scalamandre-chinois-chic collection 2018

Scalamandre Fabric Chinois Chic Collection

Explore the tradition of Chinoiserie with Scalamandré

Scalamandré Fabric presents a brand new line of ornamental fabrics. The Chinois Chic collection is inspired by the centuries-old tradition of chinoiserie. When you mix the West’s interest for Eastern design with the imaginative vividness of Asian culture you get an aesthetic marrying the two in visual harmony. Chinoiserie was popularized in the 18th and 17th centuries and offers a timeless sense of style using its motifs borrowing from mythology and nature. Labyrinth inspired patterns, stylized florals, and even dragons make their way into this collection with gorgeous color schemes that truly pop. We’re going to be showcasing all the prints within the Chinois Chic collection, simply click on any of the patterns for more details or to shop them.    chinois chic scalamandre fabric

Patterns within this Collection:

  • Ailin Lattice Weave
  • Dragon Dance
  • Canton Fret Applique
  • Kew Gardens Warp Print
  • Cirrus Velvet Damask
  • Dragons Fret Embroidery
  • Surat Embroidery
  • Tile Weave
  • Royal Peony Linen Print
chinois chic scalamandre fabric

Ailin Lattice Weave

Ailin Lattice Weave by Scalamandre Fabric is a traditional inspired geometric print that imitates patterns typically found on chinoiserie and ornamental pottery. This rendition of the pattern is more curved in its shapes giving it a bit of a modern feel.

Dragon Dance

Dragon Dance is a vividly colorful graphic print showcasing Eastern stylized dragons and what appears to be men trying to tame them. This playful inspired pattern is lovely on any upholstered seating as shown in the graphic at the beginning of this article.

Canton Fret Applique

The Canton Fret Applique is a maze like geometric pattern that uses rectangular formations on top a white background to create visual interest. Get lost in this simple yet mesmerizing pattern. chinois chic scalamandre

Kew Gardens Warp Print

Kew Gardens Warp Print by Scalamandre Fabric is a delicate berry seedling with a warped effect that portrays a brush stroke-like effect that gives the print a more artistic look.

Cirrus Velvet Damask

If you’re looking for a rich in color sophisticated fabric, the Cirrus Velvet Damask is truly stunning. The ornamental floral damask pattern in varying shades of emerald and blue are very plush and have high luster. This fabric is certainly an attention grabber. chinois chic

Dragons Fret Embroidery

The Dragons Fret embroidery is a gorgeous combination of geometric tiling and clouds shaped as dragons within circular motifs. We love this pattern as drapery or even on a sofa or love seat.

Surat Embroidery

Borrowing from traditional painting styles of the East, the Surat Embroidery is a captivating mix of damask elements with chinoiserie motifs. This looks like something found on a gorgeous ornate vase. The details are intricate with small floral details scattered through out.

Tile Weave

The Tile Weave is a simple small scale geometric pattern that imitates traditional styled floor tiles. Used on decorative cushions, this pattern is an excellent accent piece to complete the chinoiserie inspired atmosphere. If you’re going for a minimal look, entire seating options can also be upholstered in this woven.

Royal Peony Linen Print

To complete the Chinois Chic collection we have the Royal Peony Linen Print. This print from Scalamandre Fabric is very traditional and true to its origins. The pattern depicts carnation blooms with small greenery motifs and a song bird tiled between each seedling. If you enjoyed this collection feel free to shop any of these patterns by clicking on the corresponding pattern. We also carry Scalamandre Wallpaper which you can find here. Until next time!