Ralph Lauren Wallpaper: Archival English Papers II

Downton Abbey – England

Old English never felt so new

The newest collection from Ralph Lauren Wallpaper makes an homage to the art rich history of the UK with the Archival English Papers II. The assortment contains vintage damasks, classic tweeds, ornate florals and paisleys, and a wide variety of striped wallpapers. The color palette consists of regal navy, antique gold, neutrals, and sophisticated burgundy.
You’ll notice this Ralph Lauren Wallpaper collection is centered around a theme of royalty and the historic calvary. The prints and patterns are completely fit for a modern day castle, or giving your design space that sense of regality.

Abbeywood Damask

The Abbeywood Damask is a majestic pattern with slight luster. The floral tressils surrounding the focal point resemble a vintage keepsake. Each of the colorways keep the wallpaper feeling fresh and ready for modern walls.

Dunston Stripe

Imagine you’re inside the guest house of a member of the royal family, this gorgeous stripe would be all over the foyer. The Cerulean colorway uses coffee tones mixed with soft powder blue for a dainty but upscale atmosphere.

Delamere Damask

The Delamere Damask is a large-scale damask in varying neutral shades. This pattern contains gorgeous nature scenery mixed among varying decorative motifs.

Palatine Stripe

A palatine or palatinus is a high-level official attached to imperial or royal courts in Europe since Roman times. So as the name implies, this is a classic stripe with imperial influence.

Collection Drummond Houndstooth

Nothing says professionalism and sophistication like a tightly woven checker houndstooth. The Drummond Houndstooth is everything we love about a design tailored suit jacket, but for the walls of your home.

Crayford Paisley

The Crayford Paisley is one of our favorites within the Ralph Lauren Wallpaper collection. Highlighted arcs connect gorgeous spiraling paisleys in this truly meticulously detailed print.

Assorted Stripes

Varying width of stripes in different colorways ranging from neutral to deep red, and navy blue.

Gwynne Damask

Traditional in all aspects, the Gwynne Damask is a classic tonal print in varying shades of dark and light. Four colorways ensure you can match one to your specific project.

New Market Tweed

Similar to the Drummond Houndstooth, the New Market Tweed is a checked houndstooth. The details of New Market Tweed are slightly larger scale.

Castlehead Paisley

Castlehead Paisley is a stunning paisley of royal proportions. This large-scale print is intricately detailed with twisting and interlocking floral motifs. The inner details of each motif resemble the lace on a wedding dress. Available in a dark solemn red and green mix, or the more angelic pewter.

Marlowe Floral

The color combinations of the Marlowe Floral are built on elegance. Ralph Lauren Wallpaper created this covering with the calming ambiance of England’s beautiful rolling hills and gardens in mind.

Chelsea Damask

The Chelsea Damask is a lighter toned damask with less contrast in colors, for a blended more subtle look than the Gwynne Damask.

Collection Round Up

The Ralph Lauren Archival English Papers II showcase is packed with a wide variety of damask, paisley, stripes, and floral designs. With the upscale and calming colorways any paper from this collection can give you the elegance you’re seeking. Alternatively, you can also check out our Ralph Lauren fabric here. Until Next time!