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sue firestone malibu kravet fabric

Minimal with just the right flare

The newest addition to Kravet Fabric, the Sue Firestone Malibu collection offers a wide variety of neutral toned fabrics. The colors range from cream, beige, to light blues and faded navy. While at first sight, these fabrics might seem simple, the beauty is all within the texture and the details. Sophistication enveloped in minimal design is the strong point of the variety. From stippled dots, intricate line work, textures that create depth, this cream blended collection is full of options for any given design project or space.

Patterns within this collection:

  • Adapt
  • Affluence
  • Babbit
  • Balmy
  • Billet Doux
  • Branchlet
  • Cabrillo
  • Cachuma
  • Cliquant
  • Crimped
  • Doyen
  • Fermata
  • Floraison
  • Frill Boucle
  • Intermingle
  • Looped Ribbons
  • Maiden Sheer
  • Murmur
  • Olivos
  • Synchronise


Adapt - ivory kravet fabric
Adapt – ivory
Adapt is a one hundred percent linen basic, available in a soft creamy ivory that is versatile and easy to pair with just about any color.


Affluence uses the beauty of nature with its dandelion like repeat pattern. This 100% viscose print is excellent for adding a minimal amount of texture that is sure to make a statement.


This linen and wool blend is an exceptional way to add texture to your cushions or upholstery project. Babbit comes in three varying neutrals from warmer to cooler.


Balmy is a wool blend fabric with varying tones of cream inspired color ways.

Billet Doux, Branchlet, & Cabrillo

Billet Doux is a cotton blend fabric from Kravet, available in a straw-like ‘cornsilk’ color way. Branchlet is a minimal vertical abstract pattern imitating small twigs and branches in an icy ivory color scheme. Cabrillo is a rich earth-tone blended fabric with extraordinary texture. 


Cachuma uses indented texture to create a micro checkered like effect on its surface. Available in cool to warm neutral beige tones.


Cliquant - ivory
Cliquant – ivory
Cliquant is a gorgeous one hundred percent linen fabric in a golden cream color way that uses vertical skewed lines to create hair-like texture.


Crimped is a 100% linen railroaded fabric that uses this property to create an interesting warped or ‘crimped’ like texture. Available in light ivory and darker linen.


Using repetition of shape, Doyen portrays an abstract geometric tilework-like design with cascading diamond shapes with varying widths. Mesmerizingly available in 100% linen.


Fermata is another 100% linen fabric in the Sure Firestone collection for drapery. This fabric uses understated stripes within its details to create interest.

Floraison, Frill Boucle, & Intermingle

Looped Ribbons

Looped Ribbons uses intertwined rope-like texture to create beautiful geometric symmetry like that of a chain-link fence made of fabric.

Maiden Sheer, Murmur

Maiden Sheer & Murmur are two additional simple cream fabrics with slightly varying texture. Maiden Sheer is a linen and wool blend, while Murmur is a wool blend.


Olivos uses a stippling dotted effect squeezed together to use the negative space of the background as a pattern. This minimal linen and cotton blend is excellent for large furniture like couches or love seats.


As the name suggests, Synchronise is a balanced geometric array of fanning palm-like structures in a polyester blend. The combination of these tiled shapes creates a stunning visual for any design they are incorporated with. This concludes our coverage of the Sue Firestone collection. If you are interested in any of these minimal neutral fabrics, simply click on the swatch for more information. We cover collections like this on a weekly basis from all the top designer brands, including Clarence House Fabrics. You can also use our color search tool on the textiles page to find the perfect match needed for any project. Until next time!    

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