Ralph Lauren Wallpaper – Century Club Textures

Sophistication in Color and Texture

The most recent addition to Ralph Lauren Wallpaper is the Century Club Textures collection. This sophisticated wallcovering showcase includes a stunning array of deep refined color ways that give off a truly luxurious aura. The title Century Club comes from the idea that these wallcovering have the level of class to surround the walls in a classy lounge. You’ll find a large variety of sensually textured papers to create that depth and cultivated look. Let’s dive into the patterns.

Patterns within Century Club Textures:

  • Marlowe Floral
  • Acacia Grass
  • Aragon
  • Ascot Stripe
  • Friston Stripe
  • Sloane Stripe
  • Chevron Moderne
  • Pearl Ray Shagreen
  • Coco De Mer
  • Jinping Dragon
  • Reed Twill
  • Empress Foil
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Marlowe Floral room shot
Marlowe Floral room shot

Marlowe Floral

Marlowe Floral is Ralph Laurens interpretation of the intricate and elegant artwork found on fine china and pottery. The porcelain color reigns truest to it’s origins, but the wide array of colors make this an ample choice for any room.

Acacia Grass

Acacia Grass is a simple plain wallpaper with a light hashed texture available in traditional Ralph Lauren inspired colorways ranging from deep navy’s to an ivory cream.

Aragon room shot


Aragon is a traditional vertical stretch leopard inspired print. For those loving the traditional, Ocelot carries the classic leopard coloring. For those looking for something a bit more minimal and lighter, the Snow Leopard colorway is a soothing cream and beige.

Ascot Stripe, Palatine Stripe, Friston Stripe, Sloane Stripe

A multitude of stripes to choose from to fit any wallcovering need. The Sloane Stripe in tuxedo black provides a classic monochromatic look with sleek singular white stripes. The Palatine stripe uses varying width vertical stripes atop soft gray and ivory for a timeless look. The Frinston stripe in bronze combines a dark gray with coffee shade that has a tasteful vintage appeal.

Chevron Moderne

Chevron Moderne as the name clearly implies is a modern more elevated take on the traditional chevron style print. This pattern uses cascading diamond shapes with chevron stripes to create a brilliantly detailed texture.
Peal Ray Shagreen agate room shot
Pearl Ray Shagreen room shot

Pearl Ray Shagreen

Pearl Ray Shagreen is a soft spoken textured print using light detailing to create more depth than a traditional plain wallpaper. Available in a dark red, or the ivory like opal.

Cabaret Texture, Coco De Mer, Josephine Deco, Waldorf Floral

Coco De Mer is a tropical inspired foliage print that depicts large fan palms and other assorted plant life up close with excellent geometric patterns and shapes creating depth.
Jinping Dragon room shot
Jinping Dragon room shot

Jinping Dragon

Jinping Dragon is a nod to the Chinese culture of the mythical creation of dragons. On this paper you’ll find twisting and winding dragons floating between swirly clouds. The Pearl colorway is so soft spoken and minimal, yet provides a very refined look.

Reed Twill

Reed Twill - bleached white
Reed Twill – bleached white
Reed twill is another simple wallpaper using a hashed or etched like texture to give it just a tad more detailing than a traditional plain. Excellent for those who love white walls.

Empress Foil

Empress Foil imitates a square stone pathway, or a stacked stone wall. Whichever you prefer to look at it like. Regardless, the realistic stone shadowing found in the corners of its geometric edges give off a rustic vibe that can last the tests of time.

Round Up

This concludes our coverage on the Ralph Lauren Century Club Textures collection. If you need any of these designer wallpapers for your personal design project, feel free to get more info on our shop by clicking the pattern of your interest. If you have any questions about availability or other styles feel free to give us a call. We’re here to help you! Until next time.

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