Giving a Vintage chair new life – Matthew Williamson

Old becomes New

An activity that has been on the rise as of lately among crafters and designers is vintage renewal, or repurposing. For any of those confused we’ll elaborate. It is when you take something old, and possibly without much use or out of date style, and add a touch of craft or modernity giving it new life or purpose. The practice is becoming more and more popular as the desire to not waste, or support cheap unethical creation becomes more center stage.

Unique Flare

Designer and lifestyle enthusiast Matthew Williamson recently posted some photos of  vintage arm chair he had repurposed. Using hot pink paint, and upholstery fabric from Osborne and Little. What sounds like it could potentially be a hot disaster, actually created something of some high appeal with a bit of a controversial style. We’ll let you be the judges, pictures below. The fabric pictures on the chairs is known as ‘Flamingo Club’ by Matthew Williamson, produced by Osborne and Little. Featuring gorgeous fan palms, detailed flamingos and a unique mix of colors among the florals and background. If any of the fabric or images peak your interest, simply click them to learn more. We’ll continue our trend and style spotlight here on the blog every week. Oh, and for a little bonus check out Matthew Williamson’s niece checking out his creation. You can signup for our mailing list to keep up to date, or just check back here regularly. Until next time!

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