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Canyonside Luxury

The newest addition of multi-purpose textile from Ralph Lauren Fabric is inspired by the lush Canyons of Sonoma Valley located in California. Within this collection you’ll find a wide variety of rich and robust earth tones inspired by the land and hills that encompass this gorgeous area. A wide collection of damasks, stripes, and rich and intricate paisleys that are excellent for upholstery will be found within as well. We’re going to dissect all the new patterns, possible use, and showcase some room shots highlighting this rustic new collection.

Patterns within Sonoma Valley collection:

  • Addison Denim
  • Alessandria Damask
  • Anacapri Embroidery
  • Antibes Matelasse
  • Anton Stripe
  • Apsley House Emberoidery
  • Better Floral Pique
  • Birchside Ottoman
  • Canyon Linen Burlap
  • Elmshaven Floral
  • Ezra Damask
  • Frances Embossed Damask
  • Ginevra Embroidery
  • Holm Oak Damask
  • Les Baux Damask
  • Rustique Linen Texture
  • Snell Creek Toile
  • Tanaro Weave
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ralph lauren home fabric sonoma valley

Addison Denim

Addison Denim - bleached white
Addison Denim – bleached white
The Addison Denim is a staple fabric of the collection excellent for many types of upholstery or versatile use. Denim’s cool to the touch and soft nature makes excellent for bedding, or couch upholstery. The ‘bleached white’ cream coloring makes pairing with the collections earth tones easy and stunning.

Alessandria Damask

Alessandria Damask - linen
Alessandria Damask – linen
Alessandria Damask is a rustic in color traditional style damask with faded printing details. This print is high in texture using beautiful bark and beige tones.

Anacapri Embroidery

Anacapri Embroidery combines intertwining vines and micro florals to create an allover embroidery design. Available in blue and white porcelain inspired color scheme, or the moss and blue tone version.

Antibes Matelassé, Apsley House Embroidery, & Better Floral Pique

Antibes Matelassé’s raised quilted appearance depicts twisting florals similar to a damask. Apsley house embroidery uses delicate floral blooms with dainty leaves in a white/cream colorway. Better Floral Pique is similar to Apsley House Embroidery in it’s pattern, featuring more details florals with a raised appearance, using its texture as contrast in the all white fabric.

Anton Stripe

Anton stripe is a vertical stripe available in two neutral tones. The lichen colorway is a soft grey paired with cream, and the mushroom is a soft brown and cream combo. These stripes are thin and give excellent upholstery to seats and other items as pictured above.

Birchside Ottoman & Canyon Linen Burlap

Birchside Ottoman is a ribbed in texture vertical pattern that uses sand stone tones with a slight fade to provide contrast. Canyon Linen burlap has a coarse canvas woven from jute, hemp, or a similar fiber.

Elmshaven Floral

This geometric repeat pattern has florals within each formation. Using the winding vines and foliage, Elmshaven Floral provides excellent texture in two varying earth tones.

Ezra Damask

Untraditionally smaller-scale in appearance, the Ezra Damask uses complex line work and damask inspired motifs to create an all over print in two neutral colorways.

Frances Embossed, Holm Oak, and Les Baux Damasks

The Frances Embossed Damask uses floral vines twisting with an embossed texture in a beige tinted taupe. The Holm Oak Damask uses cream and gold with micro florals resembling roses. Les Baux Damask is an ivory or pearlescent colored damask with an allover small-scale print.

Ginevra Embroidery, Rustique Linen Texture, Tanaro Weave

Ginevra Embroidery is a vertical stripe textile with miniature geometric embroidery within the darker stripes alternating. If you’re seeking a plain to pair with printed fabrics, the Rustique Linen texture in cobblestone is a highly textured pattern in a sand beige color way. Tanaro Weave is a geometric woven in a birch bark tone.

Snell Creek Toile

Snell Creek Toile is an abstract floral using geometric patterns similar to Elmshaven Floral, within each formation is sketch-like depictions of different leaves and blooms. Available in a warmer flax colorway with brick red, or the more neutral cream and dark olive.

Round Up

This concludes our coverage on the Ralph Lauren Home Fabrics Sonoma Valley collection. If any of these Californian canyon lifestyle inspired prints or fabrics inspire you, check them out by clicking on their corresponding swatch. You can learn more, or even get help with getting your order started. If you’re looking for wallcovering and wallpaper, you can also alternatively check out this section. Until next time!

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