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The Greenwich collection is Classically Current

The newest collection from Kravet Fabric contains a beautiful showcase of traditional styles in a modern and updated color scheme as well as reimagined traditional patterns. Using an array of soft rose tones, cool faded navy hues, and fresh olive tints, Kravet has managed to create lasting designs with playful paisleys, light hearted checkered plaids, and minimal prints with floral inspirations. We’re going to dissect all the new designs, if you’re interested in any of these fabrics, simply click on the swatch or give us a call. We can help you out. Let’s dive in!

kravet fabric greenwich collection

Patterns within the Greenwich Collection:

  • Avenham
  • Barnsdale
  • Bodenham
  • Cothay
  • Echocyprus
  • Highhope
  • Lambrook
  • Parcevall
  • Rutledge
  • Saddlebrook
  • Tapeley
  • Westhigh
  • Winsford
  • Wollerton
  • Yalding
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Avenham is a delicate and inspired damask that uses faded printing to portray a vintage-esque design. Available in an all cream and silver colorway for an elegant take, or the faded turquoise and navy version for that traditional porcelain look. If you’re seeking more color, the primrose incorporates light blush tones and gold into faded olive to create a highly vibrant pattern.


For a fresh modern country home look, the Barnsdale faded check is a solid choice for upholstery or drapes. The largescale design keeps it from looking too crowded, and the faded stripes are subtle and pretty.


Bodenham is a playful carnival inspired vertical stripe. The varying width in each stripe creates interest and a dynamic atmosphere. Available in a full range of colorful to neutral and cool color schemes.


Cothay is a muted geometric print that uses white cream formations connected like netting atop the soft heather background. Available in a very light beige, gray, and faded blue.


Echocyprus is a wildly expressive paisley that uses ornate swirls and micro florals to portray a delicate inspired design resembling lace and doilies. The interconnected aspect of the pattern creates complexity with these fun and vibrant palettes.


Highhope is a minimalistic interlaced geometric pattern that uses elongated lantern like formations. If you’re seeking texture in an upholstered piece of furniture, Highhope is a promising choice.


Lambrook is a small scale floral print that incorporates wildlife and nature scenery precisely placed to create an excellently planned pattern. You’ll notice wild flowers, whirling branches, and pairs of birds perched atop the branches.

Parcevall & Yalding

Parcevall and Yalding are the two stand alone patterns within the Greenwich collection both available in a singular faded powder blue colorway. Parcevall is a vertical distressed stripe atop an off white cream background. Yalding is a highly detailed paisley using very low contrast in colors to create intricate patterns and beautiful texture.


Rutledge is a plain fabric with heather texture in the corresponding color scheme of the Greenwich showcase.


Saddlebrook is a micro scale checker in similar color scheme.


Tapeley, a minimal yet effective geometric pattern uses cascading chevron linework to create a mesmerizing design that is excellent for pairing with other fabrics in the collection.


Westhigh is a multi color woven design that incorporates earth tones into their corresponding specified color. The Spa colorway blends caramel, white, and beige tones into its overall faded blue.


Smal scale winding paisley and flora motifs created a repeating design. The cream colored motifs atop their corresponding background colors is easy on the eyes and soothing.


Wollerton using winding fern leaves to break up varied berry and floral blooms. The vines almost imitates vertical stripes.

Round Up

This concludes our coverage on the Greenwich collection. If you are interested in any of these updated classics, click on the color you’d like to know more about. You can also check out our full selection of fabrics, we carry all the top designer brands including Clarence House Fabric, and many more. Until next time!

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