Osborne and Little Fabric – Sketchbook

Osborne and Little Fabric brings you a new collection of opulent embroidered and woven sheers, and jacquard weaves ideal for drapery. Inspired by the shades and hues found within nature, minimal neutrals with beautiful hand-sketched details, splashes of duck egg, deep emerald tones and eau-de-nil. Emphasizing on nature’s robust earth tones the collection also features silver and bronze to compliment these beautiful season centered colors.

Patterns within Sketchbook Collection

  • Reedbirds
  • Sycamore Sheer
  • Sketchbook
  • Sandpiper
  • Caracal
  • Lynx
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A minimal and elegant mix jacquard weave made of silk and linen, featuring woodland birds fluttering playfully amongst riverbed reeds and foliage. Available in a range of cool to warmer trio of colorways, eau-de-nil, silver, and bronze.

Sycamore Sheer

Beautifully and intricately embroidered sycamore leaves created to recreate the look of hand-crafted sketch work in various shading atop neutral sheers. The sycamore leaves coloring vary by the season, from a lively emerald, a beautiful red golden, and the browning and ageless tan and clay colored hues.


A mixture of different embroidery techniques combining thin and thick width yarns atop of a sheer ground linen, depicting an assortment of different leaves, chrysanthemum blooms, and trumpet flower heads with seed pods spread throughout. This hot pot of nature creates a ode to serenity found outdoors that we gladly welcome into our interiors.


Gentle feathers adorned with speckles wistfully laid across a glamorous jacquard sheer fabric. Available in ivory, aqua, bronze, and silver appropriately. The luster and beauty of this fabric make it stunning as a drapery choice, something to truly catch one’s eye within an interior design space.


A Caracal is a long-legged wild cat with black tufted ears and a uniform brown coat, native to Africa and western Asia. Knowing this, you can clearly spot the inspiration for this animal jacquard woven, using high-shine yarns and contrasting linen this beautiful striping affect occurs with an ombre across the fabric.


A Lynx is a wild cat with yellowish-brown fur featuring beautifully intricate stripes in varying widths and patterns, a short tail, and tufted ears, found chiefly in the northern latitudes of North America and Eurasia. Inspired by this natural fur pattern, the geometric beauty in lynx comes straight from wild life in a delicate and soft jacquard weave with a soft ombre, imitating graphite pencil sketches.

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