Osborne And Little Wallpaper: Deya Collection

osborne and little wallpaper deya collection

Matthew Williamson has done It again

Osborne and Little Wallpaper have teamed up with Matthew Williamson to bring you: The Deya Wallpapers. This collection is named after a village located deep within the hilly plains of the Balearic island located within Mallorca. Matthew Williamson has a property there where he spends months out of each year. The lush tropical and vibrant surroundings created the inspiration for this collection. You’ll love the Mediterranean colouring and mood, printed on the non-woven easy to hang base. In this collection you’ll see Williamson’s personal view into this tropical paradise through these gorgeous wallcoverings.

Patterns within the collection:

  • Valldemossa
  • Adornado
  • Coralino
  • Talavera
  • Almudaina
  • Deya Meadow
  • Ananas
  • Esparto
  • Cactus Garden
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Valldemossa Room Shot


Valldemossa is a large scale tropical floral print. The intricate linework within this pattern imitates that of an adult coloring book, beautiful distribution of colors within each leaf and petal. The varying details of each individual floral and type of foliage keeps this print looking mesmerizing.
Adornado room shot


Adornado is a gust of wind carrying beautiful feathers composed of miniature jewels swirling about the room. If you look closely at each feather within this pattern, it is made up of small spots of glitter, giving the print a nice luster and shine.
Coralino room shot


Any deep sea dive isn’t complete without treasure. Matthew Williamson takes you through his eyes into the forest of coral beneath the waves. On your dive, you’ve spotted gorgeous Italian Galliano jewelry scattered amongst the branches of coral. Also the first color way is right in line with Pantone’s Color of the Year 2019: Living Coral.
Talavera room shot


From grapefruits and pomegranates, to exotic birds and mangoes, this gorgeous vertical arrangement of tropical foliage and traditional wallpaper elements paints a scene. Available in a piercing cyan blue colorway, calming cream and green, or the darker brown sophisticated rendition. Any of these are a sight to see.
Almudaina room shot


Almudaina is the most traditional style within the Deya Wallpapers collection. It features a delicate pastel floral arrangement within white painted diamond tressils. This pattern is very soft spoken with its muted colors, an elegant touch to any room.
Deya Meadow room shot

Deya Meadow

deya meadow osborne and little wallpaper
DEYA MEADOW w7265-01
Deya Meadow is a large scale scenic wallcovering sold by the panel. Piece together your very own scenic field of wild flowers. Paint the picture of butterflies frolicking through out the walls. This whimsical wallpaper is light hearted and refreshing.
Ananas room shot


The name of this pattern; Ananas reminds you of fruit, but not quite what is depicted. Tropical blooms in sunset tones make up these hand-sketch like pineapples. The heather textured background keeps the print feeling very raw and natural.
Esparto room shot


A plain pattern is essential within most collection, Esparto puts a twist on it with intricate detailing. If you look closely, you can see layered texture in varying widths. Excellent for any minimal space. This wraps up our coverage on the Osborne and Little: Deya Wallpapers collection. If you love any of these Mediterranean inspired wallcoverings, simply click on their swatch for more information or to get an order started. We carry all the top designer brands including Brunschwig and Fils wallpaper in addition. Until next time!

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