Robert Allen Fabric: Lacquer Red


Why Lacquer Red?

Looking for something bold? Lacquer red is a bright and regal shade of crimson making waves within the interior design community. According to Chinese culture, the color is known to bring good energy into a home, and prosperous fortune. If you’re looking for a touch of decadence and glam use it freely or a touch here and there. We have curated a selection of Robert Allen Fabric patterns in this subtly daring lacquer red.
In today’s article we’ll be highlighting some stunning and bold prints from Robert Allen fabric. Whether you’re making cushions, or starting an upholstery project, these crimson renditions will point you in the right direction.


robert allen fabric lacquer red
Bedrock – lacquer red
Bedrock is an allover small-scale stippled effect print. The random assortment of micro brush strokes in cream/off white breaks up the power of the lacquer red without taking away from it.

Twisted Knot

Twisted Knot – lacquer red
Similar to Robert Allen’s Bedrock, Twisted knot uses cream/off white negative space between the geometric rope detailing to create interest in the pattern. Twisted knot is a traditional style, that is easily spiced up with the bold color scheme.

Big Spring

Big Spring paints a surreal dream of multi-leveled ornamental gardens connected by bending and swirling tressils. If you look closely, the pattern has many detailed motifs. The miniature temples with lotus flowers and branches surrounding give off traditional regal splendor. Adjacent from the temples, a large oriental vase showcases an assortment of flowers in a dainty bouquet. If you’re inclined to take the scenic route with these lacquer fabrics, we recommend Big Spring from Robert Allen Fabric.

High Run

High Run – lacquer red
Animal print fans rejoice, High Run is an ambiguous pattern that mimics different animal stripes. This abstract print cant exactly be labeled zebra stripes, because it also looks like the ripples in running water. This comprehensive print provides texture on any upholstery project you could imagine.


Mitaka – lacquer red
This ornate print features Greek inspired geometric formations that cascade in all directions. It is reminiscent of something you’d find in the Natural History Museum on a ancient pottery display. In the larger shapes two beasts face each other with small ikat motifs separating them. If you’re seeking a scenic fabric farther on the European side of design, we love Mitaka.

Ocean City

Ocean City – lacquer red
Robert Allen Fabric’s Ocean City is a large scale floral ikat design. The print reminds us of an artichoke in it’s formation, but the flower structure keeps the print feeling lush.

Pointed Peaks

Pointed Peaks – lacquer red
Pointed Peaks is a traditional ikat inspired geometric diamond pattern. Tiled heather-eged diamonds with strokes on the interior make this fabric a classic.


Encourage – lacquer red
Encourage is a traditional geometric pattern with diamonds and ovals interlocking. This timeless print is reliable and safe design choice from Robert Allen Fabric.

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All of these gorgeous patterns and prints are available in many other color-ways, so if you love a print but are not so crazy about lacquer red, you’re in luck. We’re the #1 designer fabric provider to consumers and designer’s alike. In addition, we also carry wallpaper in the lacquer red if you’re looking to add that touch of red to the walls. Check out our wallpapers here.