Nina Campbell Fabric – Ashdown

Benmore – Ashdown Collection
Ashdown is directly named after the Ashdown Forest, a bountiful forest of natural beauty and lush gardens located in the county of Sussex England. The true essence of walking down the woodland trail in the serene English countryside is delicately captured in this Nina Campbell fabric collection; prints and embroideries on linen-mix and linen grounds. Using Nina Campbells signature color palettes, timeless style and grace is combined with a country influence to create the Ashwood collection. Let’s dive into the patterns.  

Patterns within the collection:

  • Benmore
  • Ashdown Stripe
  • Chelwood
  • Cloisters
  • Michelham
  • Pomegranate Trail
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Nina Campbell Fabric Benmore
Benmore – Nina Campbell Fabric


Asplenium ferns are a type of fern species out of 700 variants. Benmore depicts Asplenium ferns in beautifully shaded watercolour in an artful design that encapsulates the entire canvas. Named after the original fernery located in Edinburgh, Benmore Botanic Garden. Available in the wildly exotic oceanic blue hues, or the more traditional emerald shades atop cream and noir.
Nina Campbell Fabric - Ashdown Stripe
Ashdown Stripe – Nina Campbell Fabric

Ashdown Stripe

A highly expressive painterly floral designed and inspired by the traditional artwork you would find on cushions designed from the year 1920. Creatively rearranged in a vertical stripe and printed on a smart-linen viscose for high versatility and long lasting durable fabric. For those interested in making a statement, we love the exaggerated rose and blue tint atop the black background, or if you’re seeking a more classic and comforting look the mixed green and fruit hues atop cream are welcoming and cozy.
Chelwood – Nina Campbell Fabric


Chelwood is named after the iconic Chelwood Gate located in the Ashdown Forest. This pattern shows a garland of flowers made up of wild carnations. This fabric is painted in green on ivory, bright chinoiserie blues, or white flowers on dove grey and aqua. It’s shape and formation slightly resemble a damask pattern.
Nina Campbell Fabric
Cloisters – Nina Campbell Fabric


This minimal and highly geometric arrangement of patchwork style shapes are hand-drawn in a brush stroke fashion. The combination of many different miniature motifs makes up a grid of geometric beauty. The color palettes of this pattern directly coordinate with ‘Pomegranate Trail’ pattern from this collection to make pairing easy and simple.
Michelham - Nina Campbell Fabric
Michelham – Nina Campbell Fabric


A beautifully embroidered array of different flora including violas, fan flowers, and pansies arranged in a loose grid-like design atop linen fabric. Available in cool sea-mist and aquamarine or the warmer ruby florals and cool blue green ferns.
Pomegranate Trail – Nina Campbell Fabric

Pomegranate Trail

A highly stylized and comically painted pomegranates are arranged in a downward twisting stripe delicately bordered with miniature fern details. Designed to portray a artisanal block print style and created in classic Nina Campbell color palettes. Alternatively, if you’re looking to spruce up your walls in a similar fashion, check out our Nina Campbell Wallpaper selection.

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