of Berkley, California. Coming from a multicultural home, the convergence of cultures during her childhood made mixing things up and blending design inspirations natural for her. Specifically home décor, she believes the practice of decorating is about feeling open and free, getting a bit wild, and having fun. Justina’s combination of love for her family, boho-chic lifestyle, and the wilderness is paired with Fabricut Fabrics performance line ‘Inside Out’, and the result is a collection that is full of soul, and free-spirited, eco-friendly, and creates a soothing relaxation vibe in the home.  
Meet the designer, Justina Blakeney

Patterns within this Collection:

  • Aruba Lattice
  • Maldives Leaves
  • Bahamas Twill
  • Barbados
  • Kailua
  • Bora Bora
  • Fiji Stripe
  • Maile
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Aruba Lattice

Aruba Lattice is a traditional lattice arrangement of diamonds and triangles. These fresh and fun colorways keep the fabric feeling tropical from parts all over the world.

Maldives Leaves

Maldives Leaves is definitely a statement pattern within the Jungalow collection. These gorgeous hand-painted style leaves in cooling jungle color schemes are a great look for many different interiors. We found they can freshen up a white kitchen, or add some excitement to a living room in need of some cool colors.

Bahamas Twill

The Bahamas Twill is a nice neutral basic within the collection. The water-inspired tones of the Bahamas Twill pair perfectly with many of the other more complex patterns in the collection.


Barbados is a polyester blend fabric that uses native inspired geometric designs cascading horizontally to create a truly dynamic mix of colors. The Fiesta color way plays into deep moss and brick tones, while the Peacock color way is cooler and more gray sky-color oriented.


Kailua uses motifs of exotic birds with elongated tails resembling peacocks mixed with fresh lotus-like foliage and miniature greenery. This cascading mixture of tropical imagery creates a nicely populated pattern that brings depth and texture to any pieces in your interior.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a 100% polyester fabric that has a soil & stain repellent finish making it an excellent multi-purpose fabric. Pet and children friendly, you’ll find ease incorporating these relaxing tropical neutrals into your space.

Fiji Stripe

This geometric vertical stripe incorporates angular shapes with repetition of circular bead-like shapes. This pattern reminds us of tropical architecture found through out the world. In addition, also finished with a soil and stain resistant repellent.


The final pattern within Fabricut’s Jungalow collection is Maile. This pattern consists of a vertical and horizontal mix of hand-drawn like lines that create an abstract checkered look. This pattern, like the rest in the collection is also stain and soil repellent. This concludes our showcase of the Jungalow collection. If you need any more information on the rest of these patterns, simply click on the swatch for fabric information, pricing, and to get started with an order. We carry many other fabric and wallpaper brands such as Kravet Wallpaper. Feel free to check them all out. Until next time!    

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