Kravet Fabric – Modern Luxe Izu

Modern Luxe – Izu from Kravet Fabric

Minimal Natural Luxury

In the Summer heat its a great time to turn towards a more zen and leisurely style. The newest collection from Kravet Fabric tailors to the minimal in taste who still want to portray a chic and tasteful style. Modern Luxe Izu features a gorgeous array of new patterns and updated colorways highlighting on Japanese tea garden and temple culture in its color schemes and nature inspired motifs like the calming and serene koi ponds, and the rolling mountains and hillsides that surround this culturally rich region. We’re going to be discussing the highlighted patterns and talking about their style. Let’s dive in.

Patterns within Izu Collection

  • Bamboo Stitch
  • Echino
  • Garden Silk
  • Izu
  • Utta
  • Kaiyou
  • Leno Shine
  • Lotus Pond
  • Now and Zen
  • Onsen
  • Osode
  • Sagano
  • Sumi
  • Tailor Made
  • Tensho
  • Yoshino

Bamboo Stitch

Using a combination of cotton and viscose blended fabric in neutral cool tones, and simple geometric embroidery bamboo stitch creates a structured and minimal look that easily adds satisfying texture to any upholstery. The fabric is multi-use and can make great curtains as well. The stitching emulates the pattern found on actual bamboo chutes.


The pattern Echino uses a tie dye like style of imprinted lily plant leaves in varying cool tones, and a warm golden colorway to mimic the natural beauty of lilies floating atop a calm body of water. The geometric repetition of this style provides a dynamic look as each print appears slightly different.

Garden Silk

As it’s name implies, Garden Silk is a 100% silk handwoven fabric in dark cooling neutrals. Specifically designed for drapery and pillows.


Izu is a multi-blend woven fabric that offers performance features such as high endurance and is highly recommended for upholstery. Its diamond like pattern creates a gorgeous small scale patterned look for those desiring texture and minimalism.
Kaiyou on the dividers, Utta on the chair


Utta is a minimal representation of the fog rolling between the hills, the use of simple geometric shapes to portray such a beautiful occurrence in nature is perfectly executed. Available three different colorways showcasing the different times of day.


This artful fabric is highly inspired by the iconic Katsushika Hokusai wave paintings known by many. This rendition by Kravet features more circular repeatable weaves to add luster and detail to any furniture piece.

Leno Shine

This made in the USA fabric capitalizes on vertical repetition of earth tones mixed with different shades inspired by the Izu palette. It’s end use is made specifically for drapery and the vertical patterns helps elongate a space.
Lotus Pond on chair

Lotus Pond

Definitely a stand out pattern of the Izu collection, Lotus Pond features artistically drawn koi fish in varying different colors with lotus leaves featuring golden highlights in the leaves. Pictured above motifs of this fabric really pop off the background and create dynamic upholstery moments.

Now and Zen

Using a heathered mixture of colors, Now and Zen is the answer to incorporating multi-toned minimalism to any upholstery or drapery required. It’s smooth and soft appearance create a chic yet sophisticated look.


Osode is a tie-dye coloured fabric boasting defined ridges amongst its faded stripes for a highly geometrically satisfying look that doesn’t feel too overpowering. The fine details of this print are perfected and is recommended for upholstery.
Osode on cushions, Izu beneath


Imagine a carefully and artistically crafted scrap book of different Japanese culture inspired motifs mixed with geometric color blocking, that’s the pattern Osode in a nutshell. This large scale repeat may look like a lot is going on, but its placement of different design elements keeps the pattern flowing for one of the most gorgeous patterns in the collection.


The beauty is in the fine details, Sagano uses a mosaic like embroidery clustered together to form bold vertical stripes of different neutral threading. Available in a more faded alabaster shade, or the more pigmented and creamy quartz colorway.
Sumi on seat


Sumi uses a checkerboard like formation of faux faded coloring in oceanic shades like faded navy and varying tones of cream. The distressed look adds to the shimmer and texture of this pattern as pictured above.

Tailor Made

Tailor made as the name implies gives the look of a well crafted suit in its texture and coloring. For those looking to compliment other blue and navy shades, the indigo pairs well, while the chambray has a more cream and mixed look.


Tensho uses snaking geometric shapes to creates horizontal stripes consisting of different colors. It highly resembles luxury patterns portrayed in high fashion brands and gives off a retro but fresh look with its heathered lines and combined colors.


Yoshino - smoke
Yoshino – smoke
Yoshino is a wavy neutral sand stone coloured fabric featuring horizontal etching between ridges to add details and interest. Easy to pair with any neutral or navy fabrics within the Izu collection.

Round Up

This concludes our coverage in the Kravet Couture fabric Modern Luxe – Izu collection. If any of these patterns peak your interest, feel free to click the swatch to learn more about the individual style, color, and fabric content. If you have any questions feel free to call us to help you out. Looking to change up the walls? Check out our Kravet Wallpaper selection alternatively. Until next time!

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