Robert Allen Fabric – Modern Salon

Relaxation & Zen Vibes, for any situation

Robert Allen fabric has released a new collection of fabrics known as ‘Modern Salon’. The collection is full of earth and aquatic tones with rich history inspired designs and motifs. The collection may be called Modern Salon, but these patterns and printed fabrics are extremely versatile and can be used to bring the calming and relaxation aura of a resort spa getaway into your business, or your home. We’re going to be breaking down the fabrics of this collection step by step, you can easily click any of the swatches or images to learn more specific information like fabric content and pricing. Lets dive in!

Patterns within this collection:

  • Fresh Bouquet
  • Block Shapes
  • Etched Weave
  • Pradesh Frame
  • Eastern Floral
  • Salon Abstract
  • Hot Spot
  • Bravo Tex Bk
  • Paisley Stamp
  • Geo Stitch
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Fresh Bouquet

Fresh Bouquet is a traditional all-over floral print consisting of small micro blooms in varying shades portrayed in a water color like style. The natural look to the formations of foliage and flowers in this pattern create a soft look that is calming and easy on the eyes.

Block Shapes

This fun geometric print uses simplistic trapezoid shapes with colored edges in such arrangements that it imitates leaves or branch like formations. Block Shapes is a great choice if you’re in need of some geometric minimal beauty.

Etched Weave

Etched Weave is a woven plain solid with textural detail. Upon close inspection, you’ll find natural curves and swirls through out this polyester woven fabric. Available in four metal tones, for a classic touch.

Pradesh Frame

Explore your inner zen and find tranquility within this rustic lotus print. Varying formations of lotus in calm and cooling colorways make this print an excellent choice for anyone who wants something natural for their interiors.

Eastern Floral

Eastern Floral by Robert Allen brings an interesting concept of mixing paisley elements with vines covered in leaves and flowers. Each leaf per repeat has a unique design within, including the blooms and the coloring within the vines. The gorgeous detail in pattern is similar to that of Osborne and Little Wallpapers. Available in cooling aquatic tones, or the more robust clay red.

Salon Abstract

Using abstract geometric sketching of shapes, this pieced together print combines the best of abstract prints with soft water-colors in Mediterranean cool tones. For those wanting to incorporate some vibrant highlights, the aquatint has soft emerald hues.

Hot Spot

Hot Spot is a tiled repeat pattern that imitates beads. Small bits of shine painted through out give the circular designs depth. The cascading diamond shapes created provide nice geometric detail to any project used on.

Bravo Tex Bk

Bravo Tex Bk is the chosen solid of this collection that has a textured heather finish. Available in calming muted tones ranging from metals and rustic to oceanic blues and greens.

Paisley Stamp

This large scale paisley repeat differs from traditional paisleys in that there aren’t any swirls or adornment coming off the edges of the shapes. Rather, the interior of each paisley is made of stipulated dots varying in contrasting colors to create interest.

Geo Stitch

Geo stitch is a minimalistic geometric pattern combining hexagons and triangles to create a intricately woven pattern. Vertical lines of color between each shape are also displayed. This concludes our in depth analysis of the Modern Salon collection from Robert Allen. If you’d like to acquire any of these fabrics, simply click on the swatch and you will be directed to the detail page with pricing, fabric content, and any other details you might need to help you with your order. Until next time!  

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