Lee Jofa Fabric – Riviera Collection

Welcome to The French Riviera

The newest addition to Lee Jofa Fabric from Suzanne Kasler takes you into the Côte d’Azur. Imagine you are touring the gorgeous French coastal plains, the lights, the culture, the cabaret bar, fine wine, and dining. This collection takes you there with it’s nods to the culture and color schemes found abroad. The bliss of beach living are notable within this collection’s patterns and soft coloring. We’re going to be going over all the patterns and color ways of this Lee Jofa showcase, if you need more information click on any of the swatches or just give us a call. Let’s dive in.

Patterns within the Riviera Collection:

  • Avignon Print
  • Cannes Print
  • Cap Ferrat Stripe
  • Cassis Stripe
  • Marie Print
  • Monaco Print
  • St Croix Stripe
  • St Tropez Print

Avignon Print

As soft as the sea foam that washes ashore, the Avignon print is a faded and subtle fabric that features wild florals and roses snaking through out. Available in blue, green, and a soft pink you can easily pair this fabric with just about anything to add that touch of Riviera.

Cannes Print

Cannes is a geometric illusion that gives the feeling of depth, while displaying its transcending triangular shapes. The smart use of shading and varying tones of each colorway keep the eye entertained and the guests loving this fabric for any upholstery.

St Tropez Print

St Tropez Print holds a lot of character with this abstract portrayal of a traditional nautical stripe, and abstract geometric use of a sail boat’s sails. Available in a full color story of different options to fit anybody’s interior. The use of contrasting stripe colors and the cream of the sails has an inviting coastal vibe that we love.


Cap Ferrat Stripe

You could consider Lee Jofa Fabric’s Cap Ferrat Stripe to be a nautical pin stripe if you will. The use of soft cream and gray with alternating coastal colors is a great way to add that beach vibe to your home.

Cassis Stripe

The Cassis stripe uses varying width stripes with cream background to give you a dimensional stripe with multiple tones of color. We love the Marina and Tangerine colorways.

Marie Print

The Marie Print is a lightly textured basic available in soft sandy tones. The details give it just a bit of dimension that brings any design project that pop you’re looking for.

Monaco Print

The Monaco Print from Lee Jofa Fabric is a water color abstract interpretation of abalone shells found on the coast. The delicate details and warm summer colors make this a stand out print of the collection. With warm sunshine tones mixed with aquatic neutrals, this ray of light can easily make it into your project.

St Croix Stripe

The St Croix Stripe is about as traditional and timeless as they come. This bold wide width nautical stripe is an excellent way of adding a pop of color and coastal chic vibes to your home. These faded colorways are subtle on the eyes and tasteful.

Round Up

This concludes our coverage of the Lee Jofa Fabric Riviera Collection. If you’re interested in bringing the Riviera into your home, we can help you easily get an order started. If you’re in need of wall paper, check out our Lee Jofa Wallpaper section. Until next time!  

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