How To Find the Perfect Nature Wallpaper


Finding the Right Nature Wallcovering for You

When choosing a wallpaper or wallcovering for the bedroom, bathroom, living room, or just about any room, there is a lot of aspects and traits of those papers that go into consideration. In today’s piece we’ll be figuring out the perfect nature, foliage, or scenic forest print that’s perfect for you. With nature being such a prominent and influential aspect of life, its only natural that you’d want to bring it’s presence inside your home as décor. We’ll be covering three different types of foliage inspired wallpapers that all have a different draw to their looks, and provide their own unique atmospheres for your personal design project. Lets dive in.

(Left: Bluebell , Right: Singita)

Classic Green Hues

Leaves and nature are typically green in the peak of their existence, there is something vibrant and refreshing about their appearance. Surprisingly these varying shades of emerald and jade provide the same feelings of refreshment inside your home. Pictured above are two different Cole & Son wallpapers, you’ll notice these expressive prints are excellently paired with rustic earth tones and neutrals like silver, black, and white. (Palm Jungle)

Abstract Coloring

For those still wanting the geometric patterns and shapes found only within nature’s curves, but want something with a bit more personality there are excellent unique colorways. This blue and white rendition of fanning palms gives off a formal and serene atmosphere perfect for relaxation. When working with blue and white, you’ll find its very easy to pair furniture and décor with. You can use similar shades, or complete opposites, as this combo works in unison but doesn’t take away from other elements. (Trees of Eden panels one, two, & three)


The symmetry and line work in this particular panel looks like an art scroll done in classic dark ink coloring. When choosing monochromatic black and white walls, you can use any palette of color for the rest of the décor. It is definitely the most versatile out of all the wall coverings. Nature portrayed in black and white has a very classic look to it that is timeless in style and lasting. The details of trees and florals are among the top used in most interior design projects for good reason.


If you think you’re feeling the nature vibes of these botanical papers you can easily click their corresponding room shot to learn more information about the wallpaper. If you think you’re warming up the idea, you can click here to view all of our nature inspired wallpapers, and refine it down to something that feels more you. Give it a try!    

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