Lee Jofa Fabric : Westport Collection

Lee Jofa Fabric presents you with ‘Fresh Traditionals’

At times, it seems like contemporary is taking the design world by storm. However, traditional designs will never go out of style, especially when it is designed with the modern time in mind.  Westport collection by Lee Jofa Fabric is a ‘fresh’ take on some of the best parts of traditional design, such as classic florals, coastal inspired stripes and prints, and paisley incorporated geometric designs.

Patterns within the Westport Collection

  • Bradford Embroidery / Linen
  • Ora Embroidery
  • Monterey Embroidery
  • Palmero Embroidery
  • Davenport Print
  • Kaya II
  • Gorda
  • Kolmar
  • Laine Print
  • Varona
  • Seacliffe Print
  • Solana Print
  • Lido Print 

Bradford Emb & Linen

Bradford Embroidery is a dainty floral in three seasonal colorways. Greenery uses warm Summer tones of grass and sunlight, Juniper Lagoon as winter, Petal Capri as autumn with burnt reds and soft blues. Alongside these embroidered fabrics, is the Bradford linen, a muted gray and brown tone print on linen.

Ora Emb

Twisting eyelet columns compose the Ora Embroidery. The intersecting points in the columns create diamond geometry and interest. Available in Lee Jofa’s seasonal colorways.

Monterey Emb

Rounded diamond paisley motifs in a continuous pattern embroidered on this fabric creates a wonder of colors and shapes. The Monterey Embroidery is fascinating.

Palmero Emb

Lee Jofa fabric’s Palmero Embroidery is intricately woven fern leaves as beautiful embroidery. The heavily detailed thread work in this fabric is sophisticated.

Davenport Print

Coastal blooms are in full swing with the Davenport Print. Mixed greenery and white flowers with assorted trim make up the majority of this print.

Kaya II

This print created in Italy, has a softened finish for extra soft to the touch qualities. The micro printed design is excellent for cushions.


This vine covered floral has abstract motifs mixed throughout that appear like birds and butterflies. The colorful colorways keep it fun and lively.


Kolmar is a cotton/synthetic blend fabric that imitates an over and under weave structure. The threading detail creates a diamond check pattern cascading diagonally.

Laine Print

Tightly twisted white vines with coastal leafage make up the Laine print. This small-scale all over print is excellent if you’re looking for a print that incorporates white and color.


If you’re a fan of the faded natural heather look, Varona is essential. This woven comes in muted coastal tones for those who don’t want something too vibrant.

Seacliffe Print

The Seacliffe Print is a large width stripe with micro detailing that resembles seashells and small intricate designs within the columns. This is a perfect pair with the Varona for the ideal coastal look.

Solana Print

Similar to to the Bradford Embroidery, the Solana print is a small-scale floral print resembling hand drawn sunflowers. Available in the seasonal colorways of this Lee Jofa fabric collection.

Lido Print

The Lido print features rounded diamond damask motifs. The soft cream background against these shapes filled with sea stars, and paisley swirls is geometric heaven.

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