schumacher fabric primitive beauty collection

Schumacher Fabric – Primitive Beauty

Modern & Moroccan Inspired

The newest addition to Schumacher Fabric is a richly cultured collection filled with deep inspiration from Moroccan color schemes and history. Using a wide range of clay like earth tones, deep reds, sultry navy blues, and some monochromatic takes. The motifs within the fabrics include a diverse array of stripes, paisley/damasks, and heathered subtle textures. We’re going to be dissecting each pattern within this smaller collection, you can click on the swatch or color way if you want to learn more about that fabric or pattern. Let’s dive in.

Patterns within Primitive Beauty collection:

  • Buena Vista
  • Corfu
  • Corfu Stripe
  • Estrella
  • Formentera
  • Nevado
  • Piedmont
  • Piedmont Chenille
  • Rhodes Stripe
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Buena Vista

Buena Vista is a horizontal striped fabric on a linen or cream colored background with geometric patterned details between stripe clusters. It resembles many traditional outdoor lifestyle patterns traditionally found within Buena Vista Colorado where this patterns origin is likely derived from.


Corfu is a deeply cultured print incorporating spiral wheels that resemble the traditional Aztec calendar seen in ancient history. Beneath these captivating spirals is a jagged chevron like stripe pattern in black,  and a soft navy, each coordinating with the motifs in the foreground.

Corfu Stripe

Corfu is a horizontal jagged or spiked stripe pattern with soft natural edges. The stripes are rigid and uneven giving them a more hand drawn look. This pattern is the same as “Corfu” without the large spiral motifs.


Estrella uses damask like shapes with paisley florals intricately combined to create these unique shapes displaced on this pattern. Available in a subtle cream and indigo colorway with rustic clay accents, a minimal all cream look, or a alternatively swapped color scheme with deep brick red and navy accents.


Formentera is the neutral pattern of the collection, as most collections tend to have. This time, with a bit of spice. These heathered patterns incorporate many mixed hues and tones from the rest of the collection into a blend that is excellent for pairing.


Vertical varying width stripes in soft warm cream colors (blush) and more vibrant traditional tones (multi) make up the Nevado pattern.

Piedmont & Piedmont Chenille

Piedmont and Piedmont Chenille are more neutral in color compared to their other similar patterns within the Primitive Beauty collection such as Formentera. Available in a muted indigo, black and neutral that appears as a soft gray, and the warm cream sand color way.

Rhode Stripe

Rhodes Stripe is a tasteful vertical stripe with black and navy stripes alternating with cream. Small geometric stitching details unify the stripes with micro detailing keep it from blending in with other stripe patterns. The black is a very classic and timeless look while the navy has a more coastal feel.

Round Up

This collection is excellent for anybody looking to add a sense of earthly style to their interiors. With the wide range of soft and understated clay tones and sky like shades of navy this fabric collection has a little something for everyone. We also carry Schumacher Wallpaper if you are looking more into changing up the walls.  Until next time!

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